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a super fun {giveaway} with…NOW CLOSED



My friends at never cease to amaze me with the pure joy they create every day. Today, they are launching a brand new collection of lifestyle pieces taking it to a whole new level in addition to the hair accessories they're known for. To celebrate, we've partnered with to give away five of my favorite pieces from the new collection to one lucky reader. This includes: a Carry All Duo pouch set, Sip Sip tumbler, Cross Body Party Pouch, Heart iPhone case with card slot, and Rain and Shine Umbrella (a total value of over $100). Now you can have a little every day with these amazing accessories.

To enter, simply visit the website and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece from their new collection. Entries must be posted by this Friday, March 14th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*.

UPDATE: Congrats to Jessica L. from Austin, TX for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to readers in the U.S. only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $100 USD approximate total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after. 


  1. Everything is sooooo good! Like a lays potato chip can’t pick just one… but that gem speaker and hooray headband is fantastic!

  2. All of their new stuff is great! Especially love the little zip pouches, ear buds, disco tech wristlet, and the I am very busy iPad sleeve.

  3. I’m so excited for their new collection, I want to buy everything in it for my little sister! I especially love their Frills iPhone case/earbuds and the crown jewel headband!

  4. The rain or shine umbrella in dottie is adorable…the perfect pick-me up on a gloomy day! *fingers crossed*

  5. I think the ‘flipside clutches’ are adorable, but I also think I will have to get the cute little “hello good times” drink sleeve for my BFF who loves Blue Moon beer! πŸ™‚

  6. Oh! Definitely their Rain or Shine Umbrella (dottie)! There’s no better way to add some color to a gray day than this πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve been anxiously awaiting’s new products! So very exciting πŸ™‚ I’m in love with the power trips. I also love the carryall duo’s!

  8. It’s so hard to pick – but I am loving the Ear Buddies in Perfect Pink + Cantaloupe! All great stuff in the new collection!

  9. Love the zip zip keychain pouch in mermaid. How pretty!!!!
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway πŸ™‚

  10. Such a fun and colorful collection, love it! My favorite item is the Crossbody Party Pouch in mermaid + metallic gold. I’d never leave home without it!

  11. I like the hot pink phone case. It would really help me find the phone in the bottom of my giant tote bag.

  12. What a great new collection! I love the dottie pattern and think the Power Trip set is a fun way to add pizaz to a daily activity.

  13. What a gorgeous new collection! I love the Disco Tech Wristlet if I had to choose one. The power cords are very cute and clever though.

  14. I am LOVING the super cute hearts rain or shine umbrella! I’m actually loving it all if I’m being completely honest…way too much good stuff!

  15. I love the new Crossbody Party Pouch! All the new iPhone accessories are so cute, too!

  16. i am loving the phone cases with the card slots! the colors and patterns are very ohjoy!

  17. Everything in the dottie pattern is adorable! I especially love the sip sip tumbler!
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  18. I love the colorblocked phone case in mermaid (need new case asap- mine is chipped in three places with sharp edges!) as well as the Dottie umbrella for my fabulous umbrella collection (you should see it).

  19. In love with the Back Me Up mobile charger! So fashionable and useful at the same time, who could ask for more?

  20. Oh I have been waiting for this day to come!!! YAY!!! All the new items created are all so unique!!! I would have to say I love the decorative chargers they have made because of all the different patterns they were able to come up with. SO fun!

  21. The dottie umbrella is definitely my favorite! It looks like a surefire way to cheer up a gloomy day! As a student, rainy days decrease my motivation to go to class by at least 50% but this umbrella will definitely make me want to head out the door!

  22. I’m loving the iphone color block case in mermaid. It’s hard to find high-quality, stylish cases.

  23. I love the girl talk bobbi pin set and the zip zip keychain pouch. Both are so cute and unique!

  24. I would be so happy to have the mermaid color party pouch! It would make my insulin pump look cute πŸ™‚

  25. I love the Sip Sip Tumbler in Frills. It’s adorable and eco-friendly. Thanks for such a stellar giveaway. xo

  26. Oh man. I love everything! That umbrella is awesome and I love the heart sippy cup. Perfect for my daily breakfast smoothie πŸ™‚

  27. There are too many awesome things on this site to just choose one! I love the cross body party pouch and the striped heart canvas tote!

  28. I adore the eye-popping colors of the new collection, and the flip-side clutch in mermaid and metallic gold is my new crush.

  29. The Rain and Shine Umbrella in Dottie umbrella would make my rainy Portland days so cheery! The hooray tote is adorable as it is my toddler’s favorite word at the moment!

  30. I am crazy for that striped heart tote! I recently discovered our closest public library branch, and I’d love to carry my library books in that cute bag.

  31. I’m loving the giant gem speaker! It would really make my music in the kitchen that much more fun to listen to.

  32. I like the zip zip keychain pouch in mermaid. It would help me tame all those little odds and ends that wind up in the bottom of my purse.

  33. I really like the dottie iPhone case! (now I just need to actually get an iphone……) The umbrella with the heart on the handle is super cute too πŸ™‚

  34. love all the new things!! strong toss-up between the CROSSBODY PARTY POUCH – MERMAID + METALLIC GOLD and the GIANT GEM SPEAKER. Split -second decision would be the GIANT GEM SPEAKER.

  35. Such a fun new collection! I think my favorite piece is the stripe/heart canvas tote. Hard to choose, though!

  36. Such a fun giveaway! Thanks so much for sharing! I like the Mermaid and Metallic Flip Side Clutch. Perfect for Spring!

  37. I love the Hooray tote, the tiny rose gold headband and flip side clutch in mermaid!

  38. I LOVE the too cold to hold drink sleeve aka koozie. I never go anywhere without one and actually have one in my purse now! So cute!

  39. I didn’t expect this to actually be a difficult decision! But I think I’d have to go with the Rain or Shine Umbrella- Super Cute Hearts. It’s just so adorable!

  40. This collection is so fun! I love the Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw in hearts and the Power Trip – Stripe/Mermaid/Blush.
    Thanks for the chance!

  41. Gosh, I love it all, but since I just updated my iPhone I’d love to have that Color Block Mermaid and Gold case. And the pink and gold charger is just as cute.

  42. Love the Crystal Crush Bobbi and the Dottie Sip Sip Tumbler- the colors on both are fun and pretty!

  43. The new line is great! If I really like the sip sip tumbler with straw – frills. So cute!

  44. Oh la la, as usual the shop girls are amazing! I loved the dottie cell phone case and the perfect pink earbuds!

  45. I absolutely adore the Rain or Shine umbrella in dottie! What a wonderful way to brighten up rainy days here in Seattle πŸ™‚

  46. Without a doubt, the umbrella is my favorite. What a ray of sunshine it would be on a cloudy and rainy day!

  47. I am loving ALL of this new collection, some of my faves: the crown jewel headband, the dottie umbrella and the sip sip tumbler with supercute hearts!

  48. The practical part of me likes the iPhone chargers best… but in my heart I’ll always love their colorful pom-pom clips the most!

  49. For a CA girl (and we all know CA only gets rain MAYBE a week out of the year), I irrationally want the umbrellas (yes, both of them)! They don’t even block from the sun. I just want themmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  50. I love the hooray tote! there’s just something about that word that makes me smile.

  51. I honestly think all their stuff is amazing but I love the little mermaid colored clutch.<3

  52. oh my gosh – the hooray-hooray-hooray tote is awesome. i recently spilled fruit juice all over my favorite every day tote, so this would be so great and hooray!

  53. I am in love with the Rain or Shine Dottie Umbrella! It would come in very handy during the wet Boston Aprils!

  54. How I love me some! The stripey canvas tote with the hot pink heart is callin’ my name.

  55. I love the Sip Sip Tumblers! One of those would motivate me to drink water during the work day!

  56. How do you pick just one! I love the “I’m very busy” Ipad sleeve and the Chit Chat iPhone case!

  57. Oh man…how do I choose?!?! That Giant Gem Speaker though…is pretty awesome. πŸ™‚

  58. I’m loving the party pouch in mermaid + metallic gold. It’s the perfect color combo and size.

  59. I love the power trip in stripe/mermaid/blush. I travel so much, this would be so useful and cute!

  60. They have such adorable stuff. I want it all πŸ™‚ Love the IPHONE 5/5S WITH CARD SLOT CASE – STRIPE WITH HEAR. Their stuff makes me happy!

  61. How fun is this? I love the polka dotted umbrella… it rains all of the time where I live so this would brighten up my rainy days!

  62. I love the Rain or Shine Umbrella – dottie! I love the sunshine, but don’t think I would mind the rain in this adorable bright umbrella!

  63. Gosh it’s so hard to pick just one favorite but the Power Trip bundle in stripe/mermaid/blush really stood out for me. It’s such a nice change from the standard white I’m used to, which can get pretty dirty. With this set, I won’t want to hide the fact that I’m charging my phone in the corner! So cute!

  64. Pretty much anything with that dottie pattern is my fav! I love that giant gem speaker too!

  65. I have my eyes on the Girl Bands Hair Elastic – Frills and iPhone 5/5s Case – Dottie. Love!

  66. The Giant Gem Speaker would be great for playing music on the beach on my honeymoon this May! And the Twist Scarf would keep my hair off my face.

  67. I think we are all having a hard time choosing…but…if i had to choose my favorite I would go with the Crystal Crush Bobbi πŸ™‚

  68. It may sound funny but I love the drink cozy as they always seemed so gross and old mannish to me, and successfully made them cute. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  69. gasp! I’m in love with this whole collection, but my must-have is the disco tech wristlet (frills) <3

  70. My favorite item from their new collection is definitely the Rain or Shine Umbrella in Dottie. I can’t think of a better way to turn a rainy day into something fun and exciting than to use such a beautiful umbrella.

  71. LOVE the rain or shine umbrella. I’ve been on the hunt for a cute one since my Marimekko one broke!

  72. I love the tumblers! With spring and summer on the way, it’s exciting to think about using them for iced coffee and such. They are adorable!

  73. I love the gem speaker, the mermaid+gold flip side clutch, and the mermaid+gold crossbody party pouch. I love the mermaid and gold color combination and the “have fun” zipper is adorable!

  74. I love the new dottie iphone 5 case — I wish I had spotted that when I was recently in the market for a new case.

  75. Love the super cute zip zip key chain in frills, all the stuff though is super adorable..

  76. I’ve always wanted an iPhone case and I’ve been wondering if I could rock one of the head scarfs this summer….

  77. Love the phone case and also love those adorable cords/charger sets on their website…omg!

  78. I love my stripes iphone case that I bought last year and still using it until today. Their revamped one with the card slot is so cute too!

  79. I share your love of hearts, so I think the ‘Too cold to hold’ heart drink sleeve is a keeper!

  80. i love the rain or shine umbrella, soooo adorable! i’m going on my honeymoon to italy soon and the forecast says it might rain, so i’d be so happy to carry around such a sweet umbrella! thanks joy!

  81. The koozies! With warm weather around the corner I need something cute like those to keep my beverages cool!

  82. I love the Back Me Up Mobile Charger in the neon pink and gold! So many cute new items though!

  83. Since I live in rainy Seattle, I’ve been looking for a cute new umbrella. I love the RAIN OR SHINE UMBRELLA in DOTTIE! Super adorable and perfect for spring!

  84. I love the pop of pink in the black and white cup…perfect to carry around this spring!

  85. I love the super bright colors and creativity in their products, including the power trip and other electronic accessories!

  86. They’re all cute, but I love the crossbody party pouch in mermaid – great color!
    : )

  87. I love them all, but my favorite has got to be the Flipside Clutch. I hope they come up with mint/rose gold combo pretty soon πŸ™‚

  88. I love the cross body party pouch ! I’d have to choose the mermaid/gold combo…such great spring colors ! And the Dottie Tumbler is cool.

  89. I just love the sip sip tumbler with frills! Perfect for my arnold palmers in the afternoon while working at my desk! xoxo

  90. i love the back me up supercharger in supercute hearts! practical accessory that’s glam too!

  91. My favorite piece is the one I’m in need of most right now.. the Power Trip (in frills/yellow/pink)! My boyfriend and I are doing a Bay Area –> San Diego –> Palm Springs road trip this weekend, and this piece would be so useful. (and it’s so much cuter than the Best Buy one he got himself)

  92. Completely torn between the the “Hello Good Times Coozie” and the Neon Adapter kit. Function and Fashion…my heart be still

  93. ALL of the items are AMAZING!!! It is difficult to only pick one favorite…I like the Mermaid Power Trip!

  94. This may be the cutest giveaway ever!
    I love the POWER TRIP – STRIPE/MERMAID/BLUSH and everything dottie.
    What a great line!

  95. I love the zip zip chain pouch in mermaid + gold! So pretty! And many thanks for this giveaway!

  96. I really like the Power Trip (and what a fun name) in yellow and neon pink. Lovely sunny collection, even the umbrellas!

  97. Adorable colors, I love them all…. they are def getting my attention. A couple of my faves are the Ear Buddies Perfect Pink and the Super Cute Hearts Umbrella.

  98. Such a fun and colorful collection! I really like the powertrip-(stripe/mermaid/blush) piece. I have never seen that kind of design before. I come from a family of all iphone users and we always fight over which charger belongs to who, so I think this will definitely tell mine apart plus it’s really cute!

  99. The Rain or Shine Umbrella in Dottie is super cute and perfect for spring showers!

  100. I love the black mermaid and gold iphone case, the dottie umbrella, and the criss cross and dottie duo. Super cute.

  101. Wow, all of the Bando items are sooo pretty! I’m really into their organizational pouches but one thing that really caught my eye is the rain or shine supercute heart umbrella! Now that it’s getting warmer, sooner or later it will start to rain and I don’t want to get caught in the rain with an ugly plain colored umbrella! πŸ™‚ It would be great to have an umbrella like the Bando one! πŸ™‚

  102. Love your 5 favorites and this new collection! My favorite is the crossbody party pouch in mermaid and gold.

  103. I love the tumblers & the iphone chargers are great for road trips when you’re with your friends. Having a charger for a 4 & a 5 is very convenient!

  104. Love that mermaid & gold keychain pouch! What an adorable replacement for a bulky purse when you need to run a quick errand. xx

  105. What an awesome giveaway! I love all items but a few of my favorites from the new collection include: Giant Gem Speaker, Too Cold To Hold Drink Sleeve in Hello Good Times and Heart, Rine or Shine Umbrella Super Cute Hearts, Crossbody Party Pouch in Mermaid + Metallic Gold, IPad Sleeve I Am Very Busy, GIRL BANDS HAIR ELASTIC – SUPERCUTE HEARTS, CROWN JEWEL HEADBAND – MERMAID, PRINT & SHINE BOBBI SET – BLACK + WHITE STRIPE/ NEON PINK, SHINE TINY HEADBAND – ROSE GOLD. Thanks again for giving away awesome items from! Fingers Crossed <3

  106. Oh wow! I’m really loving any and everything with the Frills print on it. I know it’s only black and white but it’s so whimsical!

  107. I am so in love with all the new bando things but especially the heart iPhone 5 case with a card slot! So practical and so adorable!

  108. Is it possible to not have a total girl crush on! Loving the Zip Zip Frills Key Chain Pouch.

  109. The too cold to hold coozies are adorable, but I’d get the most joy (and use!) from the Carryall Duo – in criss cross + dottie for me!

  110. I love the sip sip tumblr – frills AND the zip zip keychain pouch in mermaid and gold~!!

  111. I LOVE all the drink sleeves, or what we call beer coozies in the Midwest πŸ˜‰ everything is so happy/fun! Would love to win.

  112. Loving the colours and how whimsical it all is. My favourite item is the Zip Zip Key Chain Pouch!

  113. I love the new collection, especially the rain or shine dotted umbrella. I also am a huge fan of the twist scarfs!

  114. I love the dottie umbrella! Even though it doesn’t rain here much, I want to look good when it does!

  115. Can’t get over how cute yet functional the “POWER TRIP – YELLOW/FRILLS/NEON PINK” is!!!

  116. Oh it’s all so lovely! I can’t decide, either the sip sip tumbler or the hooray tote!

  117. how to pick just one!!
    love the cute sip sip tumblers, and of course the adorable twist scarfs!!!

  118. Cute picks! I’m digging the Disco Tech Wristlet in cantaloupe. I recently had my wallet stolen and haven’t bought a replacement yet.

  119. I may need to order the black + white stripe twist scarf. I also like the mermaid and gold phone case. Great new additions!

  120. I have to say that I LOVE the iPhone case with the card slot! I have a new iPhone, and I’ve been looking for the perfect/cutest case for it. Thanks for offering the giveaway, Joy! Gotta love!

  121. I love everything in the new collection but could use a new umbrella – The Rain or Shine Umbrella in Dottie would make a rainy day even more fun!

  122. Love the cross body clutch in that awesome mint color!! Also love the cute drink holders! Pick me!! πŸ™‚

  123. I love the striped heart phone case. I just got a new phone and really need a case… especially considering how often I drop mine!

  124. I love all their stuff! I’ve always especially liked their iphone batteries though! I had one for my old iPhone 4 and it worked great.. but now I have an iPhone 5 and haven’t been able to grab one for it yet

  125. The super cute hearts umbrella is darling! I’m also in desperate need of a new phone charger and the power trip is just what I’m looking for,

  126. what a cute (and affordable!) collection! I love the POWER TRIP set! It’s so fun!

  127. I love all the iphone accessories, particularly the unique ear buddies in perfect pink/cantaloupe.

  128. i love the sip sip tumbler in frills, and the carry all duo in criss cross + dottie! this whole collection is so fun!

  129. I love the Sip Sip Tumblers – perfect for teaching! I also love the Gem Speaker – it is fun!

  130. I love this entire collection, but I am obsessing over the Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw in Frills. I carry my cup with me everything and this one is just perfect!

  131. love the Rain or Shine Umbrella – dottie and the Flash Bobbi Set – Gold Glitter / Cantaloupe. what a lovely giveaway!

  132. how do i choose?! the power trip in stripe/mermaid/blush would def be on my short list

  133. Love the dottie iPhone case, and the cups + straws! They’d be perfect for smoothies! πŸ™‚ Thanks for hosting!

  134. My favorite iteam is the Rain or Shine Umbrella. The supercute heart design will bring a smile to my face on a rainy day.

  135. oh my gosh, the power trip (power cords!) package is so much fun. i’m always misplacing those things.

  136. The dottie sip sip tumbler with straw is so cute, I couldn’t pass that one up πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. I love the rain or shine umbrella in “Dottie.” What a fun way to brighten a rainy day.

  138. All the products in this new collection are great, but I specially love the Giant Gem Speaker.

  139. I actually saw the iPhone case (the card slot with heart) in person today at a local shop here in Brooklyn. Pictures don’t do it justice it’s definitely my favorite piece from Bando’s latest collection. I was regretting not buying it!

  140. I really love the Bobbi sets and the party bag…but everything is cute ?

  141. Thanks for this fun giveaway! I love all the bright colors of the collection, especially the Dottie iPhone cover and the heart tote bag.

  142. The heart tumbler is so perfect for work ! I cut hair and need to sip all day πŸ˜‰

  143. I love the power trips! Makes charging electronics so much more fun! also LOVE all of their hair accessories. Especially the shiny rose gold headband. so classy!

  144. I love the Power Trip charger in stripe/mermaid/blush. Thank you for this giveaway!

  145. I seriously love everything in the collection. But if I had to choose just one item, it would be the dottie iPhone case!

  146. This collection is too fun!
    I love the power trip in yellow/frills/neon pink.
    Also the frills phone case!
    And the disco tech wristlet in frills!
    Apparently I just love the frills pattern. πŸ™‚

  147. The entire collection is so bright and spunky! I especially love the dottie phone case and the carryall duos!

  148. Oh gosh, how cute is all of that?! I think I’d have to say that the black and white twisty scarf is my fave. I would wear that all the time! πŸ™‚

  149. I love everything about the new collection, but my favorite pieces is the I Am Very Busy ipad case. I must have it! Love all of your faves too!!

  150. I am literally in love with everything on their website! Love the tumblers, the phone cases, the umbrellas, everything!!

  151. Woohoo I’m now a fan of their twist scarves – particularly the mermaid colored one. It reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel’s character in New Girl would wear – and even though wearing it won’t make me look quite like her (a girl can dream) πŸ˜‰ I still think it’s cute!

  152. loooove the keychain pouch in mermaid & gold — perfect for all my keys that are constantly getting lost!

  153. I am a sucker for almost anything black and white – especially stripes!!! Love the black and white striped canvas tote!

  154. It’s a knock-down-drag-out fight between the gem speaker and the backup charger in “Hearts.” Really super duper cute line of products. Good job,!

  155. Love the Rain or Shine Umbrella – Dottie! How perfect for a rainy spring in Seattle! xo

  156. I can’t decide if I like the Crossbody Party Pouch or the super cute Power Trip charging accessories more. To tell the truth I love the whole collection and will definitely be spending too much money. πŸ™‚

  157. I’d love to live in world and am absolutely obsessed with the rain or shine umbrella in dottie!

  158. I’m loving the twist scarf in black and white! The stripes make it funky and the color keeps is adaptable to any outfit! Love!

  159. Everything is too cute but I especially love the Power Trip in stripe/mermaid/blush.

  160. Eeep, as if only picking ONE favorite is possible.
    Tumblers (what girl on the go doesn’t need a cute tumbler??), Umbrella, and dying for the chargers (both = must have).

  161. Hi Joy.
    I love the cross body party pouch. My daughter would really love the pink/blush color combo!! Congrats on your launch with Target — counting the days!

  162. Love the CRYSTAL CRUSH BOBBI – COATED MULTI – so fun to add a pop of color to your hair even if you’re not 5 anymore!

  163. I carry the YEAH phone case and I love it so I can’t wait to get the power cord to match!

  164. i am loving the rain or shine umbrella in dottie! makes me look forward to a rainy day πŸ™‚

  165. Really LOVE it all! πŸ™‚ But if I have to pick a fav, it’s got to be the Rain or Shine Umbrella-Dottie!! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!!

  166. I love the power trip! What a great idea to have all of that together, AND it look super adorable! Pick me πŸ™‚

  167. I love all the phone accessories! From the speaker to the mobile chargers, to the power trip cords to the headphones! I’d love all of them! I think want I’d love the most would be the ear buddies in perfect pink + cantaloupe!

  168. Everything is super cute and fun but I’m really eyeing the Stripe/Mermaid/Blush iPhone charger.

  169. Loving their Power Trip set in Yellow/Frills/Neon and that Disco Tech Wristlet in Frills!

  170. The Sip Sip Tumblers are adorable and so much fun–they’d definitely cheer up my desk at work. πŸ™‚ I love and am crossing my fingers I win!

  171. It’s hard to choose one so I’ll pick two faves- the Dottie umbrella and the Girl Talk Bobbi set!

  172. I love! Their new Gem Speaker is SO cute and would brighten up my desk! Fun fun new stuff!!

  173. I love the bright fun colors. I can never resist a cute tote bag. New to your blog and love all your posts.

  174. Im pretty sure it is completely impossible for me to choose just ONE product from this line. I love them all!!!! But, I kind of really really really love the little phone purse with the have fun charm.

  175. You picked some really cute pieces! What a fresh new collection. My favorite is the Crossbody Party Pouch in Mermaid + Metallic Gold. Shades of turquoise are always my favorite, and that would come in really handy! πŸ™‚

  176. has the cutest little things! I especially like the frills tumbler and the girl talk bobbi pins, how cute!

  177. I love the CROSSBODY PARTY POUCH in MERMAID + METALLIC GOLD. Something cute, and easy enough to carry my basics on a night out.

  178. I love the Rain or Shine Umbrella in Dottie. (I’ve also been looking for a cute tumbler, so the Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw in Dottie would come in handy.) Thanks!

  179. Love the Drink Sleeve and the Tumbler… but would love any of their cute new products!

  180. oh where to start….there are so many goodies that does so very well. love love love the new frills pattern. as a mom of two, one newborn and a 2 year old toddler, i would say the disco tech wristlet may be the winner. perfect to protect my phone and throw but throw into a diaper bag as needed!

  181. I love the Sip Sip Tumblers, all three designs are super cute! I was just thinking this morning that I need a reusable cup for my iced coffees this summer…dreaming of nice weather!

  182. Anything with the “SUPERCUTE HEARTS”!!! Really anything in the store. Everything there looks like it was made for me! I could pick literally anything and it would match my style exactly! I love pretty and happy things, and I try my best to get as much cute and fun stuff as possible to make the daily struggles in life a little easier and happier. I would LOVE to win! Hope I do! :)))

  183. I just adore the Back Me Up Mobile Charger! My iphone 5 is constantly dying with all the blog reading and Pinteresting I’m doing πŸ™‚

  184. I can’t decide between that amazing gem speaker or the cute phone chargers! Both would make my desk look a bit more awesome.

  185. can do no wrong! Everything they create us fun an vibrant and oh! so happy! If I had to narrow it to my favorite from their new collection I would have to say the tumblers. They are just too too fun, and we need a little fun in our morning sip’ems!!

  186. love all their adorable products!! i think i like the hearts sip sip tumbler and the mermaid and gold flip side clutch the best!

  187. Im a sucker for colors and brightness !
    That Giant Gem Speaker :), and the polka dot umbrella. Come on is just way hard to pick one item! πŸ™‚

  188. Eeeee, love this brand and have bought a lot of their stuff!!
    I really love the ear buddies in yellow and frills! So cute and it will be motivation to NOT lose my ear buds.

  189. Back Me Up Mobile Charger – Supercute Hearts is PERFECTION, I NEED THIS! πŸ˜‰

  190. I love the twist scarves! esp the black/white stripe one (and all of them… so cute!)

  191. Being from Washington, I love to find sweet umbrellas that help brighten the rainiest days so naturally, I adore the Rain or Shine Umbrella in Dottie. Bring on the rain!

  192. I love the Crossbody Party Pouch! Both colors are perfect for any season! (;

  193. I love the sip sip frills tumblr and the polka dot umbrella! Everything is just too cute! ?

  194. Love the whole collection, but my fave has to be the flip side clutch in mermaid + gold! Love those colors!

  195. I am in love with anything with the Dottie designs on them.. The tumbler, the iPhone case, the umbrella, I’m in love with them all! I especially love the Dottie iPhone case though, such a simple and fun case that I would love to have on me. πŸ™‚

  196. Oh my word they are all so adorable!! I LOVE the heart tumbler & heart umbrella. I can head to the office in style on rainy days!

  197. What a fantastic new collection! I adore the Sip Sip Tumblers w/ Straw. I love all of the patterns they have created. How fun!

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  199. i love the flip side clutch! i think i’m going to buy them for my bridesmaids gifts!

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  202. I adore the sip sip tumblers and the crossbody! Who am I kidding I’d be a happy with any item of theirs! xoxo

  203. Is it even possible to choose fairly? It’s all wonderful! But if I had to pick it’d be the crossbody party pouch in mermaid and gold!!

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  205. Their new collection is SO cute!!! I am loving their new prints on everything!

  206. Absolutely in love with the cross body party pouch! The iPhone cases are also amazing. I love the combination of beauty and function in all of these products.

  207. I LOVE their cell phone cases with the credit card holders as well at the cups and phone wristlets!!! Everything is amazingly adorable!

  208. I love the idea of that tumbler. I have cups like that for my kids, but now I am pretty sure I need one…and in all the prints!

  209. Obsessing over the rain or shine umbrella! It usually rains non stop here in Louisiana so it gives us an opportunity to get stylish with an umbrella πŸ™‚
    Loving the party pouch tooooo!!! ??

  210. I like the giant gem pink speakers! Would love to have those on my desk- SO cute!

  211. Um, everything is my favorite! I think I would probably use the cute tumblers the most though. I love all the colors, so happy & fun!

  212. Fun stuff! I love the Rain or Shine Umbrella–I need a cute umbrella for getting from class to class this spring!

  213. The black and white striped iPhone case with the card holder! Genius and cute!

  214. I love everything with Hearts! I couldn’t choose just one. I love the canvas heart tote bag and the heart umbrella.

  215. Sip sip tumbler is the cutest ever! Would be perfect to take to all my classes at the U!

  216. I pretty much love everything but if I have to pick it would be the umbrella, power trip and the zip zip key chain pouch.

  217. Of course I love all of the twist scarves.. But who can resist the new clutches??!!! They are sure to add a pop to every outfit!!

  218. I really love the Sip Sip Tumbler with Straw – frills and the ear buddies in the yellow + frills. Okay, I really like anything with the “frills” print

  219. I’m obsess with literally. My favorite piece to own would be that phone pouch so cute

  220. i love all of their products! so cute and colorful. but i’d have to say my favorite new item are the ear buddies. perfect for my morning runs on these cold new england mornings!

  221. The drink sleeves are all adorable! They make me excited to spend some summer days on the beach with a san pellegrino in my hand!

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    Wish me luck

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  230. I like the cross body party pouch in Mermaid and gold, the color stripe/mermaid blush iPhone charger, the Hooray canvas tote and MORE! Maybe I need to see about a gift card for my birthday?? Cuteness!!

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  232. I adore the frills and the heart tote is super adorable! I’d rock each and every piece!!!

  233. They’re all so cute! But I especially adore the cross body party pouch! Perfect for when I hit up the streets of LA. <3

  234. My favorite is the Caryall Duo with lines and stripes! Cute colors and can keep my stuff organized πŸ˜€
    Have a great day! <3

  235. i heart the rain or shine umbrella. it’s perfect for bringing a bright spot to a dreary Seattle Spring!

  236. It’s all so amazing and happy! Love the charger sets, the clutches and the wristlets! Happiness for your purse!

  237. I love the new collection so much! It’s a toss up between the pink diamond speaker & the back me up mobile charger. Thanks for holding the contest! I plan on running to Target as soon as your stuff hits the store! Congrats on the launch!

  238. I like the Power Trip trio in neon pink/yellow. Hopefully it would help prevent my husband from mistakenly taking my charger all the time!!

  239. I love the Dottie umbrella! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  240. Hello! Everything in their new collection is to die for. It’s hard because I wouldn’t complain about getting any of those gifts. The polka dot umbrella is pretty amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  241. The frills print is so fantastic, but I think the big, pink gem speaker would look pretty sweet on my drafting table!

  242. I ADORE the flip side clutch in mermaid and gold. So cute! And practical with a cross body strap. But it’s all so cute!

  243. I absolutely adore how very whimsical and colorful is! Very -Kate Spade- but affordable enough to get as a gift AND for yourself! πŸ™‚

  244. i fell head-over-heals with the Frilled/ Heart printed sip sip tumbler ! most def an essential for the upcoming warm season !

  245. The springtime winds in Chicago always destroy my drugstore umbrellas. I’d love to face those April showers with a Supercute Hearts Rain or Shine Umbrella in hand! Thanks for hosting!

  246. I’m totally into the new twisty scarf headband things – seems like the perfect way to make messy hair days look good!

  247. Love the Crossbody Party Pouch! Loving all the colored block pieces the pink & gold combos!

  248. YAYYYY I have been waiting for their new items… sooo springy!! I love them all obviously – but having to choose just one – i have to say the diamond speaker – how rad is that….ps amazing contest – i would take all of this with me to Osheaga!!!! Luck to all!!!

  249. My absolute favorite is the stripey iPhone case with the bit cheerful heart. As a working mama juggling two small ones it would make me smile and help keep me organized! And who doesn’t need more of that?

  250. My favorite new item is the too cold to hold a drink can sleeves! They are so cute and perfect for summer! LOVE them!

  251. it is all so good. adore the colors and patterns. need the neon pink and gold back me up mobile charger and yellow, frills and neon pink power trip set.

  252. So hard to pick one! I need a new iPhone case and the Frills iPhone Case is just perfect!

  253. Everything is just lovely, but I think the stripe/heart canvas tote is my favorite πŸ™‚
    Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  254. The whole hooray collection of products just makes me want to jump up and celebrate! They’re totes my fav!

  255. There’s so much I want from the brand new collection from but I do my sights set on the Gem Speaker!

  256. Love all these prints! An great way to brighten my day in freezing Alaska πŸ˜‰ my favorite piece is the Sip Sip Tumbler in “frills”.

  257. I am in need of a great keychain and something to keep my cards in. The ZIP ZIP KEYCHAIN POUCH – FRILLS would be perfect! πŸ™‚

  258. So many beautiful lovely things. I always love a happy umbrella so im a huge fan of the rain or shine umbrella.

  259. I love the polka dot pouch, so cute. So is the umbrella. It doesn’t rain much where I live, but I would totally use that umbrella the 5 times a year it does rain.

  260. my daughter is loving all the fun hair goodies and I actually like the giant gem speaker, it would look very cool on my desk or outside on the patio in the warmer months.

  261. Kinda dorky, but I think those power trip sets are awesome! The mermaid pieces are sooo pretty!

  262. I’ve been looking into buying a new iPhone case, and the dottie on is so cute and perfect for spring/summer! πŸ™‚

  263. I love the flip pouches and iPhone cases! Everything is so fun and lovely! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  264. OMGoodness! So tough considering everything is SOO freaking cute. But, I think my favorite piece is this sip sip polka dot tumbler, mainly because I am ALWAYS on the go and this would be perfect for keeping hydrated in hot LA.
    Hope I win! Love all your faves + these would make fab gifts for the ladies in my office! xx

  265. Love the power trip in stripe mermaid and blush. What a cute way to power up my phone.

  266. I loooove the canvas tote with the heart! Have a beautiful, sunny weekend! πŸ™‚

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