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Ever since I ordered a pair of pink pants from J.Crew {that sadly had a too baggy fit and had to be returned}, I've been on a mission to find another pair of slim-legged bright pants for the spring. So I'm loving the colors of these poppy pants from Zara and on the hunt for other not-too-pricy pairs like these. And, PS. Why doesn't Zara have an online shop?Joy


  1. But Zara do have an online store. Only in Europe, though…
    One of the few cases when shopaholic here are luckier then there!

  2. I like the pink and blue color options. Now you’re making me think I need some colorful pants this Spring too! Agree. Zara needs an online shop asap!

  3. oh Dumpling! These juicy little numbers make my heart race!! LMK what you find – after seeing these HOT pants are a must!! XXXK

  4. I agree also! Zara DEFINITELY needs an online store. I can never find anything from the site in the stores (okay that is a lie, but I can never find the ones I really want in the stores)!! How lovely are those pants, the brights remind me a lot of Jil Sander’s Spring 11 collection. An affordable way to attempt the vibrant colours of this season 🙂

  5. These are great! I’ve wanted a pair of teal skinny jeans for yeears! So glad to see colored pants are coming back “in”; maybe I’ll actually be able to find some now!

  6. Zara is one of my all time favorite stores to buy cheaper trendy items! Unfortunately, the closest Zara is not very close at all. If only they had an online store!

  7. Joy
    I’m a new reader since December and now look everyday. You have fantastic taste and are so creative. Maybe you’ll have great V-day ideas so I can recreate them? Thanks for sharing!!
    Abby, from Dallas

  8. Boden usually has a selection of fairly bright colored jeans – they had the cutest purple jeans in their fall/winter collection, but for summer there seems to be less of a selection – mostly whites and blues (they’re going nautical, it seems). Either way, I love these jeans so if you find an another place that offers something along this lines (online) I hope you post it!

  9. Zara and H&M do have online stores … But it’s only in Europe. It will be a while before these European based companies have the site open to the US.
    Also, everything at ZARA is limited edition, so of course everything on the site is not always in stores. You have to be pretty lucky to find stuff online in the stores when you want them. There was an article not so long ago about how the business model of this Spanish company is to make things in small batches so they never have tremendous amounts of overstock to worry about.

  10. Unfortunately, only a few countries in Europe have H&M online now (I’m in Switzerland and can’t reach it.. only something like five countries have a site). I’m pretty sure they had barely any available clothes online anywhere so hopefully it’ll spread soon!

  11. It doesn’t make sense for Zara and H&M etc to have online stores as they have such a high turn over of products with low inventory so by the time they get it photographed and programed and spent that money it would be sold out, that’s not their business model. The online stores in Europe only have a few things and I think it’s just to ‘have a presence’. What we need in the states (I’m from Europe originally) is more stores like Topshop, Zara, Primark and H&M, high street fashionable affordable chains. I always say it’s impossible to dress well in the states unless you’re rich. Suggestions please!

  12. Ohhhhh!!!! I am sooo excited! I will be haunting the Zara a few blocks from my office. I loved the bright JCrew pants they never fit right, AND they consider a short / petite inseam 30in which, well, I wont’ go into THAT rant. Anyhoo! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I so agree on the need for Zara to have an online shop!! It’s the first place I go in NYC! Besides the hotel…

  14. I am so with you on the whole Zara-needs-an-online-store thing. I’m so desperate for it, that when I first discovered the brand I spent a full two hours searching for an online store one day, simply refusing to believe all the things I read saying they didn’t have one. Sad, so sad, but true.

  15. Last year, Comptoir des Cotonniers had some great pairs – I’m sure this year will be the same. I bought ’em in bright, orangy red and absolutely LOVE them!


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