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Homemade Tinted Lip Balm Using Natural Ingredients

Homemade Tinted Lip Balm Using Natural Ingredients

It's not drugs, it's not alcohol, but there is one thing I've been addicted to for much of my adult life…lip balm! So when our beauty guru, Danielle, mentioned that she makes her own tinted lip balm from all-natural ingredients, I was intrigued. Here's how…

Homemade Tinted Lip Balm Using Natural Ingredients

You'll need these supplies:

-1 double boiler (or) a 12oz pyrex measuring cup and medium sauce pan
– 1 fine mesh strainer (we used a mesh tea ball)
– 0.5 oz lip balm jars (we used these)
– coconut oil
– cosmetic grade beeswax pellets
– beet powder
– freeze dried raspberries
– tangerine oil (for flavor/aroma)

If you want to make a small batch enough to fill 2 -3 containers, you can follow these portions:

– 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil
– ½ tablespoon ground freeze dried raspberries or beet powder (add more if you want a stronger color)
– ½ – 1 teaspoon beeswax (more for a firmer consistency)
– 3 drops of tangerine oil

Homemade Tinted Lip Balm Using Natural Ingredients

Here's how:

1. Grind raspberries/beet powder in coffee grinder until you have a very fine powder.

2. Melt the coconut oil and beeswax over low heat. Once the two are completely melted together, stir in the finely ground raspberries/beet powder. Add more powder for a richer color. Stir the mixture non-stop for about 3 minutes. Add 3 drops tangerine oil. 

3. Using your strainer pour mixture into your containers (this removes any grit from the finished balm).

4. Place lid on the jar and put in freezer to help solidify. They only need about 10 minutes in the freezer until they’re completely solidified.

A few tips:

As the balm cools it will solidify and the powder will start to settle at the bottom. In order to prevent this, I recommend putting your empty containers in the freezer before you’re ready to pour in the mixture. This way, the mixture will solidify faster and there is less time for it to separate. You’ll have to move quickly, so I recommend getting everything laid out in order of the process.

It has a subtle berry color as shown on me above. What do you guys think? Would you make your own lip balm? I think this could be a fun thing to make in large batches and give as gifts for sure!

{Photos by Casey Brodley and styling by Julia Wester for Oh Joy. Lip Balm recipe by Danielle Walch}


  1. That’s really cool. Thanks for sharing!
    Are there any tips for making lip balm that don’t need the use of your fingers. It would be great if I could just apply it on my lips using the applicator.

  2. Hey M,
    Yes, you can buy those empty lip balm tubes that have the twist bottom and fill those instead of the jar type we used.

  3. The colour is beautiful, Joy. May I ask whether you are wearing the beet or the raspberry? Or did you mix both together in one?
    I’m thinking this would be great for kids too, being that it’s natural – they can copy mama’s lip colour without any dodgy ingredients (and we can cut down on those for ourselves too!) 🙂

  4. P.S. I bought organic beeswax pellets on ebay for .99 an ounce, which is 2 tablespoons. Plenty for the recipe.


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