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  1. Here in Boston, it seems that we’ve survived with less damage than expected. The same can’t be said for NYC, and we’re thinking of our friends there this morning, hoping we can help in some small ways in the coming days. The amount of love and support coming from friends all over the country made it feel like there was hope, even when we were sitting here, holding our breath, waiting for this catastrophic thing to happen. Thanks for being part of that hope. xo

  2. It seems like my area (Washington, DC) was lucky enough to come away mostly unscathed. Thinking about those affected today, I know there is still a chance of more flooding today.

  3. Thanks Joy,
    Here in DC we were lucky enough to not get hit with the worse of it. Some areas are still without power but for the most part things are safe.
    My thoughts go out to others who are without power and are at risk of flooding…

  4. Hi Joy,
    You are so kind! This is a very nice and sweet post. I am Brazilian and I live in Brasília, the capital. You really touched my heart with this post. We need people like you in the world. Here, in Brazil, we finished coments with kisses.
    Patrícia Sato

  5. That’s so nice Joy 🙂 and here I was thinking we might get a preview of the little one’s cute costume.
    I hope everyone can get somewhere safe and warm.


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