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happy friday + getting fancy…



Have you ever seen the kid's book, Fancy Nancy? My friend Justina gave it to Ruby, and I love the idea behind it. The character of the book, a little girl named Nancy, loves doing everything with a little extra je ne sais quoi. She wears frilly socks to play soccer, she tries to use fancy versions of every day words, and she just makes every detail in life more special with her own embellishments. After going to our dear friends' black tie wedding last weekend (fun shown above), I've been feeling extra inspired by fancy lately.

So this week, I've been making efforts to be a little more fancy (like Nancy)—I wore a dress to go to the playground with Ruby (I normally wear a tee shirt and shorts), and I dressed up for work like I had a meeting to go to (when I didn't). And you know what, it just put that extra pep in my step. Sometimes you just need to switch it up, you know?

I hope you guys have a great weekend full of little bits of fancy sprinkled throughout…

{Photo by Smilebooth}


  1. It s a great post and it s exactly what I needed : ) !
    Thank you! I will buy the book for my little daughter & follow your example!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Isabelle from Switzerland

  2. I was going to “undress” to do grocery shopping, and because of your post I won’t. Let´s all get fancy!
    A kiss and a hug from Floripa, Brazil

  3. This post is spot on today – inspired by your post on shopping for, and customising, vintage clothes I recently bought a little dress in a charity shop near me, and I’ve been wearing it today with trainers and a denim shirt whilst just running around with the kids. It feels great to be out of jeans for a change and given the positive comments I got at the nursery gates it’s worth changing it up now and again! Here’s to being fancy, just because!
    Have a good weekend!

  4. Fancy is very inspirational because it makes you go the extra step and can make you feel that much more special, at least to me it does. I think it builds confidence and is fun to do. That sounds like a really cute book!

  5. Ha! I’ve been trying to get my nieces to love fancy nancy (they’re still too much into disney princesses at the moment). Love the philosophy of embellishment. I’ve always savoured the idea of setting the table beautifully for dinner for no good reason.

  6. I am all for being a little more fancy. I have started waking up 10 minutes earlier just so I can do some cat-eyed liquid liner, and it makes a world of difference – I feel much more polished and ready for the day.

  7. Celeste loves those books. We should do a story swap some time.
    And I too have found that simply swapping out my sneakers for heels makes me feel a little more prepared to face the day.

  8. My niece loves the Fancy Nancy books. She is the same age as Ruby, and I can get her to do almost anything if I say it means she is being “fancy.” For example, when she doesn’t want to sit in her booster seat at the table, I will say, “I wish I had a fancy seat like you!” That is all it takes. We should all be a little fancy now and then.

  9. Your blog is inspirational:) THanks to you I believed that there are still happy people out there:) Greetigs from the Chech Republic:)

  10. love that idea! my motto (and probably a few others too) is when they zig, you zag. and though I don’t go to any extremes, it’s the little touches I go for. hot pink lining in a tote, plumberry nail colour, polka dot lined blazer…those little touches that make things a little different. I need to look for that book, I think my niece would love it! Have a fabulous weekend!

  11. I need my colour, prints and pattern for every day; work and play! It’s a little push and helps me face the day 🙂

  12. i love getting fancy for mundane things. i remember in college, i’d always dress nice if i had an exam. i just don’t do my best work in sweats, ya know?

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