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feeling bundled up in blue…



Blue is one of my favorite colors (after green) because of the range in shades it offers. From hot to cool and from soft to brazen, it's a color full of personality…

{01. Oasap coat, 02. Kate Spade earmuffs, 03. Land of Nod baby blanket, 04. hat by Annie Larson, 05. Kate Spade flats, 06. Loeffler Randall for Bird tennis shoes, 07. Falconwright camera strap.}


  1. I love blue and these shades are lovely. The products you have selected are so cute, specially the kate spade ear muffs and the flats. Bright and so colorful.
    P.S. – your numbering is off a little, you have mixed #6 and #7.

  2. Hailing from Toronto, I’m so happy that you included a Falconwright camera strap (heck, I didn’t even know that Falconwright MADE camera straps!!) Those girls are the best. Love the toque too. 🙂

  3. I love so many things here, this one’s going to be rough on my pocketbook! I was so sure that coat was J.Crew, I’m going to have to give oasap a good luck!

  4. I love the rabitt holes you send me through! I’ve just spent 30 minutes on Kate Spade’s site and nwo have a new camera strap on my birthday wish list. You naughty, clever one.


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