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Everyone always talks about the bond between mothers and their children—but what about dads? I loved coming across the For Fathers project and the 4Fathers Journal which celebrate the men who simply do their best to provide for their family however they can (but often don't get enough credit when kids prefer their mamas). I've always felt there was a lack in lifestyle publications for men, so I love seeing ones like this come about.

P.S. There's also the Kindling Quarterly which focuses on dads with creative professions…

{Top three photos above via For Fathers, last photo is one of my favorites I snapped of Bob and Ruby recently while visiting the hospital where Bob went to med school.}


  1. Sweet, it’s true that moms get most of the credit specially when it comes to children. There is a lack of appreciation for fathers. This is a wonderful post to remind us all, how much our father love us and sacrifice for us.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing. This pictures are so sweet. I am not a mom yet, but I can’t wait to be namely because I know my husband is going to be such a great dad. Bookmarking these links.

  3. I haven’t seen the For Fathers project! But will definitely check it out. I have recently become obsessed with Kindling Quarterly. It’s so important to not only focus on the love between baby and mama but the baby and dad’s too. Love it.

  4. My son and his Dad have such a special bond that makes my heart sing. I love to see them talk and play in their own language, the way they truly adore each other makes this mama feel proud and lucky.

  5. This is so sweet. I love my dad more than anything but I don’t always show my affection with him as much as I do with my mom. Sometimes I hug him although he feels a little uncomfortable ha ha he acts serious, but I can always see that he is smiling. Dads love being recognized for their sacrifices and love just as much as moms do.

  6. This is so sweet Joy, thank you for sharing. I completely agree with you that dads normally get pushed to the background especially in the toddler years. But wait until Ruby grows up and becomes a total daddy’s girl. 🙂

  7. I absolutely love this. My father was instrumental in raising my sibs and me, and now my jason is such a big part of Ida’s life. It’s so important to highlight great dads. <3

  8. There is no question that in my house the father-daughter dynamic is present! Since my husband works so many hours the little ones just have to be with daddy while he’s home…it’s very sweet 🙂
    Christina from life with les deux

  9. I’m reading this while my husband is helping our 2 yr old daughter get her pjs on, I can hear them talking about their days. Theres nothing I love and respect more about my husband than what a great father he is.

  10. It is a nice thing you are bringing up this subject Joy. Reading some long touching articles on how mothers feel horrible when their baby is more a daddy’s girl/boy never left me space to think of the issue the other way round, which logically is the majority of the cases. Actually fathers lose their spouse’s attention and their kid’s too, so it must be hard for them. So eyeopening for my future!
    P.s : I find situations father-kid to be very special. I remember how some months ago we were sitting next to a father and son in a restaurant. They shared a pizza and the little boy was naming the slices, which was his and which for his father. His kindness and love for his father was indescribable. I will never forget that kind man, sitting quietly and patiently interacting with his loving child. They touched us in a manner I can’t even explain and really made us both cry of positive feelings and hope that is is possible to raise a well behaving, caring kid that will love you unconditionally, so much that he will offer you more slices of pizza than he’ll keep to himself.

  11. So true. There isn’t nearly as much reverence placed on the beautiful relationship between dads and their kids but these great sites certainly help to make up for it. My daughter idolises my husband but she also pushes his boundaries so much further!

  12. As a mother of an almost two-year-old and wife of a printmaker, I am thrilled to stumble upon Kindling. This magazine looks fantastic and I can’t wait to gift this for Father’s Day. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  14. I feel the same way! Me and my dad have a close relationship (and so do me and my mom). My boyfriend has such a loving, caring heart that I know he’s going to be a great dad too and I can’t wait to watch him.

  15. When I see fathers interacting/looking after their children it makes me smile and reminds me of my childhood. My Dad was fun to daft around with and I get to keep those awesome memories, and I hope others do too with theirs!
    Yup, fathers should be celebrated more! ^_^


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