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feeling woven…



Inspired by this vintage bag I picked up at a yard sale over the weekend (perfect for my laptop!), I'm loving woven bags of all kinds right now. They're perfect for summer, and they feel like you're carrying around a mini vacation on your shoulder or in your hands.


01. Calypso St. Barth clutch, 02. Calypso St. Barth netted bag, 03. ModCloth bag, 04. Bop Basics backpack, 05. Tory Burch tote, 06. JadeTribe cosmetic bag.

{Top photo by Oh Joy}


  1. love these bags! i have been using mine from mexico every chance i get! and i have a netted bag on it’s way – perfect for farmer’s markets!

  2. I’ve been buying vintage woven bags from easy the past few years and have had great luck! I think the bag you found at the yard sale is the best!


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