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stella mccartney + adidas



I’ve secretly lusted after Stella McCartney’s collection for Adidas since the partnership began in 2004. Ever since, it’s grown bigger and better and include more sport categories that I love. As a former competitive tennis player and a very new golfer, her new golf collection and growing tennis collection continue my infatuation. I love the ballet-like feel to many of the pieces. While they’re still super pricey, they’re definitely one of most stylish of the the athletic bunch. Available to buy here


  1. When she comes out with a mountain biking line, I’ll look it over. But with the carnage that happens to clothing during that athletic pursuit, I’d not want to spend the dough. I’m sure it’d look gorgeous, though!

  2. getting sweaty has never looked this graceful. 🙂 unfortunately (or fortunately for my wallet) i don’t like golf and am terrible at tennis. now if she were to come out with pretty soccer cleats…

  3. hi. randomly bumped into your site and i certainly love it alot & have since RSSfeed it! 🙂
    am into patterns, random creative hand drawing of graphics though i havent received much advanced art education though i picked up some photoshop myself when i have the time. 🙂
    really hope to digitalize my creativity upon finishing my science degree soon! 🙂
    you are inspiring. 🙂
    have a great day & keep that bursting creativity going! 🙂

  4. Hi Ulla,
    I don’t think those are out yet as more new pieces are due to be released into the Spring & Summer. I would say maybe sign up for the Stella mailing list and hopefully it will alert you when more new pieces are out!

  5. I love some of these pieces (totally want the trench and the gloves), but am I the only one annoyed by this photoshoot? That model has never hit a golf ball in her life – just look at how she’s waggling that club over her shoulder. They could have put a golf pro on the photoshoot to tell her how to hold her arms so that at least it looks like a swing. And what is she doing with a driver in the rough?
    And then everyone in the marketing department went ‘ooh yes, let’s use that photo in the campaign’.
    Come ON adidas, you’re just not trying!

  6. I AM DESPARTLEY LOOKING FOR THE STELLA MCCARTNEY WHITE WOVEN RUNNING Jacket style #084433. I stupidly passed it up at an adidas outlet in washington pa for 44.00!! Now I have to have it. I called the store back a few days later and they still had the small and medium but i need a large. Normally they can re-order but not in this jacket. Its white and beautiful. I did find it on ebay for $89.00 but the fact that I passed it up for half that,I am not ready to spend the extra money. anybody have any ideas where else I can look?? probably another adidas outlrt but there are none close to me. thanks for letting me vent


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