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This time of year, spring really starts to show itself. California's plants are so lush and rich in nutrients—which means the soil here is just phenomenal. Lately, I've been sprinkling soil on top of ice cream, in my morning latte, and even serving it alongside a platter of French cheeses. It's nutty, crunchy, and just a tad sweet. I'm so lucky to have access to this amazing little treat right in my own backyard…

{Photo by Oh Joy. Dirt by April Fool's Day.}


  1. Okay, so i have to admit that with the whole california thing, I wasn’t sure if you were serious or not. Especially since we just were in a restaurant yesterday that listed “pistachio soil” in their sushi roll and they were definitely not kidding. Happy April!
    Ps – love that you specify “French” cheeses – soil would definitely not be right for Italian creamies…

  2. Ha-ha – you really had me stumped for a minute there (Is she serious?!). Happy April Fools’ Day!

  3. I totally fell for this! Especially since my godmother used to mix dirt (from the natural foods store) into a glass of water and drink it!

  4. Ha ha!
    I had to scratch my head for a moment…and was about to chalk it up to “Cali life” when I checked the calendar….great one Joy!

  5. Oh my goodness! You had me going for a bit there. I honestly clicked on the picture to make it larger and see if this is something I am missing out on!

  6. haha oh goodness. I got the end and I was like “hmm, is this girl serious?” but then I remember the date.
    too funny!

  7. hahaha, and for a second I was thinking… “Hmm, I live in California as well, I wonder if my dirt is as nutrient.. but eww..” 😛

  8. LOL Good one woman…sigh. I was about to say she has LOST HER DAMN MIND lol…My black came out! ha!
    Okay. Two good ones I’ve witnessed today. Yours and mine. The fiance and I posted a picture of us with our wedding bands on and said we had just done it. We finally had to come clean though when our parents started calling and freaking out lol…hee hee

  9. It’s a good joke but it’s actually practiced by some:
    Gourmet Dirt
    Laura Parker, an artist and agricultural activist based in Northern California, asked a friend late last year to raise a 320-pound pig on his farm to see if its flavor would match that of the dirt it grew up on. In May, Parker and her friends butchered, slow-cooked and ate the pig while smelling soil from the same farm. At first, they were skeptical that they would recognize similarities between the dirt and the pig, which had been fed strictly local produce, bread and goat whey.
    During the tastings, Parker spoons dirt into stemmed wineglasses and adds a small amount of water — essentially making mud — to release the soil’s aroma.


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