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my little polka dot doctor…

Oh Joy / Ruby

Oh Joy / Ruby

Just when I've had the worst day or feeling stressed about something, Ruby comes along and says the best things, and I've completely forgotten about all the other moments that preceded that one. So today I must share with you a few things my 2 and a half year old has been saying lately…

Ruby: I wanna be a doctor, Daddy!
Bob: Great! What kind of doctor?
Ruby: A Polka Dot Doctor.

"I need to buy some money so we can get a new house."

"I'm gonna go type an email on my super duper computer."

"Daddy, please join us!"

"Hold on, it's loading…" (said while turning on her penguin humidifier)

"I'm going to my workshop in Switzerland. It costs $100 for 3 minutes."

And then, when your kids figure out your name…


  1. how adorable!!! i love reading all of the silly things kids say. my daughter is turning 2 next month and i can’t wait for silly sentences! and that video…oh i could gobble her up. what a cutie. -Misty

  2. um, i’ve been looking for a dress like this for myself. because, clearly i have the same taste as 2 year olds 😉 “my super duper computer” so cute!

  3. I love that she is familiar with workshops in European countries lol…Your dream team of creative gurus have definitely influenced the ish out of that little. lol

  4. you might have mentioned this in another post, but can you tell me where her shoes are from? I LOVE THEM (and secretly hope they make some in my size)

  5. When I was looking for spring clothes for my kids on Zara web I found a pretty little girl
    who look familiar. Actually that was Ruby!
    She is just cute as a button.

  6. Does she watch the pbs show superwhy? They talk about their super duper computer a lot… I know because I have a 2.5 old!!!

  7. gah. SO CUTE. charley does the same things. last night i was so fed up at the end of the day. he came over an gave me a hug and said “mama… thank you for always giving me cookies”


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