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happy friday + three!

Oh Joy Ruby

Oh Joy Ruby

Oh Joy Ruby Pumpkins

I had a baby almost three years ago, and it seems like just yesterday. Ruby turns 3 on Sunday, and I'm blown away by the change she has had on my life. She's smart and sassy and has made me learn to love a very small person very quickly. (She also likes teaching me Spanish…see below!)

This weekend, we're having a small party for her in the park to celebrate before her little sister arrives soon.Hope you all have a great weekend full of fun fall things! Why are kids and pumpkins so darn cute?!

P.S. Ruby's first and second birthday!


  1. Ruby and my son are one day apart! My son turns 3 on Monday. It is amazing to see how much they change in such little time (as we do after having them!). Some days when he comes out with his best phrases or one-liners, I think, “Where did this little person come from?” It makes me smile. Happy Birthday to Ruby!!

  2. My little one is almost 15 months & I am also constantly amazed at how quickly our little beauty wormed her way into our lives & hearts. I was just commenting to my husband last night how crazy it is how such a little person could totally take our lives over so fast. <3 Love seeing the Ruby updates & can't wait to see the updates on your new little one! 🙂

  3. Great photos! And Ruby’s stunning as her mummy!
    Happy Birthday Ruby!!!
    Maggie Dallospedale fashion Diary – Fashion blog


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