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non-baby bags…



As we approach the "holy-crap-we-better-get-ready-for-a-baby" stage, I've been searching for a baby bag that isn't too baby…and would perhaps pass for just a regular, nice tote as well. Here are a few of my favorites so far…what are your favorites? — Joy

{1. Meirav Ohayon vagabond sac, 2. Storksac bag, 3. Ty Lucas tote, 4. Timi & Leslie bag, 5. large leather duffle from Amalia, 6. Lisa Stickley tote} 


  1. Have 2 OiOi bags and love them both! Don’t scream baby bag, yet they’re lined and have all the pockets needed to keep baby get organized.

  2. Sleep deprived new mamas have been known to pull stunts like not screwing the top of a bottle of milk on properly before tossing it in your bag…trust me, it hurts less if your bag is washable or wipeable. Take it from someone who ruined a pricey leather bag early in motherhood.

  3. 2 and 3 look more functional since they have outer pockets. You probably want those for organization/easy access. They all look cute however…tempted to buy one now although I have no need for a baby bag =)

  4. I have the vagabond sac and Ilove it. It’s so comfortable and perfect for the summer cause it’s so light and bright.

  5. As the summer started, got as a present this ‘Vagabond Sack’. Couldn’t resist and bought myself another ‘Haversack Messenger’, which B.T.W. was already tossed into the laundry machine, and got out as new 🙂

  6. I’ve got #4, the Timi and Leslie bag. I looove it (and get lots of compliments). The only I wish I could change is making it a teensy bit smaller. With my now 6 month old, I use it more for day outings than quick trips out and about. But overall I’m really glad I got it.

  7. I have an Epiphanie camera bag. It’s nice because all the dividers keep things organized, and when I’m done the baby stage I’ll use it for my camera gear!

  8. I have the exact Timi & Leslie bag. It’s a very big bag and is falling apart after one wear. It’s a shame, I really love the color.

  9. I have a t&L bag and it’s perfect. I also have a skip hop and it blows hard. I also have a LV bowler that works great with a diaper caddy inside. Maybe you could go the “big bag with a caddy” route?

  10. I did the same – get a non baby baby bag. I got mine in a great polka dot from mia bossi – great bag, looks cute. But here’s the thing. I still end up using the “functional” one I bought for my husband 90% of the time, just a black skip hop – love it since it hangs on back of stroller and means that no one has to carry any bags. but i still love the polka dots.

  11. someone gave us a diaper bag from yolk that actually is pretty cute and has all the standard pockets etc…although that timi and leslie bag is really tempting!

  12. all are super cute!! my advice? get one with an across-the-shoulder strap! they’re life savers. and so easy to find these days. regular over the shoulders fall off… too many things to juggle those first months:)

  13. I got a StorkSak from a very generous aunt and served me well for the first year or so. Super cute and not at all your typical diaper bag. Sadly I forgot and left a banana in there – and it just got very gross. 🙁 So now I’m using a Jansport backpack until I can get it professionally cleaned.

  14. I have a Ty Lucas bag (the “Bella Mama”) and get so many compliments on it!!! So roomy and stylish. Also love how strap fits across stroller handle.

  15. I tried a LOT of diaper bags (oioi, skip hop, a big purse, a canvas tote), before I finally bought a Storksak, which I love! It’s the perfect size, doesn’t look like a diaper bag (but has the wipeabiliy, light colored interior, and pockets of a diaper bag). I had to comment because I wish I’d just started with it. My son is 1.5 and I’m due with no. 2 shortly after you, and I think it will still be great.

  16. I have that Timi and Leslie Charlie bag in black and i love it! I get compliments on it ALL the time- and usually from people who just think it’s a big handbag. 🙂

  17. I love your picks! I am perpetually looking for new bags for my no-baby life. Without you saying so, I would have had no idea these were baby bags. #4 is my very favorite, but I’m also in love with yellow 🙂

  18. I love love love #3. A little nautical, a lot functional, with lots of pockets for wipes, pacifiers, bottles!

  19. I love #3! I never bought a baby bag. I use big totes with lots of pockets and bought one of those diaper pads/diaper and wipe holders so I can change my bag whenever I want without having to restock everything.
    It also clips onto strollers, etc, so I can wear a regular purse if I’m bringing the stroller. But to be honest, I’m a little too fashion before function sometimes. Oh well!

  20. i use J Crew’s Jericho tote in brown which is BEAUTIFUL and works really well as a non baby diaper bag…the only drawback is it can feel a little heavy but its versatility makes up for that by far.

  21. After my 2.5 year old was born, I used a diaper bag maybe twice and then switched to sticking any sort of waterproof clutch type bag in whatever big purse I happened to be carrying. Now I have a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old and it’s the same routine. I’ve never felt like I was missing anything and I like the flexibility of being able to change my bag when I feel like it. We travel a lot and I’ve always liked being able to combine most baby stuff with my other things in a larger carry-on, while having a smaller clutch to use for diaper changes. I wish I waited to see how I felt about the diaper bag thing before wasting money on one I never used. If I were going to use a diaper bag, those would all be gorgeous options though!

  22. I love these diaper bags from Holly Aiken:
    I don’t even have a baby, but I carry the Star “Diaper” Bag as my regular messenger bag for my commute. And many of her bags are also nicely gender neutral, so that either parent could carry the bag without feeling silly.
    All of Holly Aiken’s stuff comes in fun, bright colors, and the vinyl makes them durable and easy to clean, a must for me.

  23. I used the Moop Porter. But things did get lost in there a bit. I now use a Marc Jacobs backpack but there are far fewer changes than at the beginning when you need that mat, vasoline and diaper like 100 X a day.

  24. I have the Turnlock key duffle by Marc Jacobs in grey and its so roomy for all your mommy and baby needs. Plus it matches with everything

  25. I have an Il Tutto (the Layla in Cream) but I now only use it if heading out for a whole day or as baby’s travel/overnight bag.
    Day to day I use a Melobaby pouch and throw it into whatever bag I’m using. The Melobaby is better than the Skip Hop Pronto in my opinion (I own both) as it is more compact and less ugly. Skip Hop products are functional but pretty hard on the eye!! I also like the Melobaby, because I can slip my wallet into it and it is perfectly passable as a clutch when running a quick errand.

  26. 2, 3, 4, and 6 are all winners in my book! Whenever my brother was born we used my mother’s huge Vera Bradley tote as a baby bag! It worked out better (and was way more stylish) than any real baby bag we could have found! Such cute options! <3

  27. i used an orla keily tote for my first… she even makes a “diaper bag”
    i also love petunia pickle bottoms scout line. (geared towards the dads). it is made of awesome ultra thick felt with big industrial buckles, but inside the bag is a little cramped. ooh, also the serena and lily linen bag.

  28. I have the large leather duffle from Amalia, number 5, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! This bag is extremely well made and the leather is as soft as butter! I use it daily, it fits everything i need and is not bulky. the straps are super comfy and it never weighs me down. When I am out with my girls it is my diaper bag and when I’m out with my friends it is my super stylish bag they all wish they had 🙂 I recently purchased 2 more of these bags for my sister and mom, and of course they love it too!

  29. Love the grey leather tote from Amalia!
    Looks like it is big enough as a baby bag but still chic enough for you!

  30. I have had a similar dilemma. My solution (at least I think) is to buy a new tote every season. Something chic, cute and inexpensive at Target perhaps. Baby bags are so pricey and not that great looking. We’ll get a real diaper bag probably from diaper dude for the hubby, but I’m all about rotating non-diaper bags into the mix.

  31. Joy, With my first child, I had to have a Kate Spade baby bag. Pretty and functional but always seemed to overflow with stuff (blankets, change of clothing, baby toys, diapers, my wallet, my make-up bag – it becomes YOUR purse too). I smartened up 6 years later with the arrival of our triplets (and 3x the stuff – had to be efficient, streamlined) – forget fashion – it’s about function/durability – My be-all-end all bag (now even with 4-yr old triplets and a 10 yr old) – Patagonia Critical Mass. (lots of pockets and zippers to keep valuables safe and in place) outside pockets, lots of bells and whistles – and bc of Patagonia quality is now our computer, travel bag for big trips. You’ll need the Half Mass bag (more manageable as a “diaper bag” and just find a changing pad). The other awesome purchase, without breaking the bank – LLBean Boat Tote (monogrammed, of course).


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