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oh joy for target / behind-the-scenes, part 1…

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

One of my favorite parts of developing my upcoming Oh Joy for Target collection was having a chance to work with so many creative people to produce amazing scenes and photos for the in-store marketing and packaging. Because I always love seeing what really goes on behind the camera, I thought I'd share a little behind-the-scenes from one of our shoots from last fall. This is when we created the environmental shots in my announcement post and that you'll also see in Target stores when the collection hits shelves next month.

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Over the course of a week last fall, a team of creatives—prop stylists, food stylists, photographers, producers, and art directors—came together to tell a story with the products I designed. They helped me show customers the beautiful parties and moments you can create with the collection.

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Packages were wrapped, pretty foods were made, lots of props were styled, and a vision came together. Also, two-year-olds come in handy on set when they know there is a party to be had. It was especially fun having Ruby visit because this was soon after her 2nd birthday party, and she kept thinking the "party" was for her.

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

Oh Joy for Target / Behind the Scenes

All these amazing people came together to create images that look like this…

Oh Joy for Target / in stores March 16th!

{Behind-the-scenes photos by Oh Joy. FInal image lifestyle photograhy by Thuss+Farrell and styling by Dane Holweger.}


  1. so fun!! I can’t wait to see all these goodies on shelves. Olive’s bday party is 3/16… the question is, do I risk going to my Target that a.m. to buy the party goods?? lol

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    For props, they are a mix of the stylists own inventory, some of my personal pieces, and the larger furniture pieces are usually rentals.
    If anything is disposable, sometimes they are saved or given away. If theyre unusable, they are tossed.
    For food, it depends on how long its been sitting out. If its still edible, it definitely gets eaten! 😉

  3. First congratulations – this line looks incredible and it’s on my calendar to show up upon store opening on 3/16.
    Where did you get that adorable picnic basket and blanket that Ruby is opening? Is that part of the line or a prop?

  4. Typepad HTML Email
    WHAT???????!!!!! Oh my word my mind just exploded.
    Alexandra Tuel
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    Hi Alexandra,
    Thank you! The basket and picnic mat are actually part of the summer collection coming in May, so stay tuned… 😉

  5. Love seeing the behind the scenes on a shoot and just what all that would entail! Thank you for the post!
    And can’t wait to see your products in Target!

  6. I’m looking for a way to string my Oh Joy! String Lights. I see in your photos there are some kind of metal posts with legs. Where can I find something like that? Thanks!

  7. Hi!
    Those are actually light stands because that was a behind-the-scenes of a photo shoot. But for real life, if you dont have a wall, fence, or awning to attach them to, you can get free-standing wooden poles (like broom sticks) at Home Depot or one of those stores to stick in the ground and use.


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