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How I'd Wear...

{how i’d wear} denim overalls…



I can't remember the last time I wore overalls (hello, 90's!), but I'm itching to get an updated pair in a more slim cut than what I had back in the day. Paired with a sleeveless blouse and dressed up a tad, it feels less casual and more chic. Would you guys wear overalls again? How would you wear them?

1. Headband by, 2. Vanessa Mooney chain necklace, 3. A-Thread blouse, 4. Citizens of Humanity overalls or ASOS overalls, 5. JadeTribe bag, 6. Loeffler Randall clogs.

{illustrations by Jennifer Vallez for Oh Joy}


  1. i just got a new pair of overalls from urban outfitters and i love them! so comfy and cute plus my little man loves playing the the clasps when i’m holding him so: built in toy! i usually wear mine with a fun blouse to dress it up a bit.

  2. Whenever I think overalls I think farmers or babies. It’s a tough one. Not quite for me but I don’t doubt you could make it work and chic-it-up a little.

  3. Haha. Overalls kind of scare me, but I’d give it a whirl. I think rolling them at the ankle and adding a clog is fabulous. Yes, I’m definitely feeling braver about it.

  4. I like the way you styled them, but I don’t know if I can ever wear overalls again. This is bring on freaky flashbacks of me in purple velvet short-alls in elementary school.
    Kristina does the Internets

  5. I feel like the way they’re represented here, it comes across as more of a denim jumpsuit than overalls. If they fit like this, I’m in!

  6. It’s one of those styles that you have to be super particular with. Dress it “down” too much and you look frumpy; Dress it up and you might look like you’re putting too much effort into trying look good. I’d never wear overalls again but I’ve procrastinated with the idea of suspender shorts… But I’m not quite in the “body phase” to be sporting these things.

  7. I would totally love to try them again. I think if their fitted (slimmer rather than baggy) and styled right like the illustration they can look really cute!

  8. Yes! I just bought some, and am excitedly awaiting their arrival in the mail! It’s the evolution of the romper- so cute!

  9. i really wish i could wear it but i just don’t think i can pull it off. i can’t even put my 3-year-old in an overall…haha. i guess i just need to come across one that is cut right :o)

  10. Used to wear overalls when I was 12. Distinctly remember packing them for a trip to Africa and thinking I was “oh so cool”. Overalls are soooo comfy. I feel like jumping back in them now but my 29 year old self is saying “please, no!” : )

  11. Even if they come back in, I don’t know if I could do them. I think they would look kinda terribly on a busty girl like myself.
    However, 5 years ago I swore I would never wear skinny jeans so…
    Surely not.


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