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my favorite {los angeles} beautiful bites lately…



Whenever we can, Bob and I try and have a date night at least every other weekend. It's a chance for us to get out, have some time just the two of us, and try out new restaurants in L.A. or revisit some of our regular favorites. And going to restaurants always gives me so much inspiration in terms of different ways food can be presented. It makes me think about food and composition in new ways—something I certainly don't think to do this when I'm cooking at home. So here are a few of prettiest bites around town these days…

This one-bite dish of toro tartare with seaweed salad, flying fish egg, pickled wasabi and micro-greens with quail egg on top from Sushi Yuzu in Toluca Lake is just amazing. Not only does it capture so many textures and tastes in one spoonful, but it just shows you how pretty a single bite can be.


Red Medicine in Beverly Hills has consistently been one of my favorite spots over the last couple years. They changed their menu recently, but the food presentation is still off the charts. I mean, just look at this green strawberry tart (it tastes like a fancy Key lime pie) that resembles a beautiful botanical specimen.

Oh-joy-los-angeles-savory-bites-2 copy

I love the simplicity of sushi, and the spicy tuna on crispy rice from Katsuya is one of my favorites. Even though it's a L.A. chain, it's always consistently delicious and beautiful.


Oh-joy-los-angeles-beautiful-bites-5 copy

For my recent birthday, Bob took me to Alma in Downtown L.A. for dinner. We ordered the tasting menu and here are a couple of the simple, beautiful dishes: a berry crumble, which was presented on just the upper third of the plate, and this light and lovely shrimp dish.

Where restaurants have you guys eaten at lately that blow you away with their presentation?

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. oh, alma! everything was so beautiful presented (& delicious) there. a few friends went & ordered the whole menu to try. happy to have such a place exist.
    have you had a chance to try bestia? i have been dreaming about the food since my last visit.
    thanks for sharing those other favorites — that green strawberry tart intrigues me so!

  2. Oh my goodness, Joy, that green strawberry tart is so beautiful!! How do you even bring yourself to eat it? I will definitely be using your restaurant guides to pick places to eat when I visit LA next month!

  3. The last place that blew me away was n/naka in Palms. The presentation of each course was just beautiful and so good, too! I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a Japanese kaiseki meal in LA.

  4. Next time you’re up in Sacramento head out to La Provence in Rocklin. Get a table on the terrace, weather permitting. Lovely food, beautifully presented.


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