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I love collecting cups and mugs—especially those that come in a series and have multiple versions that all work together…like siblings in cup form. In keeping with the theme of those surprise sunnies from earlier this week. These new espresso cups and mugs by Pigeon Toe are so, so fun. I love the idea of every family member having their own special color… — Joy


  1. These are so cute. They remind me of a comedy in the uk called ‘The IT Crowd’ where one of the characters puts an image of his face on the base of his mug – then he loses it because he can’t see it all the time!

  2. Siblings in cup form – I’m going to use that. We have a collection of mugs – mine are all white mugs (fairly regulation size, big enough for a proper cup of tea) that have things written on them. Places we’ve been, worked, or just random stuff we’ve somehow collected. My girlfriend hates them with a passion. But how can she break up a family…?

  3. Love these! A friend of mine had little bowls with different colours inside of each of them. This was years ago and I never found out where he bought them – I have loved the idea ever since. And here they are in espresso cups!


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