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{make it} toasted coconut ice cream sandwiches…



Last week, I was craving toasted coconut and decided to make toasted coconut ice cream sandwiches for some friends for dessert. They're super easy, sooo tasty, and perfect for summer.

You'll need:

– Vanilla Ice Cream

– Sweetened Shredded Coconut Flakes

– Graham Crackers

Here's how:

– Slice vanilla ice cream into rectangles to sandwich in-between 2 full graham crackers.

– If you can make ahead of time, wrap each sandwich in aluminum foil and freeze overnight. If you freeze at least a few days in advance, the graham crackers to be soft and more chewy, rather than crispy.

– When ready to serve, make the toasted coconut by sautéing over medium heat on a frying pan or wok. Stir constantly until brown and crispy.

– Rim the edges of the ice cream sandwiches with the cooled toasted coconut.



{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Hi Erica!
    Since I was making the sandwiches for six people, I actually used a small round carton of ice cream and sliced right through the container with a large knife to make clean, crisp slices. I think thats a good option if youre making more than 4 (and you can use a pint of ice cream) as that will keep them flat rather than scooping the ice cream and trying to flatten it out. if youre making just for two though, you can always make more sandwiches and save in the freezer for later. They keep for about a week!

  2. Tis the season for ice cream sandwiches. I recently made a lemon version and just mixed vanilla ice cream (melted) with lemon zest and juice then refroze it between the sandwich cookies. Delicious! I will have to try the toasted coconut next time.

  3. that looks tasty–like a denser mini-coconut cake. cut it in a teeny square and it’s an instant passed dessert. by the way, thanks for the sandwich link–that ham and brie will invade my dreams.

  4. Do you have to add the coconut flakes right before serving? Can you put them on before you put the sandwiches in the freezer?


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