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a winter carry-all {giveaway}…(now closed)

Lo and Sons Pearl Bag

Lo and Sons Pearl Bag

I love classic bags that can be used for a ton of different outfits. So today we've partnered with Lo & Son's (who are known for their awesome travel bags) to give away this Pearl Crossbody Bag (a total retail of $248) to one lucky reader. The strap is adjustable and convertible so that you can wear it 3 different ways—as a crossbody, shoulder bag, or even as a clutch.  

It's designed for fitting a mini-tablet and all your essentials for travel or for everyday. And it's made with high-quality full-grain nappa leather which makes it soft and supple, yet durable.

Lo and Sons Pearl Bag

To enter, simply visit Lo & Son's website, and then leave a comment here telling me how you'd most often wear the bag if you won. Entries must be posted by this Friday, December 5th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Sarah M. from Huntington Woods, MI for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $248 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. this bag is perfect and I think I neeeed it! my favorite bag is a smallish crossbody so I most likely wear it that way forever (but so great I could have a perfect little clutch for holiday party season!). yes pleeeease!

  2. I would love to take this with me on the train, so I have no chance of leaving my bag in the seat! Plus, it would go with everything!

  3. I’d wear it as a cross body whenever I have to go shopping. Both hands will be free to carry bags with. 🙂

  4. I would wear it all the time! Running errands and going out for dinner. Works in so many ways.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. A black vintage Coach crossbody is already my daily use bag, I’d love to swap it out for one that’s a little roomier.

  6. I’d love to throw this on when I head to the store, run to a friend’s place or travel! It’s the perfect size!

  7. I would ditch my diaper bag and storing credit cards in my baby carrier for the day. I’d ask my wonderful husband to watch the girls and take a personal day for myself that includes a haircut, nails, and a movie with small popcorn.

  8. Gorgeous bag. I’d wear it as a cross-body most likely, because I like to have my arms and hands free when I’m on the go.

  9. We are transitioning from needing a complete diaper bag. This would get daily use- it seems to fit a single diaper and a snack perfectly.

  10. i would wear it to run errands with my children. having young children you need your hands free…am i right? 🙂

  11. lovely! My current bag is a huge tote and I think its starting to mess up my shoulder. Crossbody would do the trick.

  12. This bag is lovely! I would wear it to go out to dinner with my husband, run errands after work, and probably many more occasions 🙂

  13. Chic & perfect for Winter. My big fluffy white coat with this simple black crossbody! Would look amazing. <3

  14. I’ve been eyeing this bag since they announced it! I’d probably use it for everyday wear and for traveling since it could fit my iPad mini!

  15. So pretty! I’d use it for my every day bag — wearing it crossbody would be safest for Christmas shopping this month, as my current shoulder bag threatens to crash over displays everywhere I go.

  16. A pair of mid height boots? Check. A wool coat with a chunky scarf? Check and check. This bag as the icing on the winter wear cupcake? Nailed it.

  17. This is the perfect travel bag. I love that it can be worn three ways and I could have used it last week during our travels. I love that I can wear it on the plane, out shopping and to dinner.

  18. I would definitely wear it as a crossbody bag the most. I think crossbody bags are super convenient but I currently only have a super casual travel crossbody bag.

  19. Brilliant! I’d wear it as a cross body bag when I’m out and about in the city, and as a clutch when I go for brunch with friends. Just what I need for 2015.

  20. I would love to wear the Pearl Crossbody Bag as a clutch for date nights, and as a crossbody bag for days in the city.

  21. As a new mom, this purse would be great to throw over my shoulder or in the diaper bag. Keeping my hands free for my little one while staying stylish.

  22. This bag is beautiful–absolutely perfect for trips to the city. I hate carrying big, bulky bags when I’m traveling.

  23. I’ve been searching high and low for a versatile bag – I’d use this everyday, crossbody style. Love the black with gold hardware!

  24. I would love to win this bag! It is so versatile and classically simple – two of my “must-haves.” We just found out that we are going to have a baby so I would love to have it as a clutch and keep it in our baby bag!

  25. What a lovely bag. I live in a city and do a lot of walking between work, meetings, yoga, etc, so this would be perfect for every day use!

  26. I’ve been eyeing this bag since it launched, I would use it as my everyday bag, but it would be especially good for travel!

  27. Honestly, this would probably become my daily bag, so long as I could fit my kindle in there – I’ve always gotta have a book on me, and my current bag (a Barbour messenger) is kind of ginormous).

  28. Love this bag! I’ve been wanting a cross-body bag for ages, so I would probably wear it that way most often. But I love the versatility!

  29. I would wear it both ways–crossbody for when I’m on “mom duty” and need my hands free AND clutch for a night on the town with my hubby.

  30. I would wear it crossbody with a long strap most often, but I love that it could be worn as a clutch, too. Super cute!

  31. One of my favorite designers! I would mostly wear the bag on my left shoulder, but would go for the cross-body for certain occasions.

  32. cross body, for sure. it’s the perfect size for keeping track of mom’s things so they don’t get lost in the diaper bag!

  33. This is such a perfect sized bag! I normally carry a large tote everywhere, but it would be so nice to switch to something a little smaller for winter. I’d wear it as a cross-body most often, but love that it can switch!

  34. Who says a boy can’t rock a clutch?! 🙂 I would use mine to hold all of my belongings while the sitter is at home watching our baby while I’m out with the love of my life at a rated R movie. It has been too long 🙂

  35. What a beautiful bag!! I’d definitely wear it everyday when I’m out and about with my toddler and soon-to-arrive baby!!

  36. Classic. I’d wear it as a cross body everyday and as a clutch for date nights and holiday parties. Love the purple lining.

  37. I’m just about to finish pumping at work and I promised myself that’d I’d reward myself for making it this long with a cute everyday bag to replace the huge canvas bag that I’d been lugging back and forth to carry supplies. I’d wear this one as a everyday cross body bag!

  38. What a cute bag! I would probably use it as a cross body the most because I love hands free – especially when out and about. Love that it’s convertible and can hold a mini tablet!

  39. love crossbody bags for going out or shopping so i don’t have to tote around my huge bag i usually carry day to day!

  40. I would definitely wear it as the cross body the most. Although it would be nice to have a reason to use it as a clutch…

  41. This bag is so perfectly classic…. It will take me from basketball tournaments (watching my two sons play on varsity), to business meetings, and out to dinner all the hike channeling a perfect classic elegance.

  42. I’ve been looking for a classic handbag since returning to work from maternity leave. I carry so much these days that the crossbody style would be perfect to leave my hands free for baby supplies.

  43. Ooh, this would simply become my everyday purse. Gorgeous, comfy, versatile, and easy to slip into my messenger bag when I’m carrying my laptop around. Perfection!

  44. I love the suggestion in the video to store your essentials in the Pearl *inside* a larger tote–I could carry my big shopper to work and then wear the Pearl crossbody to run to lunch, errands, etc.

  45. I’m about to have a baby and just a bought a baby carrier. I think this would be a great bag to carry my wallet, phone, etc. while carrying the baby and still look like a chic Mama 🙂

  46. oh it’s beautiful!
    i was actually looking for a classic little black bag to carry around when running errands and also to take to christmas parties.

  47. i would definitely use the cross body for travel and probably every day – i have a 2 yr old so i always need both hands free.

  48. Ahhh! I’ve been eyeing this bag since they announced it. I love it and would wear it cross-body most of the time, I think. It’s a perfect travel bag and I think I need it for my next Europe trip!

  49. Beautiful cross body handbag. I would probably wear it all the time because it allows me to carry all the baby things one must have and hold my bebe at the same time. I think a cross body is a must when you have a tiny one on tow. And if it can hold a paci, a small bottle and a cheerios snack bag even better; since I don’t carry any makeup in my handbag these days :-]

  50. I can’t see a time when I wouldn’t use this bag! It looks perfect for fitting all the essentials. The website says it even fits a mini-tablet! It sounds perfect.

  51. I have a giant black leather purse for work to hold my laptop that’s too big for the weekends. This would be the fun weekend purse

  52. Its so simple and elegant. Just what I need to spruce up my every day casual wear. Id use it everyday 🙂

  53. Love this bag! Would love to use it all 3 ways, for running errands, dressing up for holiday parties, and to work!

  54. Not only this is bag a great size, but it beautifully features your initials. I have been wanting a bag to proudly display my new name!

  55. Crossbody bags are a mom’s best friend. Leaves me with 2 free arms/hands for my daughter and whatever we’re up to.

  56. I would wear it every time I get to go out on my own! With a 5-year-old and another on the way, my “purse” is more of a carryall for matchbox cars, crayons, first aid necessities, etc. I could definitely use some help stepping up my game when I don’t need to carry my mom purse and the kitchen sink.

  57. I would give this to my mother. She needs a good purse and hasn’t shopped for herself in a long time. It seems like it would be perfect for every day as well as travel.

  58. Would stash all my NY essentials in the bag — umbrella, water bottle, and keys! — and wear it dashing around the city.

  59. I think I’d swap out my aging everyday bag and have this be it! Seems like the perfect size and I’m attempting to downsize what I carry around everyday anyways!

  60. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I love the versatility and it is just the right size. I’d wear it as a crossbody most of the time.

  61. I have been looking for a black crossbody to wear on the weekends! I’ve actually been lusting after a Lo and Sons bag to use for work that will fit my laptop…..perhaps I’ll have two in my life this holiday season!

  62. What a stunning and versatile bag! I’d wear it cross body so my hands would be free while chasing my active toddler. But it would also be great for dates with my husband and then I’d use it as a clutch. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. love love love this bag.. would definitely wear it crossed over.. probably on a daily basis.. simple and elegant..
    thanks for the chance..

  64. Oh, I’ve been eyeing this purse since it first came out. If only I wasn’t on a budget. I would definitely use it for travel but it looks so handy for errands, too!

  65. This is the most amazing little bag! I’ve been eyeing it since they came out with it. I can’t imagine where I WOULDN’T take it!

  66. In warmer weather, I’d wear it as a crossbody. In the winter, I’d carry it like a clutch. I find wearing a crossbody or even a shoulder bag awkward with a big puffy coat in the winter.

  67. This cross body bag looks perfect for those “grab and go” moments that happen so often in life. For instance, today I’m going to the post office to mail holiday cards, going to the mall to shop for stocking stuffers, and picking up dinner. This bag would be great for carrying my lipgloss, sunglasses, phone, wallet, and keys – my essentials. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  68. I would wear this bag to work everyday (with all my essentials stylishly stashed!) and as a clutch on the weekends. It looks perfect!

  69. I’d use it while out with the little one, running errands, pushing strollers and being hands free! I love its classic look.

  70. I was just looking for a bag like this!! This one is so elegant and the perfect size. I would wear it when I’m out exploring my city, day or night.

  71. I would definitely use it daily, but it would also be great for traveling, in cities especially. It’s lightweight enough to carry around all day but also able to fit everything you need!

  72. This is the perfect go-to bag! I would wear it cross-body most of the time, but convert it to the clutch for going out.

  73. i’d use the cross body when walking the dog. My initials are LS so that means it’s practically the perfect bag for me 😉

  74. LOVE it. Especially with the gold hardware and that sweet lavender interior. I like the idea of not switching to an evening clutch – just take the strap off!
    I would probably wear it most often as a cross body 🙂 yay for the flexibility to change the way it is carried!

  75. I love love love this bag. I think, as a student, I would love to tuck my ipad into this and travel light to class. It would also be awesome to transition to night and wear this as a clutch on days when I end early!
    Love the clean simplicity of this.

  76. I love the pearl! I love even more that it will fit my iPad mini or kindle – makes it perfect for trips from home to the office to a client meeting and back to the office! L.O.V.E

  77. I’d wear it every day to work. It’s small enough to stay close with me on these crowded NYC subways. Love that it zips up neatly too.

  78. I’d wear it every day and finally make the transition from mid twenties backpack-wearing youth vibe to late twenties chic seamlessly.

  79. I love the size of this bag – it’s not too large and is the perfect every day purse, especially in Winter when black is my go-to handbag color!

  80. Such a perfect bag! This would be great for traveling. I would use it as a crossbody while sightseeing to hold a wallet and small camera then convert to a clutch for a romantic dinner.

  81. As a cross-body when I am running errands with my toddler and as a clutch when I get “me time”. Such a great bag just for everyday and all occasions.

  82. I’d wear it everywhere – to the grocery store, date nights, shopping with friends. It’s the perfect size to fit a wallet and iPad for a flight (I’m all about minimal packing).

  83. As I round out my thirties, I am only comfortable wearing cross body bags. Thank goodness for stylish cuties like this one, otherwise my friends would call me an old lady. lol.

  84. I’d wear that bag to work! It would be perfect for carrying my moleskin, business cards, and the myriad pens I have on hand at all times.

  85. A crossbody bag is the only way to go when you live in a 4 storey walk-up!! You want to be able to carry mail, gym gear, groceries and a handbag in one trip 🙂

  86. I can see myself throwing it over my shoulder and running errands with it all weekend long! So chic, utilitarian and stylish.

  87. What a classic beauty! I would wear this ALL the time (errands, outings and chasing after our toddler)! I love a good crossbody bag.

  88. This bag is the perfect size for day-to-day use. I like that it’s small enough to tuck into the side of the diaper bag when I’m on the run with our little lady, or pull out and wear independently when I’m out solo.

  89. It looks like a perfect cross body for everyday use! Big enough for wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, and lipstick but small enough to stay light and manageable!

  90. Beautiful! As a Chicagoan, I’d use this bag to run errands or have a fun night on the town. The fact that it zips closed makes a huge difference when you’re taking public transportation or just wandering through crowds.

  91. As much as I love the idea of a clutch that can hold more than a credit card and a lipstick, I’d definitely be wearing it cross-body as I chase around my toddler. Who says moms can’t have cute bags?

  92. The perfect bag for any occasion! I would probably wear it cross-body almost everyday for walking around the city.

  93. Another great bag from lo & sons! I’d wear this baby everywhere all the time if it were mine. I’m in the market for the perfect everyday bag, and this just might be it!

  94. The black/gold/lavender bag is to die for! The Pearl is the perfect size for daily use and is sleek enough to use for a holiday party or night out. I’d use this bag every day, including during my trips to New Jersey and Orlando over the holidays!

  95. Cross body – perfect for shopping, gong out, and dancing. I love the clutch version too. Beautiful & functional!

  96. I would wear this as a crossbody when dropping my granddaughter off at pre-k and it would make me the most chic Grandmother there.

  97. I have been looking for certain items to create an edited, versatile capsule wardrobe…and a simple, classic, medium-sized black purse is one of those items! I would be able to use this bag for a lot of different purposes, especially since it is convertible: running errands, going out with friends, traveling, work events, parties, etc.

  98. Not only would it be the perfect travel companion but I would use this crossbody as my everyday go-to handbag. It’s perfection!

  99. I would mostly wear it as a crossbody. I find that to be the most comfortable and the easiest way to multi-task. I love that it can be a clutch, too.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  100. this bag is perfect. simple, classic. ready for adventures, for exploring, for life in the city, for dates and errands all together at once. love!!

  101. Love this bag- I was just swooning over it last night and sad I could not make use of the sale they currently are having with the holidays so close ahead. This is the perfect bag for running to the country store for a fresh bar of soap or some sugar to bake cookies with. I love that it is so versatile so you can wear it from day to night but think I would use it most as a cross body bag! Happy Holidays!

  102. This bag is perfect! It’s so simple and would go with everything I need it for. Whether I’m out running errands, going on a date, or going out to have some fun for the night, I’d find ways to use it on a daily basis! I love how simple and sophisticated it is.

  103. I love a good crossbody bag – perfect for every day errands, stowing in a larger tote for the work day, and especially great for travel.

  104. It’s so great for a work-to-evening use! Just toss the strap right in the bag, put on some bright lipstick and some heals, and you’re set to go!

  105. i’d wear this amazing bag every day to work! it’s the perfect size and i love the adjustable strap!

  106. I would wear this with everything!!!!! It’s that kind of bag that just goes with whatever and whenever! I’ve been bending a new bag and this one is perfection!

  107. My husband and I are going to Barcelona and Paris for our anniversary in March and I think the Pearl would be a perfect day to night bag! I would probably go crossbody during the day and clutch by night.

  108. I would wear this bag EVERYWHERE! I could wear it to work, out with friends, to church, grocery shopping… it’s so versatile that I can wear it anywhere with any outfit!

  109. I live for crossbody bags, but it’s difficult to find one that’s just the right size, but the Pearl looks perfect!

  110. I am an oncology nurse and have been working at a bridal shop on the weekends to save up for a trip to France for me and my husband once he graduates!! It looks like the perfect size to toss in a passport, small camera, and a few trinkets from travels while sightseeing!! (Tres Chic)

  111. I’d wear it most often as a cross body with all shades of oatmeal (but I’m also imagining it with some forest greens and teals!). I teach nutrition and cooking classes to kids so I’m usually lugging around nylon reusable bags and would love a solid off-duty bag like this!

  112. I would most wear this bag pairing it with a white cable knit sweater and a pair of skinnys. It so versatile from day to night! 🙂

  113. This is the cross body bag I’ve been looking for! So fun that it can be used in other ways too, but cross body for my daily use!

  114. Definitely TRAVELING! It’s the perfect bag to carry your international essentials, keep them safe, and still remain stylish!

  115. I’m a sign language interpreter always running from job to job. Black is my uniform and cross body is my jam! I would use this daily for work but also on the weekends when I can finally wear colors. Come on. “Help me, I’m poor.”

  116. I’ve been on the search for a perfect sized cross body and this is it!!!! I would wear it as a cross body and use it literally everyday!!! <3

  117. I’d wear it as a cross-body mostly. I’m a busy Mom and need to be hands-free a lot. I think I’d also carry it as a clutch on dates with my husband.

  118. So simple and classy!
    I’ve been carrying tourn black purse for awhile haha this would be perfect.
    I would wear this to shoots, church and everywhere:-)

  119. I would carry this on those days when I don’t need to carry a large diaper bag. I haven’t worn a pretty purse just for me in quite awhile. This would be perfect!

  120. Love this bag! Such a beautiful everyday crossbody and going out clutch. This bag would be the perfect travel bag too!! I just love how the pockets inside would be perfect for my phone + passport!

  121. Crossbody, shoulder and clutch…my kinda bag able to do three things all in one day and still look fresh and hip.

  122. Since I have a toddler and need both hands free, I’d most likely use it as a cross body bag and a clutch on those rare date nights!

  123. I’d wear it in the crossbody style while walking my two pups, while traveling, and while lugging my mat to yoga. Such a pretty bag!

  124. I love the versatility of this sweet, and classic bag. Crossbody is my go to when I’m shopping for clients, or traveling. A black clutch is the best way to go out… I would use this all the time!!

  125. I love this bag! It’s the perfect size and style for everyday wear or out for special occasions. This would be perfect for my first date night out with my husband after having our first baby! Love love love!

  126. I feel like I’m trading purses daily, sometimes twice a day depending on what I’m up to! I don’t have a small bag that could possibly hold so much let alone look a chic. I’m looking forward to using this bag daily on the bus to work, out for dinner, or running out for a spiced cider. Thanks for the opportunity to show off this bag!

  127. This bag would be perfect for my upcoming trip to Italy. During the day I’d wear it as a cross body bag since its big enough to carry all my site seeing essentials. At night I would switch to a clutch for a more dressy look.

  128. I’d take this bag along when traveling – it is the perfect size for fitting just enough without weighing you down!

  129. This would be my daily bag! It’s really hard to find med size cross body bags. I love crossbody because of the comfort and easiness! I am in love with the clairemont bag!!!

  130. This is my dream bag! As a new mom I would mostly be wearing is cross body for a while, keeping hands free for baby wrangling!

  131. I’m hooked on cross body bags as a mom of two preschoolers! I need my hands free. That said, my tiny one (wallet, keys, Chapstick, preschool key card) is too small for me to jam my gloves and hat in when I’m inside, so I need something bigger for winter!

  132. Gorgeous! I would wear this as a cross body, it would be a perfect fit for my planner and notebooks while at my internship!

  133. I’d use this bag for not only work functions but also travel! We’re going to Paris in a few weeks and I’m desperate for the right bag.

  134. This is an awesome bag! I love that it’s versatile (shoulder, cross body and clutch)! I’d wear it as my everyday bag. It looks like a good size to keep me from over stuffing it.

  135. I’m looking for a cross body bag and am so glad to find this post! I need something lighter weight than my heavy tote so I can wear it every day and ease back strain. This one is lovely!!

  136. Love that you can wear it with anything, which is what I will be doing! As a new mom, I love that it can be used however I need for that day!

  137. I’ll wear it as a crossbody bag to run errands and as a clutch for events. This is seriously the most versatile bag I’ve ever seen!

  138. This would be the perfect everyday crossbody bag, great for walking my dog or going out at night. I love the versatility created by the strap and its just the right size–small enough to look chic but roomy enough to carry everything I need!

  139. This is a perfect bag for me! My daily bag is a diaper bag for the kiddies and I. Would love to have a bag to call my own.

  140. I’d wear it daily with everything! My mom would probably “borrow” it from me because we have the same taste in handbags.

  141. I would wear it across with oversize sweater and my favorite jeans, & boots.
    It’ll look stylish even when I carry my son just like all the other stylish moms! ♡♡♡

  142. I love cross body bags! frees up my hands to chase after my toddler. I would wear it everywhere! It is just the right size to put my wallet, cellphone, chapstick, hand sanitizer, tissue packet, and bottle of water. Thanks Lo and Sons.!

  143. Oh they have such beautiful bags! I’d love to tuck mine into my diaper bag for Mama-only goodies and slip it over my shoulder for times I am free to travel light or nights out sans my little one.

  144. I would wear this in the crossbody style when I need to be hands-free. I’ve been in the market for a bag like this. Thanks!

  145. I’ve been looking for a crossbody bag for past several months. Now that my little one is old enough, I don’t necessarily need a diaper bag but just a small bag to fit my wallet, phone, key and a diaper and some wipes. I would also use it for date night! It looks like a such a versatile bag!! I have Lo and Sons laptop bag and love it as well!!

  146. This is the perfect size purse that my mom needs. I would gift it to her for being the best momma for the last 26 years and counting 🙂 She always treats me and never herself with nice accessories or gifts.

  147. This bag would be great for work, with a midi skirt and button, or as a clutch on weekends with jeans and a tee.

  148. I’d wear it as my main bag for work and play. Crossbody or not, it would work with everything I own and everything I do!

  149. I would wear cross-body most of the time. Need my hands free for my toddler and baby. I love that I have options to wear it different ways though! It’s also perfect size.

  150. I love this bag! Just what I am looking for- I’d wear it crossbody but love that you can switch style and length.

  151. I would definitely wear it crossbody since I need to be very free to move around and chase my two little kiddos. Shoulder bags never stay put when chasing after toddlers!

  152. Probably cross body for day & clutch for evening. This bag looks perfect for day to day & season to season! (ps: is there any way to give the Catalina a cross body strap for ease of carrying w/o damaging its looks??)

  153. My mom recently had surgery that prevents her from carrying her normal massive bag, so I’ve actually been eyeing the L&S Pearl for her! This would be amazing, and I know she’d use it every day!

  154. I’m a teacher and I tote a big basket of stuff back and forth to school every day, but I need something small for personal items and when I can leave the basket at home! I’d wear it with the strap across my body everywhere I go because that way it would stay put. I have to say it’s exactly the kind of bag I’ve always wanted–it’s perfect! I love the version with the lavender lining, though I couldn’t see much of it on Lo and Son’s website.

  155. Lo & Sons bags are the absolute best! I use the OMG as a diaper bag, but the Pearl would be perfect for running quick errands and on date nights 🙂

  156. Having a small cross body bag for holiday shopping and shin digs would be perfect! It’d be perfect to carry everything I need, without being bulky – I have enough bulk with coats and chunky scarves!

  157. Would wear crossbody style all the time – running around w my baby daughter or commuting to my various interpreting jobs. Looks functional and stylish!

  158. So fancy. I would wear it while running errands, because then it frees up my hands and shoulder from a heavy bag, so that I can cross things off my lists!

  159. With a two years old toddler my hand is always full. Crossbody is perfect for me I would wear it everytime I go out. It so classic it go with anything._?

  160. What a sweet little bag! I would use it for date night with my husband every month! We have little ones so date nights are very special for us. 🙂

  161. What a fabulous bag! It’s so classy and can be dressed up or down. I would wear it as a clutch for date nights with my husband and as a crossbody when out and about with my 9 month old baby girl. Sophisticated and stylish! Love, love, love! Pick me, pick me!

  162. I would use this daily! Most often as a cross body bag but I would take it out at night and day because it’s so versatile and perfect for all occasions!

  163. It would be perfect to use in my work tote to carry my essentials, then out and about on the weekends, so pretty much every day!

  164. As a speech-language pathologist in an elementary school, I don’t always have the luxury of “dressing up.” So if I win this purse I’ll wear it on my weekly dates with the husband. A delight!

  165. OMG what a beautiful bag! Since I’m a mommy of two active boys, this would come in handy for me to carry an extra iphone. Plus I’m all about crossbody bags and having my hands free.

  166. As a new mom, this is my classic dream bag! I would wear this darling gem of a bag crossbody with baby Opal on one shoulder and the diaper bag on the other shoulder.

  167. I love the O.M.G.! It’s so cute and I can use it to carry baby stuff along with my own things when I go out with my son!

  168. I’d like to have this bag for my everyday bag. Simple, classic, clean lines….looks great and would go with anything!

  169. Love that bag. I agree that the cross body would be perfect – especially for running around with my two year old. But…I’d love the clutch option for business meetings.

  170. The crossbody style is so perfect for daily out-and-about city life, and the primary way which I’d be using it, for sure! Even better, you can convert it to a clutch for evening drinks. I love the streamlined but stylish and classic style of this bag. Would love to win this bag. J’adore!

  171. I posted a comment but for some reason it didn’t show up. But anyhoo, crossbody for daily city out-and-about style! That’s what I’d use it for, and even better is the ability to convert to a clutch for evening drinks. Oh, I hope I win this! J’adore!

  172. I have been looking for a decent crossbody bag FOREVER! I would definitely use it all the time as a crossbody 🙂

  173. Such beautiful bags they offer. I would most likely wear as a cross over bag since gives such ease of both hands when shopping.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  174. What a great giveaway! I’ve always admired Lo & Sons bags. I would probably wear it most as a shoulder bag but having the option to be a crossbody or clutch is fabulous too!

  175. I practically live with a cross body bag, 24/7. As a grade school teacher, I am the “bag lady”. Once school is out for the day, or for the weekend, I am happy just to carry around a no-fuss, neat and beautiful cross body bag that fits all of my essentials (wallet, sunglasses, hand sanitiser, lotion and lipsticks).
    This cross body bag is just what I need to transition from Ms. O with her tons of bags during the day, to a night out as just Ivy, the 20-something year old woman with just one bag, who likes to relax and have fun, after I’ve finished all of my planning and grading, of course!

  176. I’d use this bag as the perfect day-to-night piece: to carry business cards and a wallet from the office, and turn into a clutch when I have to run straight to an event!

  177. Ah, this bag is exactly what I’m looking for! I’ve been looking lately for a purse to tote around France next year that is small and stylish with a crossbody option (gotta be handsfree while traveling!) but still large enough (aka has a flat bottom and some structure!) for the things I’ll need to carry with me. This is perfect!

  178. I would rotate between crossbody while I bike to work and after-work festivities, and clutch for fancier funs. Love a transitional bag like this!

  179. Who doesn’t love a cross body bag, especially from Lo & Sons? It’s perfect for running after a toddler, while juggling the grocery bags.

  180. I will wear it everyday! I’m graduating out of a diaper bag and I’m looking for a new every day classic!

  181. WOW What a fantastic classic bag! I would wear this bag constantly with the shoulder strap and with every outfit I own…..I love a classic bag!! This bag would go around the world with me.

  182. I love the style and simplicity of this bag! I would wear it over the shoulder for everyday and then on date nights with my husband use it as a cute clutch!

  183. This would be the perfect crossbody bag for an active day spent exploring and running around town (which I will be doing a lot of when I move to LA next month!). Small enough to be inconspicuous, big enough to hold essentials!

  184. I’d most often wear this bag commuting to work, I’m a girl on the go and I can’t have anything holding me back! I’d love this cute crossbody bag to keep all my things in place. 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway!

  185. Happy to take this bag off your hands! I would gift it to my sister, who has been using the same bag for a lifetime, which is way too big and old lady. She is otherwise a totally hip amazing gal, and she deserves a bag that matches her personality!

  186. I am an oncology nurse and have been working weekends at a Bridal Shop for a year to save up to take my husband to France once he graduates. That would be the most perfect little purse for traveling… I could toss my passport, trinkets from traveling, a map… and roam around the city of lights looking Tres Chic!!!

  187. This is the perfect everyday bag. Love that it can be worn a variety of ways! I would definitely wear it everyday as a crossbody.

  188. This would definitely be my daily bag- the size would help me cut down on carrying around so much unnecessary junk!!

  189. I’m at that stage in life where i’m trying to collect more classic, everyday pieces and this would be perfect! It’s so cute for going to work but also to travel with!

  190. I have a hobo clutch now that is seeing it’s last days. I’d likely pick the clutch way to wear it most often as that’s what i’m used to, but the cross body would be a close second!! It’s such a great size and so versatile! swoon!

  191. I would definitely wear it as a crossbody! It is such a versatile bag because it is so classy and casual <3

  192. This is gorgeous! I’d mostly wear this everyday as a crossbody, but I love that it has the option to switch to a clutch.
    Kristina does the Internets

  193. I love this bag! I would definitely mostly where it as a crossbody and since it is so versatile it would be my go to travel bag as well. Perfect to transition to a clutch for a night out after a day of crossbody sightseeing.

  194. I had a similar bag to this but not the same quality of material. It was my go everywhere do everything bag, holding all my essentials without feeling like a brick. That’s how I would wear this bag, with everything and going anywhere!

  195. I believe myself to be an urban warrior living in San Francisco. I would wear this bag across my body so that I can move through my world/life hands free.
    Congratulations on the newest little member of your family.

  196. The crossbody style is perfect for handsfree travel (or just everyday urban meandering!)
    I like that it can be used as a clutch to make packing a cinch!

  197. I only use crossbody bags right now cause they’re so easy and classic! I would probably use this one everyday.

  198. I’ve been wanting a Lo & Sons bag forever! This would be my go-to bag for everyday, but I’d also love to pair it with a chic outfit for a night out

  199. I love this bag! Really into the idea of being able to wear it as a crossbody/shoulder bag/clutch. Also am really admiring the leather. Such clean and simple lines but very elegant also. A true classic bag.

  200. I love the versatility of this bag! I would probably mostly wear it as a crossbody but love the other styles as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. This would be a great bag to bring on the plane – along with my carry-on suitcase- to keep track of my phone, boarding passes, etc on my trips back and forth from college!

  202. I was just lusting over this bag on the Lo & Sons website! This is my fave of all their (kinda amazing) bags. I’d wear the Pearl absolutely everywhere, every which way… but mostly as a shoulder bag. It looks like it would fit perfectly under an arm.

  203. Thanks for introducing me to L&S, love the classic styling! I’d carry the Pearl on all my trips. I’m constantly hosting big groups around the country and this bag would take me from business meetings to dinners and everything in between.

  204. As a mom to an active 9months old, this bag is perfect for me to just hold my essentials when we’re out and I’m carrying her!

  205. Dainty enough to wear to dinner but sturdy enough to endure my daily schedule of teaching at 2 schools. This bag is a lot like me!

  206. Because this is such a carry-on bag, I could take this anywhere! I could take it to meetings, casual outings with friends, shopping days, etc. It’s such a classic design as well!

  207. Wonderful bag! I would love to wear this classic purse while visiting friends and traveling around during the holidays. It is the perfect size to fit a lot without being big and bulky!

  208. i’d use this bag everyday when i’m out running errands, grabbing coffee, and catching happy hours with friends.

  209. Crossbody all the way! I love being hands-fee while shopping and running errands. Thank you for this giveaway!

  210. This is the perfect crossbody bag to take on vacation! It’s simple, chic, and would look great wandering around museums in Paris 🙂

  211. This purse is meant for me – even my initials LS!! 🙂 I would use it daily as a cross body. Love how functional they are.

  212. I love a classic crossbody bag, which always looks beautiful and still keeps my hands free for my kids – so I would wear it in that style!

  213. Where do I start?! I see myself wearing this in every way possible. For a chic look while I’m running errands the crossbody is both stylish and functional. Over my shoulder, for a less casual, but put together outfit paired with maybe a blazer and some slacks. But when I really want to feel and look flawless I’d love to wear it as a clutch along with either a super beautiful dress or feminine (with a splash of sweet and sexy!) skirt and heels. I don’t really think you can go wrong with this piece. It’s classic. It’s powerful. It’s awesome. I’d also like for it to be mine. 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to be chosen!

  214. I’m a crossbody bag kinda girl! However, I love the option for the clutch for a night out on the town!
    What a beautiful giveaway!

  215. I’m going to Turkey in February. My camera, map, chapstick and coin purse will fit perfectly in this crossbody. What bag wouldn’t want to travel for free? 🙂

  216. I would love to use the Pearl bag for work! I am an event planner and during events need to have my tablet, pens, ect close by but still look put together and professional. This bag would be perfection.

  217. I am an internal medicine resident. I would love to use this bag over/under my white coat to carry my tablet and my wallet on rounds!

  218. I second the comments that this is the perfect everyday bag — if you’re not carrying a laptop this is pretty much the perfect size and weight for walking around town.

  219. I’d wear it while running holiday errands and shopping with friends! Also I’d wear it to casual get togethers!

  220. Now that we’ve passed the time where a diaper bag is needed, I’d love love LOVE to have this cross body purse that allows me to be hands free with my toddler. Just what I need!!!

  221. This bag is the perfect size for me to run quick errands with my 2 kids. Sometimes you just need a bag with enough room for your wallet, cell phone, and some snacks/toys for the kids.

  222. What a pretty and classic bag! I would wear it crossbody most of the time, but also as a clutch for special occasions.

  223. I’m all about the crossbody 90% of the time…. but if it’s cold and I have a big coat on I like a purse that can switch to over the shoulder.

  224. Cross body bags are my favorite. This is definitely a perfect everyday bag and looks like it will last even through constant New York wear and tear.

  225. I’d wear this as my go-to crossbody bag during day and tuck the straps inside for a timeless clutch in the evening! It has room for everything I wish I could carry in other crossbody bags, and so many pockets for keeping things organized! <3

  226. This would become my most perfect everyday bag! I’d style it with dressy and casual outfits 🙂 I love Lo & Sons have loved seeing their products develop over the last two years!

  227. Love the classic black leather. Timeless. Supporting Helen and her sons is every better. I would love to use this as my everyday shoulder bag.

  228. Love this bag for its ability to be worn with almost anything…and that’s pretty much how I would wear it. 🙂 I’d definitely keep the cross body strap on because it always feels more secure to me than a strap for the wrist or clutching a bag under my arm.

  229. I have been looking for the perfect bag to use for my personal items when I am not toting around a huge diaper bag and this would be perfect. What a beautiful bag.

  230. So, yeah, where WOULDN’T I wear it? I love cross body bags. They are great for feeling safe and having your hands free!

  231. As a mom to a toddler myself, it’d be crossbody all the way! Leaving hands free for easy little-boy wrangling, toy toting, and hugs! LOVE this bag!

  232. What a beautiful bag!! I have 2 young kids and am always on the go so I would definitely wear this as s cross body. Hope I win!!

  233. I’d wear it cross body style, as I am often in a city street scene, and prefer the look and safety of that method.

  234. awesome bag I’d wear it more than likely always a cross body..I have a tendency to leave my bag in my cart so a cross body always saves the day especially with 2 kids and 1 on the way

  235. I’d wear it as a shoulder bag like my current fave purse. It looks a bit too big to wear as a cross body on little old me. But that’s just my own preference!

  236. I’ve been looking for a great crossbody bag to replace lugging around my wallet and other stuff in my daughter’s diaper bag – this would work great! Thanks!

  237. I like to be hands free, so I’d wear it as a cross body EVERYWHERE. It would be my every day elegant and sleek, yet casual and sophisticated, dress up with heels, dress down with chucks. I am in love with this bag.

  238. Hmm, it’s a hard choice — glad it’s convertible! I would probably wear it as a shoulder bag most often since I have to run around town for work.

  239. I have been looking for a bag like this! So perfect to slip in my work tote and take out to meet friends for happy hour or dinner.

  240. What a beautiful bag! My husband and I just had our first night out alone after having our first. After carrying primarily a diaper bag for the past 7 months I would love to carry something lovely. Thank you!

  241. I love the multiple pockets with zippers and snaps! This is a great purse for everyday use, but I also like it for traveling and events like football games.

  242. I wear a cross-body bag every day! I am an event planner and a mom of two so being hands-free is a must! I am all about chic but practical. Living in Minnesota sometimes means bulky sweaters and heavy boots in the winter time but it can be stylish with a cross body bag. Plus, I love Lo and Son’s!

  243. Cross body to keep up with my almost 1 year old. Perfect to hold diapers/wipes and still look adultish. Love it!

  244. This bag is perfect to wear out while going out with my toddler! I been wanting a good size crossbody bag to use after my big diaper bag.

  245. I am a “wear the purse to death” kind of girl and LOVE classic bags that work for every occasion. I’d wear this anywhere and everywhere!

  246. I have a very small black messenger-type bag that I wear across the shoulder. This is a much more stylish version of my everyday bag!!

  247. I’ve been obsessed with clutches lately so I’m super happy to have that option but most days I’d wear this gorgeous bag as a crossbody!

  248. OOOH!!!! So pretty! I would wear mine crossbody, so I can be stylish while carrying my medical devices (& no one will see the devices either. It’s hard to be private with needing to carry that stuff around! Thanks for the chance!!

  249. I have been an avid fan of Lo and sons but can’t really find the momey to buy it. I currently use two bags everyday, one for work and one as a diaper bag when I am with my baby. I am wanting to have a bag tha I could bring with me whatever “role” I am in that certain time and to make sure everything is within reach. I really really want to win this giveaway. Thank you so much for giving this oppurtunity.

  250. Such a beauty! Perfect everyday bag a cross body and it can add a little timeless glam as a clutch! And it fit’s a mini-tablet which makes it viable for both work and travel.

  251. Oh. Em. Gee. This bag is gorgeous! I saw this bag last week and am in love. I would wear it every day as a crossbody and then as a clutch for formal events. Fingers crossed!

  252. I would definitely use it as a cross body – can’t go wrong with that. Any bag that allows for maximum movement in dance parties is a win-win.

  253. So excited to have the POSSIBILITY of wearing this every day!/I’m a cross body kinda gal and love the its minimalist classic look. It would be my every day go to bag. <3

  254. Love this bag. Been eyeing it for a few days now. Would definitely wear it as a crossbody most of the time as I’m a mom of three little ones and I need my hands free at all times!

  255. I would probably wear it crossbody most often. I always love your recommendations! Thanks for introducing me to Lo & Son’s!

  256. Oh, what a beautiful crossbody bag! I just had a newborn less than a week ago and this bag would be perfect to wear with a new baby and a toddler. Big enough for the essentials and small enough that I could wear it along w/ a diaper bag so I don’t feel like a bag lady with so many bags for me, the baby, and the toddler. 🙂

  257. If I was not a grad-student right now, I would have definitely bought this bag! It is so classy, it will go perfectly with almost any outfit.I would love to wear it crossbody whenever I go out!

  258. I have been waiting (and vigorously searching) for the perfect cross body bag and this is definitely it. I could easily wear this bag everyday, carrying my life essentials (phone, Chapstick, wallet), to toddler snacks and small toys. I am in love with the zip pockets, keeping my valuables safe and secure as I run after an energetic toddler. And, for those special nights, this bag could easily transition to a night out with friends or date night. Easy to say, I am smitten with Pearl!

  259. I’d wear it slung casually slung over my shoulder with a button down collared shirt and jeans in the weekend or with a sweet pencil skirt bundled up for work! 🙂

  260. I love this bag, adding a crossbody bag to my closet would be a great change from the larger bag I usually carry!

  261. I have been looking for a simple yet functional bag. Since I travel a lot I prefer one that zips. This one looks perfect. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  262. I would love to use this bag when I’m with my kids and everything else is in the diaper bag but I need to keep the essentials close to me!

  263. I love it as a clutch – so chick! But let’s be honest, with a three month old, this will be a great alternative to the bulky (and overpack) diaper bag if we’re going out to dinner at a nice restaurant!

  264. This bag would be great dressed up or dressed down – it’s a definite classic staple for any and every outfit. P L U S!!! I cannot go wrong with a cross body + a toddler. I need my hands free when we’re out and about!!!

  265. I would wear it crossbody pretty much everyday. I love the idea of being able to carry everything I need with me all the time.

  266. Hi Joy! Funny thing, I just discovered your blog today. What luck to be able to enter a giveaway contest. The bag is beautiful and timeless. If I were to win the bag I would pay it forward to my mother who is also beautiful and timeless. It would be a perfect match! She is 85 years old but young at heart. Earlier this week, she expressed the desire for a new shoulder bag. This style would be perfect for her, she could free her hands and also wear it as a crossbody. She would be a cool, hip mama on the go!

  267. This crossbody bag is the perfect size! My first baby is due this spring, so this would be a great place to stash away my essentials (phone, money, lip balm) without it getting lost in the baby bag. Having the option to be hands-free makes it even better!!

  268. This is such a fantastic bag! I would use it cross-body, for sure! It’s a perfect bag for commuting in the city: stylish and practical.

  269. I’d love to wear it when I’m finally able to ditch my teacher’s bag and feel a little sexy while I have some drinks with friends.

  270. All of three! Crossbody for daily wear especially on winter days like this, when I like to put my hands in the coat pocket. Shoulder style when I feel a little flirty, and clutch for evening parties!

  271. I’d most often wear this as a crossbody. I go to a lot of concerts and events and I always feel better having my purse draped across me so that it feels secure and also doesn’t become too heavy or otherwise cumbersome on my shoulder. Love this Lo & Sons bag; it’s a staple!

  272. I’ve admired Lo and Sons for a while, but this bag is new to me. I’d probably wear it most as a cross-body–they’re so practical!

  273. Perfect for taking everything I need to work as a shoulder bag, and for exploring on the weekends as a cross body!