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{fashioned florals} a corsage pendant…



Let’s change things up, shall we? I’ve got a fun little twist on wearable flowers that might interest you with nimble fingers and a little imagination! Let’s take the usual corsage, but imagine it attached to a chain necklace {that you already own!} to put a little spin on a colorful pendant. Here’s how…


You’ll need: Three stems of carnations, a pink garden rose {nice and short}, as well as three sprigs of purple astrantia, some rose foliage, 4 to 6 short lengths of light gauge floral wire, and a gold strand from your jewelery collection.


Next, wire the larger blooms by taking a piece of the floral wire {flat and straight} and “thread” it through the bottom of the bloom, until it’s positioned with equal amounts of wire on either side. Bend both sides down {bottom two blooms} and then twist the two wires together until they end {like the top two white carnations}


Now, with each of the larger blooms now pliable, group them together as you’d like. I took the three carnations together, with the intention of using the garden bloom as the top “finishing” piece. 


Next, attach the astrantia and the foliage by twisting a small length of wire around the new stems as they lay on top of the grouped carnations. There’s no need to wire each individual piece. 


Finally, trim the astrantia stems as short as they can go, place the wired rose bloom on top and in the center, and eventually use that longer length of twisted wire to attach to your necklace. Blooms are a lot hardier than you’d think, and this will happily last throughout the day…perhaps for a colorful Sunday brunch outing? — Liz

{All photos by Liz for Oh Joy!}



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