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a case of the monday’s…



Hope you all had a nice weekend! We had a fun 48 hours in San Francisco…eating {of course} and seeing a couple friends along the way. It was a bit hectic traveling for the first time with the baby, but in some ways it was better than I had expected too. Ruby did great on the plane and enjoyed the new scenery of a new city. I also learned a few things we'll do differently next time and will post a few more photos from the trip later this week!

I feel lucky that I rarely get a case of the Monday's. I love what I do and rarely dread having to work, but after a weekend away, I just want one more day to decompress at home before the week starts. I love these day of the week illustrations by Paul Blow. I totally know what these funny guys feel like today… — Joy

ps. I'll be at Lucky FABB today and will be tweeting from there if you want to follow along!


  1. I was so excited to see your post! I have a 7 and a half month old and we are going on our first plane trip this weekend… and to San Francisco! (allbeit, from the east coast). Interested to hear what you would have done differently…

  2. Totaly hear you on the “decompression day” post vacation! After a busy weekend at a friends wedding I totally have a case of the Monday’s. Luckily we’ve almost made it through 🙂


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