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happy friday + a little copy cat…





I always thought that "learning how to mimic" part of being a kid came later in life…like around three or four. Boy, was I wrong. Within the last couple of months, Ruby's been watching everything we do and imitating it. She'll find my necklaces and shoes and put them on, start "cooking" in her kitchen (she adds ingredients and stirs the pot while holding the oven mitt), pick up the empty cat food bowls to put them away, and pretend to do the laundry. It amazes me. Any day now, she'll be sitting on a fake computer pretending to blog…Have a great weekend, friends!

P.S. Ruby's mastering her animal noises in the video above. Clearly growling is her favorite…

P.P.S. For more Ruby, see my Instagram and Bob's Instagram.

{Ruby's wearing my Adidas sneakers, Gap striped dress, Thief & Bandit pink neon dress.}


  1. Yup, it is amazing! My daughter has her mini mouse lap top and gets REALLY upset if you try to distract her form her “work”. The other morning she told me if I didn’t hold still for the picture I couldn’t be on her blog. She’ll be 3 in June.

  2. She is SO cute! And smart. 🙂 i have an 11-month-old who loves imitating sounds already, too. She was completely fascinated by the video. 🙂

  3. Ruby is so adorable and I love seeing her interact and figure things out. My little one is also loving “Grrr” lately!
    p.s. Your voice is so soothing Joy!
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  4. Slightly off topic but: are those Adidas shoes still for sale? They’re brilliant! And your daughter absolutely rocks them 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, Joy, she is the most precious little thing. I’m working on getting my 15 month old to start mimicking. He’s really good at pointing but I’m hoping for more sound. I love this age!

  6. I currently work in the nursery room of a childcare center, and it amazes me everyday what those kids pick up. Children are so amazing!
    Ruby is, as always, gorgeous! After watching a couple of your videos I have to say you seem to be a complete natural at being a Mama, Ruby is being raised so beautifully. 🙂 I love that!

  7. Mimicking happens from birth and becomes really noticeable at age 2. She’s a cutie pie. Have fun showing her how to live life. I’m glad she has a great lady to mimic.

  8. Ruby is so adorable, what a lovely video! I have a 21 month old little girl and she copies everything we say and do at the moment, then adds her new twists and funny sense of humour 🙂

  9. Ha! She’s in touch with her inner roar. Strong feminine energy right there lol. I love that she knows immediately when she’s done the wrong animal sound. Kid is BRILLIANT! Loving the comments that have come in especially the woman whose three year old blogs and “works” smh…

  10. hi joy, rubi’s necklace – oops, i mean your necklace – is super cute. looks like iacoli & mcallister but i don’t recognize that style? thanks!

  11. She’s really adorable. Are girls naturally drawn to all this girly stuff or is it because they see their moms dressing up like this… maybe a bit of both

  12. oh my goodness.. I just watched that video ten times in a row and forwarded it to my husband. it’s the CUTEST thing EVER!!!!

  13. So cute- and coordinated!! ANother off topic- Do you know who makes your dresser? I’ve been looking for something just like that. Thanks!!


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