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{taste tested}: fran’s sea salt caramels



Typically too sticky or too sweet, I've never been a huge fan of caramels. They've always seemed like more work and chewing than worth the effort. However, my eyes and taste buds awoke to what caramels could be after receiving a box of Fran's gray & smoked salt caramels as a holiday gift last week. These are the BEST caramels I have ever had. Covered in dark and milk chocolate, then sprinkled with gray or smoked salt caramels, the mix of salty and sweet is just divine. Sure, that taste combination isn't new, but Fran's does it just right. The flavors mix and mingle with every bite and linger longer on your tongue leaving a fond tastebud memory of the gem you've just consumed.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. You have definitely got to try Trader Joe’s new Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels! I was not a fan a caramels but there is something about these! Absolutely delicious!

  2. It’s like you read my mind! Yesterday I was thinking of getting these and I checked your site to see if you had taste tested them. And then voila! Today you blog that you have!

  3. Fran’s is definitely my most favorite chocolates….they have a shop here in downtown Seattle and if you ever have a chance to try the chocolate dipped figs they are to die!!

  4. couldn’t agree more. they are amazing. and have been my go to gift for relatives for the last few years. the only other time i felt this passionate about salted caramels was at gérard mulot in paris. but i think everything in paris just tastes better for some reason.

  5. These are delicious, and it’s definitely worth stopping by Fran’s shops here in Seattle. The chocolate dipped fruit is incredible as are the truffles! Num nums.


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