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my favorite lobster rolls in {los angeles}…

Son of a Gun lobster roll

Son of a Gun lobster roll

Lobster rolls are probably my favorite kind of sandwich. It can be really hard to find a good lobster roll on the West Coast, so once I find a good one, I keep going back for more. Here are a few of my favorite lobster rolls in L.A. right now…

The tiniest lobster roll in all the land is from Son of a Gun. It's bite-sized, buttery perfection and should not be shared.

Son of a Gun | 8370 W. 3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA 90048 | 323.782.9033

Blue Plate Oysterette lobster roll

I tried the lobster roll from Santa Monica's Blue Plate Oysterette at a lobster roll showdown called the Lobster Rumble a couple months ago, and they had my vote for best lobster roll that night. The roll has the perfect mix of butter, salt, and creaminess with just the right touch of herbs and spices.

Blue Plate Oysterette | 1355 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90402 | 310.576.3474

Salt Air lobster roll

Finally, a great lobster roll to share is this bun of goodness from Salt Air in Venice. It's a pure and simple lobster roll that tastes fresh, light, and just creamy and buttery enough. Get it with the mushroom toast, and you'll have a meal that's seriously legit.

Salt Air | 1616 Abbott Kinney Blvd. | Venice, CA 90291 | 310.396.9333

So, are you guys drooling yet? Do you love lobster rolls as much as I do? And if so, what are your favorites where you live?

{Photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Lobster rolls are the bomb, and lucky me, I live in Maine! Can’t get any better than that as far as lobster goes!

  2. Yum! Lobster rolls are my favorite too, but unfortunately LA just doesn’t cut it for me (I live in LA). The prices are just horrendous. 🙂 I’m going to Boston soon and I can’t wait for a true, hearty roll.

  3. I’ll be going to a place for lobster rolls and clam chowder in a week! It’s called GT Fish and Oyster. One place I’ve been to and loved is New England Seafood Company.

  4. Next time you’re in Philly (represent!) try Oyster House in Rittenhouse Square. The lobster roll is superb. Bonus: The house-made chips served warm and fresh from the fryer. Delish!!

  5. I’d never had a lobster roll until a visit to Thomas Keller’s ad hoc back home in Yountville. But it’s safe to say that probably be the best one I’ll ever have.

  6. I’m also a fan of the Lobster Truck. Connie & Ted wasn’t bad but too much drama with the reservations, parking, etc. We east coast transplants to LA know lobster rolls are a no drama treat.

  7. I’m not sure how often you guys make it over to Hollywood, but Little Fork on Wilcox has a delicious traditional lobster roll and a non-traditional one called the Montrealer that sounds questionable but tastes amazing!!!

  8. Have to say…agree with all your choices but you are missing the remarkable and bite size lobster roll from Hinoki and the Bird!! And the ink colored roll is so fun!

  9. In Franklin Village/Los Angeles, I LOVE the lobster roll at Franklin & Co. I typically vary my menu choices at restaurants I frequent, but with this lobster roll, I can’t order anything else!


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