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  1. i’m a flower patch complete with bunnies and a fox! not a far cry from the gypsy my mom dressed me up as every year until i was old enough to object haha. Ruby’s costume is so cute!

  2. Ugh. We have failed again this year and have defaulted to lame by celebrating Halloween sans costume. But what a darling outfit above, very cute!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Hi Elizabeth!
    She kept it on for maybe 45 seconds….just long enough for me to take a few pics. And then she threw it on the floor.
    Well try again tonight but Im thinking shell have to be a cookie without the milk!

  4. She is just scrumptious! So cute!! I dressed up my 11 month old as a strawberry. She miraculously kept the hat on for a while. At least while I got some pics! : )

  5. she is such a doll joy! it has been so exciting following your blog this past year. watching you and your family grow as well as your blog, your book, new columns, so many wonderul things. always inspired by you!

  6. I just love her expressions. She can be so serious as to say, “Mom. What is happening here?” or oh so smiley. Ruby is going to have lots of personality!


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