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  1. oh em gee those are to DIE for! If only my husband would make presents for me under the tree look that attractive, I wouldn’t care what was inside! (Ok, ok, I still would, but opening would be so fun!)

  2. I can’t wait to do some giftwrapping this year. I think these papers will be on my list of supplies…along with many other things from Anthropologie 🙂

  3. The cutest wrapping paper I’ve ever seen!!
    Does anyone know who is the maker????
    I’m in a remote part of Quebec and the web store is no longer available to view.
    Please let me know if anyone knows!!!

  4. Last year, my mom decided to start being “green” with the wrapping paper and used fabric. I looooved it! She wrapped everything in the prettiest green fabric with gold stitching. It was so elegant and made out tree look so pretty before Christmas morning! I love the little pom poms on this fabric though! It is so precious!


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