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Variopinte Plates

Variopinte Plates

A few months ago, one of our kitchen cabinets (that held all our plates), came crashing down to the ground in the middle of the night. Luckily, no one was hurt—but we lost 95% of our dishes that day. Ever since, we've been eating off the hodge-podge of mostly plastic plates that survived the crash. I've been meaning to invest in a new set of dishes and while in Paris, I came across this Italian brand called Variopinte who makes enamelled metal plates with these colorful rimmed edges. They're classic, yet upbeat, and a fun basic to pair with more decorative plates you might already have. Getting a whole new set of plates is a big commitment, yet it's one of those purchases you make that hopefully (barring faulty cabinet construction), lasts a really long time…

P.S. Some other things worth splurging on in your 30's…


  1. how cool are those?! that’s crazy about your kitchen cabinet though! I’m looking to replace our current set of dishes. there isn’t anything wrong with them, I just find them way too heavy.

  2. These plates are gorgeous! I love that they’re simple yet bold. SO sorry to hear about your little disaster, that’s the worst. Luckily you got to pick out some fun new dishes.
    Chelsea & The City

  3. Those are really pretty and could work with so many different things! I’m really sorry to hear about your plates. Things like that are always a bummer and I’m sure that cabinet crashing down in the middle of the night was terrifying! Glad no one was hurt.

  4. I remember seeing an instantgram picture of your broken dishes and that’s all I’ve been thinking about these days as we’re looking for people to install our new kitchen cabinets. Must have been so heart breaking.

  5. The same thing happened to me not to long ago, luckily it was one shelf in the cabinet. I lost a few cherished pieces. Thank goodness it wasn’t my polish plates, Fiesta or any of my thrift treasures. Funny but not funny my teenage son was home during this tragedy. I think it scared him because he called me sounding frightened urging me to get home now! I love my dishes. I have to constantly control myself all the time from buying more.

  6. p.s. watch out for glass..i don’t care how well you think you’ve cleaned that one piece will show up it’s the weirdest thing

  7. Love those plates! Is there anywhere to see them in the US? I wouldn’t make such a big investment without seeing it first…
    Sorry about your cabinet. At least no one got hurt! We had an overloaded shelf in the coat/storage closet collapse; while we didn’t lose much, it scared the living daylights out of me (these things always need to happen in middle of the night and/or when you’re home alone!).

  8. This is a nice upgrade from the enamel wares we normally see on the market. Great discovery. I doubt you’ll loose your dishes again with those if it happens again (hopefully not).


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