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{closet & casa} with lauren moffatt…



who: Lauren Moffatt, Fashion Designer

why lauren rocks: I'm a huge fan of Lauren's unique designs! Her patterns are bold and graphic, and her upcoming fall line is to die for—you just wait and see!

in her closet: The line between my closet and casa blurs and overlaps. I upholstered my dining room chairs with my favorite Fall 2011 coral silk fabric.

in her casa: This simple curtain in my living room is a remnant from last spring's collection—and my wedding dress! This dress is my favorite thing I’ve made.


Thanks Lauren!

{house photos by Lauren, lookbook photos by Daymion Mardel}


  1. love love love the delicate curtain. such a sweet, simple touch. can’t wait to see her fall line. I adore her designs and need to add a piece to my closet ASAP.

  2. I have been imagining that pretty white dress as a wedding gown since the first time I saw this collection. I love that she used it for her own ceremony! And I’m totally coveting those pretty chair cushions. Great closet & casa, Bri.

  3. I love Lauren Moffat’s line!! Actually bought out the entire Crepes on the Canal collection!! I could not decide one just one!

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