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Make Someone Happy – No. 08: Leave a Little Thanks



When I was little, my mom always told me to tell my school bus driver "thank you" when I exited the bus. I didn't realize why it was so important at the time, but over the years, I've realized how many people make our lives better as part of their jobs and rarely receive a thank you. And for me, it's fun and easy to stick thank-you notes wherever I go! So I encourage you to take a moment to not only thank the people you see face-to-face in your everyday life, but also those you rarely get to see or thank personally. It's so easy and can mean so much.

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{Credits: Video: Modshift. Music: "Empty Handed" by Teemster, licensed from With Etiquette. Production assistants: Julia Sir and Michelle Tu. Special thanks: Michelle Tu. My outfit: dress by Steven Alan from Broome St. General Store, shoes by Shoemint.}


  1. love this! every time my husband leaves to go in the field (marine wife here) he leaves me little sticky notes all around the house that say ‘i love you’ or ‘have a great day’ ‘i miss you’ etc. it’s so sweet, i’ve started doing it at restaurants too. i leave little notes on the sugar packets 🙂

  2. gratitude is so important, and it makes us feel better about life when we’re grateful as well! I love the idea of leaving little thank you notes behind 🙂

  3. I love this! I am hugely dedicated to thank yous and thank you notes. I know they brighten my day when I receive them and want to pass that on whenever I can

  4. Aw! I particularly love this episode of make someone happy! I always make my (almost 3 year old) daughter “help” me write thank you notes every time she gets presents. I think she needs to understand that it’s important to thank others for gifts, but also everyday kindnesses shouldn’t be taken for granted either!

  5. Hi,
    Love this idea! My friend just stayed for the weekend and left a thank you note on her pillow! We didn’t ask for thanks, but it’s so nice to feel appreciated. It made me think about doing it too… where are my post-its…?

  6. That’s such a lovely idea! It’s the kind of thing that would make you feel all warm inside afterwards so it’s also a great way to make yourself happy! The world would be such an amazing place if everyone did this more often.

  7. I love the first shot (i.e. the carpet pan to your shoes) that modshift bloke is a clever, clever feller.
    I’m big on thank yous, too. They’re good for the soul. Thank you for putting out yet another great feel-good video. They make the days sweeter. <3

  8. Cute video Joy! And such a thoughtful idea to leave post-its around. Doesn’t matter really matter who it’s from just that it’s said 🙂

  9. Oh I so feel this!
    I’ve actually just started a gratitude project this week (via but now I’m inspired to be a bit more vocal with my grateful thoughts

  10. This is my favorite one of the series so far!
    Thanking people and smiling at people is so important everyday. I always say Hi to the security guys when I enter a shop or museum for example, and they always seem glad because not enough people aknowledge them and it’s nice.
    Loving your post-its, your mom raised you well 🙂

  11. I love this, I’m going to watch all of your videos now! 😀
    I used to make my bus driver laugh when I was little as I always nodded in his direction and said “much obliged”, don’t know where I got that from!

  12. This is such a cute thing to do! I like the idea of leaving anonymous thank you notes to strangers and make them smile! I’m sure those would make anyone smile! I’ll try it this week for sure xx

  13. Joy – this is beautiful. Your video has inspired me to start an instagram challenge for teachers to share photos of their anonymous and positive post it notes left for students and colleagues using the hashtag #mrsharristeacheschallenge. I am hoping all the teachers (like me) that love you site will share this idea so the positivity can spread! You can find my challenge at
    Thanks again!


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