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happy friday + away we go…



Happy Friday friends! Today, we're taking Ruby on her first flight ever. We're heading to San Francisco for a little weekend adventure. It'll be fun to see how she does with a bit of traveling and brand new sights and sounds in a new city. I've been nervous all week hoping I don't forget the things that I think a baby needs {and probably a ton she won't need}, wondering how she'll be on the plane all couped up, and curious how the airport experience will be with all our extra baby gear. Luckily it's a short flight, and I have a very calm husband so fingers crossed that it will be smooth sailing. If not, we're bringing ear plugs and lollipops for the other passengers nearby. Hope you guys have some fun adventures planned for the weekend! — Joy

{Instagram photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Ruby is so adorable! I recently took my then 5 mo, now 6 month old baby girl on her first flight to visit family in the midwest from SF. It was much easier than I thought it would be (even though I was traveling alone and we had a layover – so 2 flights). Although, bathroom trips were a bit of a challenge;) The key is to nurse/bottle feed her on take off and landing. She’ll do great. Welcome to SF (in advance)!!

  2. You will do great! As a flight attendant and a mother to a five month old, I was scared to death even though I knew what to do for my son. Just have her drink something at take off and more importantly landing. You will know when to start feeding when you hear a ding, and they announce final decent usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes. If she sleeps, there is really no need to try and wake her to drink, the ears pretty much regulate on their own. Once the plane doors close it is pressurized to 7ooo feet, so a paci is great for the taxi out to the runway. Good luck and ask the flight attendant for some wings or a new flier certificate, we carry those on my airline.

  3. Sometimes I super duper stress myself out about forgetting things on these kinds of trips, until I’m reminded that nearly anything I could need will be available wherever I’m going, even if it means spending a bit of cash for it. And often those little things have ended up being favorite souvenirs, like the umbrella I bought in Toronto last fall 🙂

  4. Haha. Sounds like you got it all figured out! Cute baby…check. Calm husband…check. Ear plugs and lollipops…check. All good to go! 😀
    Have a great trip!

  5. I hope you blog about your experience! (And tips!) My baby is 2 weeks younger than yours (I think) and we’re making the same flight in two weeks! I’m sitting here realizing I don’t know anything… like can you bring a sippy cup on the plane? How am I going to give her her nightly bath? Etc…

  6. Joy, last summer we took our daughter (then 6 months-old, too!) on her first (and so far, only) flight ever from Philadelphia to San Francisco and she was A M A Z I N G! Not a peep other than hamming it up for the older couple sitting directly behind us on our flight there. I have several friends who’ve taken their very little ones on flights short and long and the general consensus is that if they aren’t yet on the move, crawling or otherwise, they typically do very well. Ruby seems to have such a laid-back nature about her already, so I’m sure she’ll do just fine. Good luck!

  7. What size are Ruby’s tiny toms?! I didn’t know they came baby sized and I must have them for my son, debuting in June. Thanks for the info Joy!

  8. What a nice treat for all of you! I’m a bit jealous… my sister and her hubby (and baby-to-be!) lives in SF and I’m in NY… It’s such a great city, I’m sure Ruby will love it!
    P.S. I <3 Ruby's teeny tiny Toms!

  9. Hi Katie,
    They dont seem to have a size but I have heard they dont make the baby ones anymore. Just from toddler and up.
    They were a gift we received last summer and they must have stopped since then? I couldnt find them on the site?
    Congrats on your baby coming soon!

  10. Hi Katie,
    I was wrong about my last response! Rubys are a T2 size and fit her decently at 6 months, she can probably wear them for another couple months!


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