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happy weekend + ici



While ice cream may seem out of place for those of us experiencing winter, here's one last bit from my SF trip I had to share. My friends took me to the amazing ice cream shoppe Ici in Berkeley. All of their ice creams, sorbets, candies and cookies are made in small batches, using fresh, local ingredients. With changing, seasonal flavors like Brown Sugar Graham and Apple Cider, the flavors change every time. The hand-made ice cream cones are the best I've ever had…and they make a mean ice cream sandwich too. Yum! Have a great weekend!


  1. um, that looks totally delicious! and for some reason, i don’t mind eating ice cream when it’s cold outside. i guess i just love it so much that i’m willing to deal with the freezingness.

  2. i love Ici! i love their product, the store, the decor… everything about them. and it’s never too cold for ice cream. i just posted my recipes for a bunch of sorbets!

  3. I love Ici! It’s my fave place to go to for ice cream. But if you like frozen yogurt, you should go to Yogurt Harmony on Shattuck! It’s just as delicious!

  4. Yummy, Ici ice cream, and their ice cream sandwiches are soooo good. But their lines are so long, and the flavors keep changing…the one I like the best was a Meyer-lemon and gingersnap ice cream (with pieces of cookie) and I haven’t seen it for over a year 🙁

  5. Sounds like so many of the gelato places in New Orleans! If you ever find yourself in the big easy there are a couple of great places on magazine in uptown. Sucre is most known (it was in domino and a couple other magazines) but there is another three stores down that has the best pink grapefruit flavor.

  6. I was just there today. Burnt caramel ice cream…. yum! I also got to try the meyer lemon ice cream sandwich (with gingerbread cookies) – also yum!


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