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The other day, my friend Sophie from Broome St. General Store showed me these beautiful netted bags with leather straps made by the L.A.-based company and so it goes. When flat, the bags look like a pretty knotted pile. When filled with objects, the pieces really come alive. They're easy to stick inside another bag yet so pretty for using at the farmer's market or for carrying other beautiful belongings…

P.S. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Santa Monica tomorrow!

{Photos by: and so it goes}


  1. I love the simple concept of this bag. This really suits this season’s trend. You can use it anywhere you go, even as a bag when going to the market.

  2. Very old school. I remember going to market with my grandmother in Seoul long ago and buying watermelons and carrying it home in those bags the sellers gave us. : )

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these bags, but nothing new. I have been using the classic string bags by for at least seven years after I saw them on Oprah. Have them in all colors and bring them literally everywhere. Roll up a string bag and can put it in my coat pocket. Never have to take a plastic bag from a store!

  4. This unique bag reminds me of the grocery bags that I have when I was younger. I like it because it is stretchable, transparent and flexible to use. I did not know that there are bags that are colorful and two-tone color like in the first picture. I usually see the bags with one color like the third picture.


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