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{oh joy gift guide} the sweet cheeked bundle of joy…



{left to right, top to bottom: Nature Baby booties {or this version which have been my favorite new baby gift to give!}, dress from Winter Water FactoryCherrytime bunny, Bloom high chair, shoes from Gigi & ZazaDwellStudio puzzle, Oeuf neckie, lion stacker from Giggle, and My Friends book by Taro Gomi — Ruby (with the help of Joy)}


  1. My sister is about to have twin girls, so this is a great list for me to look at! Thanks for posting for those who are a bit more baby-illiterate 🙂

  2. the taro gomi book is incredible. i bought it for my little boy (who is now almost four) and it’s one of his absolute favorites. check out the poop book from the same author. hilarious.

  3. We have My Friends by Taro Gomi, it is a favorite of our almost 2 little guy. It stays in his crib and every morning I find him sitting up and reading it. He loves naming all the animals.

  4. love the column! i second the taro gomi recommendation of the book, eveyone poops. it’s a classic that no child can resist!

  5. Ha, “Oh Baby”. Love it.
    Thanks for posting items for babies. Although I’m not quite there yet myself, I have many friends/family who are expecting a little one soon so all of your selections are perfect for gifts!
    Especially since I have no idea where to look for baby items!

  6. I went to the NatureBaby website and saw a super cute colorful pompom laundry hamper in a picture on the main page, but couldn’t find it for sale on the site. Does anybody happen to know where I could find one?

  7. Hi Nicole,
    They are made in Nepal from little balls of felted wool. Nature Baby only sells these through their bricks and mortar stores in NZ rather than online I’m afraid. If your customer [email protected] should be able to find out where they can get one from.


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