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street food fun in {los feliz}…






Our new favorite Monday night ritual is to grab dinner at the Los Feliz Din-Din-a-Go-Go where there's a weekly rotation of LA food trucks every week. This past Monday was one of my favorites as I was craving a boba milk tea and a hot dog like crazy {both which I'd get again in a hot second}. Here's a few of the things we got this week {top to bottom}: steak & fries from Lomo Arigato, boba milk tea from The Boba Truck {the only boba I've come across that does decaf!}, the "greasy wiener" from The Greasy Wiener Truck {a fried hotdog topped with onions, cheese, a pickle, and some other goodness}, and poutine from The Frysmith. So, so fun! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. How do you take some awesome pics of food? I’ve been trying to use only natural light but yours are always better. Also, I wish they had one of these food truck parties weekly in Seattle!

  2. Thanks Norma!
    I only use natural light too. A fixed angle lens works so much better with low lighting which Ive recently started using 😉

  3. Love going to foodtrucks! In fact that’s on our agenda for tomorrow night! I’ve been wanting to try Boba for the longest time but I don’t know how to choose… as usual your photos are making me hungry 🙂
    p.s. Have you had the Greasy Wiener sliders (add bacon)?! So yummy!


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