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twig scent…



I'm a simple girl when it comes to beauty products. I use Dove soap to wash my face, and I only learned how to use an eyelash curler last year. So I've also never been a fan of perfume…something about them always seemed too harsh and strong for me. But recently, Myra of Twigs & Honey, sent me a bottle of her new {all natural} perfume, RumpledCake, and I think I've found the first scent I can actually wear. With top notes of violet flower, bergamot and neroli, middle notes of tea tree and base notes of sandalwood and rose, RumpledCake smells floral, warm and sweet…yet not too sweet as you might expect. It's fresh, light, and really lovely…


  1. how did the eyelash curling learning process go?? hope your lids are ok and are lashes curly!
    the scent sounds lovely and it looks friggen CUTE.

  2. This sounds perfect! I hate the overbearing scents of perfumes, but this sounds so lovely. I hardly wear any make up, and sad to say, i have never used an eyelash curler. is that something i should try out? 🙂

  3. Sounds lovely, I am also very sensitive to synthetic scents. Like back when everyone was wearing Vanilla Fields back in 8th grade.. like a vanilla cupcake factory blew up in our Middle School. I’m interested in trying this if its light and natural as you say.

  4. Considering that I’ve never been a girlie-girl, this perfume sounds fantastic. I did notice that many of the scents out there are offensively strong. I don’t want to smell like a full blown meadow! Just a little something is key.

  5. Sounds perfect…
    I too find it SO hard to find the right fragrance… between me being sensitive to smells (headache inducing) and my beau being the same, it rules so many out! I just bought a Hermes one, which is lovely as it’s floral and woody… settling down nicely and not too sweet.
    I think I would like this too! Awesome packaging too!! 🙂 x


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