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bambinos and bunny

bambinos and bunny
bambinos and bunny

At my San Francisco book party a few weeks ago, some of the most stylish guests included a couple of toddlers dressed in these amazing graphic rompers and dresses with gold headbands. Turns out, their moms recently launched a kid's line called Bambinos & Bunny. I love how bold and fun the pieces are…seriously making a statement everywhere they go…and Ruby loves them too!


  1. These are really cute clothes! I wish I had a girl sometimes but I always manage to find cute boy clothing as well. The print on one of the dresses (last photo) reminds me of a pair of curtains that I saw at Ikea today.

  2. I love Ruby in those little overalls. I’ve always avoided overalls on my babe, thinking they were a little too country bumpkin for my taste, but that little girl is pulling them of with come chic baby style!


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