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10 family beach essentials…

10 Family Beach Essentials

10 Family Beach Essentials

We're going to the beach this weekend for our first beach adventure of the summer! Heading to the beach with kids can be a major event with all the stuff you have to bring. There are a few key pieces I've added to our arsenal that we use for beach trips throughout the summer. Here are a few of my favorites…

1. Love Taza for Let's Playground mat is waterproof, durable, and great for hanging in the sand all day long.

2. Crew Cuts girl's rash guard (boys here) helps to protect Ruby from the sun and is perfect for those not-too-hot days when she can stand to be a little more covered up.

3. Since it's hard to get babies to wear sunglasses, I love this Honest baby sun hat with UPF 50 for extra protection.

4. I like to pair Honest swim diapers with a simple swim tank or rash guard for Coco.

5. I love one pieces for myself, and this Virginia Johnson bathing suit is so flattering and a really great price.

6. Bob loves his Apolis swim trunks because they're cool without being too flashy.

7. It's a bit of a splurge, but this LemLem cover up is so soft and perfect for the pool or beach.

8. This Birdling Bags weekender has a ton of compartments which makes it easy to organize and hold all of our beach toys, sunblock, snacks, and smaller essentials. 

9. I used to get really cheap thin towels, but now I appreciate a really soft, giant beach towel like this one from Ruby Mint for drying off between dips in the ocean.

10. When Coco needs to nap or just hang out and roll around, this 4Moms Breeze Playard is the easiest to set up and pack up. Literally, I can open and close it myself in seconds!


  1. The 4moms Breeze is easy to open but one of the heaviest baby items aside from a crib I have ever had to carry. Not worth it.

  2. Hey there,
    Yes, $84. These suggestions were intended for an adult man who will wear them for a long time. My husband often wears the same swim trunks for 5-10 years, so the $84 goes a long way over that span of time. I totally understand for a teen who is still growing, it would be a lot to spend.

  3. Hey Mary,
    I agree it’s on the heavy side. It’s a piece I’d take on a local trip (i.e. in a car) and not necessarily through an airport or anywhere where you have to carry it far. But for me, the ease of setting it up on the go, makes up for the weight of it. Everyone has their preferences though!

  4. Would love to know if the swimsuit fits true to size or any of your recommendations for sizing? I love the prints, but am a little hesitant about the no returns policy (as I sit with my mouse hovered over the add to cart button ;). Thanks a bunch!

  5. I just about melt for those watermelon bottoms. How cute!?
    I also really love the color and design of the towel. I have been looking to update my summer beach towels for this season so I will definitely be checking out the Ruby Mint site.

  6. When my daughter was Ruby’s age, I would bring a very small inflatable pool with me. I would put it next to our towel, fill it up with some ocean water…and she would spend the whole day in it! Be ready for lots of other little visitors…we would end up with several other little ones playing in there too!


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