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  1. The one on the left _is_ elegant– as long as you’re standing upright and perfectly still. Regardless of where you tie it, I think the sash is so overstated that in real life usage it would come across as frumpy, depending on who’s wearing it (and how). Also, feels like it would get in the way of doing virtually anything else (like walking, or, you know, sitting down; obviously swimming is out of the question, but why would you want to do that).

  2. I spotted these about a week ago and fell in love immediately!! Haven’t worn a one-peice in years but am thinking of going back to one this year since these are just beautiful!

  3. The model’s ass is so Photoshopped she looks like a partly melted barbie doll. Pic on the right is freakish. Why re-post this? It’s just feeding the madness.


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