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{closet & casa} with shana frase…



who: Shana Frase, Painter

why shana rocks: From the moment I saw her beautiful website, I knew I was gonna like this gal!

in her closet: Like a great pair of heels or statement earrings, this cropped sequin jacket helps make any outfit feel more special. I love a high + low look, and it's perfect for dressing up a tee shirt & jeans for a night out. The sequins make you shimmy.

in her casa: I bought this light fixture while visiting a girlfriend in Philly many years ago. It's from an old supper club, and it still has the mechanism to spin! I love the way it reflects color and light, and I love its imperfections. It hangs in my dining room in LA now, but I dream of hanging it over my bath tub one day.

Thanks Shana!

{photos by Shana}


  1. Her work is absolutely beautiful and brightens everything (the room, your mood!) She is so incredibly talented! (Not to mention the most fun-loving girl ever!) So glad you featured her.


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