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  1. i was just looking at another blog post & thinking about how much i heart every wedding i see @ Smog Shoppe. i need to get up there someday soon & see it in person!

  2. love the merging of indoor/outdoor use + space. these were executed beautifully! (especially diggin’ the first + third choices)
    ‘…up-side down. boy you turn me in-side out, round n round’
    sorry couldn’t help it. that song immediately popped into my head when i saw your entry title!

  3. We got married at the Smog Shoppe last summer – I could not recommend it more! The management/planner team that comes with the space is top notch and the day was absolutely seamless!

  4. What a funny coincidence….I was just admiring their Big A$s Fan in my post today. I didn’t even know the awesomeness that is Smog Shoppe. How fabulous! Thanks for sharing.


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