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feeling like a fall peach…


As Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, I always start to get in the mood for warmer colors and textures. While pumpkin orange is typically the color of this season, I love the idea of mixing a classically summery color, like peach, with warm wood tones instead…

01. Zara girls' shoes, 02. pendant lamp from Terrain, 03. glittered ornaments from Leif, 04. box from Leif, 05. Kate Spade iphone case, 06. Toms sunglasses, 07. DWR coat rack.


  1. I have absolutely no practical use for that glittered garland at all. But I feel like I really need it in my life. It makes me happy, that’s reason enough.

  2. I love peach as an alternative to bolder oranges and rusts for fall! Plus the metallic copper would look great with the rich brown boots I always imagine myself wearing all through fall as the leaves change colors.

  3. I too have been gravitating towards peaches instead of pumpkin oranges this year. I think I loved summer so much, I’m hesitant to full embrace the darker hues of fall. Everything here is so light and sparkly!


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