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i got an office space!



You guys…the other day, I signed a lease on my new studio space! I've been slowly outgrowing my home office, and with new employees, regular photo shoots, and larger projects, it's come time to get an outside space. It's also become harder to work from home. When Ruby sees me, she screams, "Mama, Mama!" and my heart melts because I can't always hang out with her.

I won't lie. The idea of having more rent to pay per month, on top of my home, kind of makes me nauseous. But hey, you have to spend money and take risks to grow, right? So, here's a little peek at the space. It's airy, bright, and has really tall ceilings. We're getting rid of that red floor and carpet area ASAP, and we have a bunch of other fun ideas for making the space feel like a great place to work. My friend Emily is going to be helping us design the office, too. I'm super excited to see where it will go from here…stay tuned!


  1. looks awesome. can’t wait to see how you’ll set everything up.
    i can only imagine how exciting but kind of scary at the same time it has to be.

  2. oh wow!!! Trying really hard not to turn a shade of green!!! 😛 What great space and light! I would LOVE to swap places with you right now! Good luck with it though….its scary but definitely an exciting venture. Just think of how much you can do in that space….and that ought to put a smile on you face! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! A space to make a new office home, how exciting! And, oh the possibilities you can do with that space!

  4. Lots of nice light! Looking forward to seeing the transformation and the work you’ll create in the space.

  5. wow congrats! what a great space. those brick walls! next house/apartment wherever we move must have brick inside walls. i’m in love.

  6. congrats! very good bones. and yay, another project by Emily. I think you guys are gonna make this space beyond great!

  7. Congratulations!!! We are starting to think of the “what if… office/studio space??” idea! Probably will be bit after the baby arrives but it’s certainly exciting time! I can’t wait to see how your space evolves to be the awesome physical manifestation of your virtual space. =wakako

  8. I love all the windows and open ceilings! Is that a Mon Chi Chi (no idea how to spell that) sitting beside the person all the way to the right of the pic?!
    I’m sure you will document the space improvement process and can’t wait to watch it happen!

  9. Fabulous space! Having all that room and natural light will be good for your work; it’s going to change your life. Enjoy transforming it, and good luck!

  10. Joy! I’m so excited for you! The space is lovely and since Emily will be helping to decorate I don’t think you have ANYTHING to worry about! Also, I just ordered your Blog, Inc. book last night – can’t wait to start reading. 🙂

  11. Congrats! Grow, grow, grow your boat, gently build your team, decorate and take some chances, encourage all the dreams! ♪♫

  12. Congratulations! It’s beautiful. Such a great blank canvas. I’m loving the exposed brick, beams and wooden platform. Plus the light!

  13. I love working from home, but having my kiddo there with me (upstairs with Nana, the babysitter) can be SO distracting. Every time I sneak upstairs to grab the mail or a snack, she wants me to come play. I’m sure this was a difficult decision for you, but congratulations! Being mother of a young child AND an exploding career is quite the list of accomplishments. I hope you love your new space, can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  14. Congratulations! I’m excited to see what you and Emily have in store, the two of you seem to have such complementary (and fun!) aesthetics, I am sure it will be gorgeous.

  15. Happy for you Joy. What exciting news. I totally agree with you about the risk taking part. Your office looks fab. Love the brick walls and high ceilings. Can’t wait to see the finished look. Congrats! 🙂

  16. congratulations! very exciting. the space is beautiful– love the high ceiling and windows! hope you have a gorgeous view!

  17. I can’t remember if I’ve already commented, but I appreciate your candidness about working from home with a baby girl. My daughter is about 3 months older than Ruby, and I come home from work throughout the day, so I’m always popping in and out. I thought that would be great, and in many ways, it has been, but I’m also finding that I am not “present” with my baby during work day because I am always trying to get xy and z done. Next year, I too will be working away from home, and I hope that I won’t miss my current flexibility. But I also know that when I am home, I will be totally available to my baby girl to play and cuddle.
    xo Anna of Green Gable

  18. absolutely spectacular space Joy! v-beautiful and i love the light balance between the brick, wood beams and white wall. this peek inside + your intel on the news is all kinds of awesome. yah to the powers + protectors that be for the universe aligning and your own space dreams coming true!!!
    i can see how the nesty-ness of a WHOLE loft-ish studio space has managed to lure you in. i can totally see Ruby crawling back and forth across those infinite floors too 🙂 for sure you & Emily will have it looking house+home cover ready in no time!
    understandable how it’s got you in a bit of a knot but amazing just how successful your biz has become. embrace the whole process of move + change (and tons of yucky extra work!)…there a pot of gold at the end…can’t wait to see how you rock this space. way to go lades!!!

  19. Congratulations on the new space! I’m pretty sure it’s going to look wonderful once it’s all done. The one thing that I learned from you was to not be afraid of taking a risk. I myself took some big risks and it has totally open my eyes in a good way. Thank you Joy! I will always remember this quote… it!
    “although it feels uncomfortable, you gotta be open to things that keep you on your toes. and striving to keep creating new things.”


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