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love these…



Apparently, I have a new obsession: tiny pouches that fit into my handbag…one to hold diapers, one to hold money, one to hold change, and one to hold business cards. I'm like the bag lady of little pouches, so it's no wonder these fabric envelope-style pouches by Roxy Marj make me want to add yet one more to my collection… — Joy


  1. HAHAHA! My friends call me the BAG LADY too. I have one too many totes, pouches and bags within bags. OBSESSED. :]

  2. i too have a habit of putting everything in my purse into smaller bags, but hey – it makes finding that lip gloss or that spare bobby pin a heck of a lot easier!

  3. Aww, one to hold my receipts! One to hold my son’s business cards! One to hold well just about anything and everything! Oh, and I’d love to slip my phone into one too! It would keep the screen from getting a mess!
    Where do I get these again!!


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