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my {daily} uniform…



As much as I'd love to say I wear a completely different outfit every day of the week, the truth is, I fall into a comfort zone and tend to have a couple "uniforms" that are my go-to's on a regular basis. Right now, I split my day between mom mode and work mode with these two sets of staples.

At home…I pretty much live in these StyleMint pants. They are so comfy for being home with the baby, but the best part is they don't look like pajamas. So if I have to pop out for a second, I'll put on some cute sandals and a slighty more feminine top like this one by Club Monaco.

When I head out {often for a meeting or breakfast with friends}…I'm all about well-tailored but comfortable pieces. Most often, I'm wearing a patterned top, a cropped blazer adorned with some poms, a bright pair of jeans, and comfy but fun flats. So, friends…what's your go-to outfit? — Joy


  1. Thankfully when I started college I didn’t get into the sweatpants routine, but unfortunately I do have a pretty basic uniform: skinny jeans, v-neck tee, pointed toe flats, a cardigan, and some piece of statement jewelry. I really need to spice it up a bit!

  2. My favorite go-to outfit of late has been J.Crew’s maritime dress ( which I’ve been wearing with black leggings and changing up the shoes depending on where I wear it. It’s perfect for work, going out to meet friends in the city, or just hanging around the house because it’s SO comfy. When it gets warmer I’ll ditch the leggings and wear some bright sandals. LOVE this dress.

  3. I love to mix simple prints and patterns into my everyday uniform. Such an easy way to look like you spent more than 30 seconds picking out your outfit 😛

  4. Good for you for trying to make your at home outfit stylish. I’m five and a half months pregnant and live in pajamas. Not because they’re the only thing that still fits me. But because I’m lazy and they’re comfy. For going out, I love cardigans and scarves because if you’re just wearing a simple one color tank top, you can just throw on a scarf or a cardi with jeans and flats and look so pulled together. I have to mention though that even though I’m normally in pj’s all day, I still take the time to blow dry my hair and at least put on lip gloss when I’m around the house. But I’m probably a little crazy for that 🙂

  5. Yeap, I have ‘uniform’ as well and I think that any non fashion victimized woman has a few outfits that see feels good in them. I feel quite ok to be in jumpsuits at home and keep wearing them even when I go get my groceries at the shop nearby!
    Love the stylemints pants, maybe I should give them a try!

  6. Love the outfits, especially the club monaco top, so cute and simple.
    I’m usually drab, nothing fancy — a t-shirt, blazer, and a trusty pair of converse shoes is my standard look. I love bright pops of color but I don’t have enough confidence to rock it! Someday…

  7. hi Joy, Thanks for sharing. hope you dont mind me asking how is the sizing for the tribeca stylemint pants. Thank you.

  8. Your daily uniform is pretty darn similar to mine- so of course I love it! I was just looking at those stylemint pants yesterday. I got a similar pair from Anthro a couple of years ago- but they got really saggy and kind of fell apart after a few washings. Not so good for popping out of the house-Bummer.
    I’ve also found several similar pairs in solid colors in the lounge/workout section at Target- which is a super affordable option.

  9. Hi Rachael,
    Im a size SM and I got the size 1. I think they have a sizing chart on the site, where you can double check!

  10. If I had a little cash to spare, I think I’d just buy the whole lot right now! Very cute!
    I am also into the bright skinny jeans at the moment–so far I’ve bought teal 7’s and some red ones with zippers–and love them both with cozy, relaxed grey tops or sweaters and ballet flats. I need to start wearing some more feminine tops like yours, though, Joy!
    I’m in Australia for 1.5 years and I so miss Club Monaco, but J. Crew just, just, just started shipping here! Dangerous for my grad student budget…

  11. Love those bright pants! Definitely need more separates after seeing all your cute cheery outfits! My go to outfit for heading out are all dresses & flats. I don’t bother much about what I wear at home 😉

  12. oh, I am with you, I have a uniform too!
    Right now, because spring is not super-warm in Switzerland, my uniform usually involves dark-wash jeans, a bright or printed top, a cardigan and my trusty Reva flats. And of course sunglassess and a little jewelry 🙂

  13. I love this! I have been thinking a lot about how to spice up my daily uniform (I have to wear the same shirt to work everyday) and these are great ideas!

  14. I am very much with you on the out outfit – except , my go-tos a heels , wedges, or something of that kind.
    at home I deviate between a dress, gap skinnies + H&M sweater, or some skirt+tank. And bright flats, flats, flats!
    But more so then not, my going out clothes really depend on how I feel that day 🙂


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