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happy friday + say cheese!



Happy Friday, friends! How is it mid-December already? And, why do I always wait till two weeks before Christmas to start getting things together for the holidays? This weekend, I'll be in heavy family photo mode. I'm finishing up a photo book of Ruby's first year to give to our parents for Christmas, and then we take our family photo this weekend for our Christmas card!

As I was looking through photos from the past year, it was so fun to see how many Smilebooth's we've been in as a family this year. Those photos are always the most fun…totally goofy and not too serious. Hope you have lots of goofy moments this weekend with those you love most…

P.S. Congrats to Patricia C. from Chicago for being the winner of our giveaway with Roztayger

Also, as a special bonus, Roztayer is offering 10% off anything in their shop for ALL READERS. Simply use code OHJOY thru December 11th.


  1. You’re not alone! I’ve managed to wait two weeks before Christmas to decorate the house, start shopping for gifts and take my daughter’s holiday card photo. It’s going to be a busy weekend!
    p.s. love those photos…so fun!

  2. I’ve done a MyPublisher book for the last two years of charlie’s prior year as a gift for my mom and mother-in-law and they absolutely love it. and I always order a copy for myself too 🙂 Your smilebooth photos are so cute, btw! Love your pouf!

  3. I whole heartedly believe that those silly photos are the ones that we will love on with the most joy and fondness. Merry Christmas! and I feel you with the whole behind on Christmas thing .. I’m terrible at it!!


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