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a colorful christmas…

A Colorful Christmas —Oh Joy + The Land of Nod

It's November (when did that happen?), which means holiday season is now officially upon us. You might be thinking…"You're talking Christmas already?!?" Oh yes, I am. Last year, I was so busy figuring out how to be a new mom that I pretty much bypassed the holidays in my new baby bliss. But this year, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things and ready to bring on the merriment. So in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season, I collaborated with The Land of Nod to create this little video showing how I'd decorate my tree with a mix of colors and patterns. I totally fell in love with their ornaments this year and love how they look perfectly fitting even for a non-kid tree.

The video is featured on the Land of Nod website, along with my picks and the items I used to create A Colorful Christmas. I've also created a Pinterest board with everything featured in the video for easy re-pinning. Hope you guys enjoy it! I know it got me in the mood for Christmas…

{Brought to you by Oh Joy + The Land of Nod, video by Modshift, music by The Young International, my dress by Kate Spade.}


  1. We’ve been chatting about getting our Christmas tree out early too, but you’ve actually done it! I love the color scheme you’ve chosen, and those little fluffy bird ornaments are to die for. The bow is the best bit, though (aside from Ruby). Heading over to Pinterest pronto!

  2. I LOVE this video! Those ornaments are great. My sisters and I are all grown up now, and we don’t have any kids in the family, so it could be a perfect year to do a more “artsy” tree! I don’t know if I could convince my traditionalist sister into getting a white tree, but we’ll see! 😉

  3. This is so cute! We always get a real tree, but if I was gonna get an “everlasting tree”, white would be my first pick! The yellow decorations were also super adorable. And the baby decoration.

  4. Hello! I just love your cheery videos and I can’t wait for the season to get underway! Question? On your pinterest board did I miss the little camera you put in a stocking?

  5. The video is great and the tree decoration is great and Ruby’s cameo is as well! Love this time of year! Thanks for your creative ideas!

  6. That tree is perfection! I love your videos so much – they make me smile! My husband works in the video editing field and makes some of our vacations/home movies into videos and I keep showing him yours as “hints” so that someday maybe he’ll make one for me. 🙂
    Can’t wait for all of your holiday posts!
    xo, Morgan

  7. Oh this video is so cute! Your tree is absolutely beautiful and exactly your style! I love it! And as always, your little girl is too cute!

  8. my birthday is in november, so I am always really stickler about recognizing Thanksgiving (because it always gets looked over in the decorations department)
    Buuuuut…I just whispered to myself “screw thanksgiving decor! lets get Christmas decor out of storage tonight!!!”
    As always, so unbelievably you! Great job making a white tree look fancy. I have always wanted one, but never knew what to do with it.
    My idea pot is bubbling over now! Thanks for always inspiring!

  9. I love it! I have been considering a white tree for a while now and I think this pushed me over the edge. I want to do something fun and less traditional. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  10. Love this. I’ve had to promise to refrain from Christmas music until the 24th of November because 2 whole months of it drives my partner a little insane!
    I love your tree, I think it’s the kind of tree that wouldn’t look out of place in a summer christmas too. 🙂
    I also cannot wait until I own a home so I can cover the walls in your lovely wallpaper!

  11. To start with – it’s nice to meet a fellow christmas-enthusiast! 🙂 I had to admit, I have been a bit naughty too – I have done some christmas-preparations myself for weeks now… 😉
    Sincere compliments to the tree and the video! Both are a little piece of art! 😀

  12. Love it! I think I’m going to try your neutrals – base color – accent – texture technique this year. Ruby’s face when she sees the tree is great, and I’m off to find that song on Amazon 🙂

  13. So…if I go to Land of Nod, can I buy a “Joy” to come and help me do what you just did? lol
    I’m on a mission this year to have a fun tree.

  14. Hi Kate!
    There are a few ornaments that were from my own collection that I mixed in. The birds I got last year from a shop in LA called Yolk. I dont know what brand they are though….so sorry! But you could probably see if theyll be carrying them this year.
    Also, I found some on Etsy that are similar:

  15. Love this! I got a whole bunch of vintage Christmas ornaments from my Gram last year (from when my dad was a kid!) and have been looking forward to using them this year! We’ll be on our honeymoon this year over Christmas and we won’t actually be around enough in December to have a real tree…but I can’t convince my husband to get a fake one, let alone a pretty white one like yours! But the colorful vintage ornaments would fit really well with the white tree!
    My favorite part is the finishing touch of the oversized bow on the top. Yay for adding a little Christmas SPARKLE!

  16. This is darling! I have the same white tree and always do bright pink bulbs, but this inspired me to shake things up a bit this year. Now if only I could find a Ruby on the Land of Nod website (or under my tree). 😉

  17. Love the artsiness of it, but for me nothing can beat the feeling, warmth and smell of a real tree. Christmas after all is full of traditions and I love those! 😀 Can’t wait to make cookies!!!

  18. I’ve always wondered what could be done with a gold christmas tree or a silver one, your white tree decor gives me some good nuggets to chew on…great video and beautiful tree!
    <3 Tracey

  19. I loved this video and am so excited to decorate my tree now..Joy you are such an inspiration. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. It’s really lovely. Do you already have your christmas tree up?? Looking forward to more videos from u!!

  20. Love this! I don’t have nearly as good of a reason as a new baby, but last holiday season I was in limbo with my job situation and juggling a few too many things so I missed out almost completely. This year I’m determined not to do that. Thank you for setting the mood!

  21. Thank you for this video!
    I’m all christmasy now, you made me want to listen to Bing Crosby, hahah!
    You’ve got a lovely tree and an even more lovely cat. 🙂
    The video is awesome, it really brings us closer to you, your home and your ideas, thanks!!!
    I think I need to plan my boyfriend’s advent calendar for 2012. 😉
    Last year I did that one (; I should search your site for ideas!
    Thanks again,

  22. This is so cheerful. It was nice to see this posting yesterday after reading the newspapers–thank you for brightening my morning. P.S. I just want to add that I adore your blog. As an expat from California I really enjoy checking in to read about new local restaurants and shops. This blog has a way of capturing the best of it.

  23. Wonderful and cheery video! The background music was a great addition.
    It doesn’t get any cuter than when a child is reaching for toys under the Christmas tree – just beautiful.
    I’m in the Christmas mood now, thanks!

  24. Hi Shruti!
    We filmed this in September so it was too far away from Christmas to keep it up. But Ive got to remake it soon for real Christmas this time!

  25. I love the video and the tree is beautiful. I love all of the modern touches! Thanks for sharing your creativity every day…it really inspires me to actually do something 🙂

  26. Ohhh, so cute! I love the bow on top idea! And the polka dot tree skirt–may have to make one of those!
    I got a white tree last year after Christmas and can’t wait to bring it out this year, although am afraid my husband will be SO disappointed we don’t have a real one. I’m hoping I can reassure him with lots of ornaments in his favorite color, show him how well they go with the white… hope he’s not too bummed!
    Great video!


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