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a father’s day {giveaway} with apolis…(now closed)

Apolis Father's Day Picks

Apolis Father's Day Picks

I love the mission behind Apolisโ€”a socially motivated lifestyle brand that empowers communities worldwide. My husband, Bob, loves their clothes and accessories. The pieces are classic, modern, and high-quality which means they work well into a guy's wardrobe for a long time (you know how guys hate shopping so that's always a plus!)

In celebration of Father's Day, I've partnered with the guys at Apolis to giveaway a $500 Apolis Gift Voucher to one lucky reader, domestically or internationally. To enter, simply visit Apolis' website and then leave a comment here telling me what you'd pick for a Father's day gift this year! Entries must be posted by this Friday, June 12th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*.

P.S. Apolis is offering a special 20% off discount site-wide for Oh Joy readers for Father's Day. Enter code OHJOY20 at checkout through June 16th, 2015. And, if you're in the United States and want to receive an Apolis gift before Father's Day use the ADDITIONAL code DAD2015 for free USA "2-Day" shipping through Tuesday, June 16th.

UPDATE: Congrats to Leslie S. from Lake City, FL for being our winner this time.

*Open to readers anywhere in the world! Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $500 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. Apolis is a great brand. I would def. pick the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag, Navy. So smart and useful. This is a great giveaway. Thanks Joy & Apolis!

  2. My husband has been looking for the perfect Oxford shirt, so I’d have to get him the Washed Oxford Shirting Bundle! Thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh, I love ALL of it! I think my dad would especially love the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag and the Officer Shoes

  4. seth wears t-shirts everyday. They wear out so quickly. The crew neck bundle would be awesome!

  5. I love Apolis!
    I would for sure get the beach towel and t-shirt pack for my dad. Can’t really see him at the beach with one of our Disney princess towels from childhood!

  6. Their stuff is adorable, my hubby would look so cute in all of it. I’d pick Washed Linen Civilian Blazer, Grey

  7. The blanket and linen scarf caught my eye. They remind me of the beach. I’m really excited for Father’s day this year! It’ll be our 10 year anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Nylon Stripe Swim Trunk! i had not heard of this site everything is super cute.

  9. My husband deserves a really special Father’s Day gift this year and the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag may just do the trick. Our daddy putting in a lot of overtime at work so I can stay home for a bit when baby #2 arrives. He really is amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I would pick the Courier Bag, my husband is in desperate need. He has been using a free duffel we got from the jewelry store we purchased our wedding rings from. Great giveaway!

  11. my husband would love the wool linen chore jacket and the cyrpress fig travel candle (as would i!).

  12. My husband would love the Courier bag, and he has been looking for a beautiful bag like this for some time!

  13. I would give my husband a few of the Standard Issue Organic Pocket T Shirts! Love them.

  14. I’d love to get my dad the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag. What a great shop!

  15. I would pick the transit tissue bomber and the stripe linen short sleeve ! Great collection!

  16. My dad would love the Washed Linen field jacket. I also love the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier bag.

  17. My daughter’s dad doesn’t have enough style to pick out any Apolis stuff on his own, but the wool bomber jacket is so freaking gorgeous it might be enough to bring him up to snuff.

  18. Hello from Japan, so happy this is open to international readers too. Our son is 8 months and this will be my husband’s first Father’s Day! He needs some new shoes and would love the Officer Shoes.

  19. What a great giveaway! I’d choose the Fatigue Boot in black, plus the Transit Issue Table Candle in Redwood Ember.

  20. The leather belts look really great and durable and so do the courier bags, such a good look!

  21. It’s got to be the linen ties and pocket squares for my dapper husband, what a classy brand. Thank you for sharing!

  22. My husband would love the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in black! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. I would get the earth colored Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag. My husband is an amazing father. He deserves the best from all of us.

  24. i love the linen stripe short sleeve! but boy could the boyfriend use some dress shoes…right now we have wedding sneakers. I dont hate it.

  25. I’d get him a courier bag to replace his falling apart nike bag that he takes everywhere!

  26. the ties are beautiful, especially the indigo one, i’d get that and the nice tie clip!

  27. The shorts and the set of 3 sets – the perfect relaxed style for playing with our toddler this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. I would pick either the fatigue boots or the waxed french work jacket. My husband would probably want one of everything.

  29. the apolis site looks cool. i would totally go for the japanese paper button down shirts or the linen short sleeves. thanks for the opportunity

  30. Definitely the Wool Bomber Jacket or Wool Chore Jacket. The cotton pullover with one of their button downs would also be on my list. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  31. The Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Army would really wow my guy and mean a lot to him since he has an upcoming Florida trip. This bag would be great as a carry on for him!!

  32. Thanks Joy + Apolis! We love the travel candles, beach towels, tote bags, linen ties, and aluminum water bottle.

  33. I’d choose a linen jacket or the tie with the tie clip bundle. He would love either!

  34. Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Black. My husband would love upgrading his backpack for this!

  35. My husband would look great in the indigo tie and matching pocket square! Iโ€™d also love the navy courier bag!

  36. I would pick the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag, Black. Thanks!

  37. My husband loves Apolis and this is his first father’s day! I would get the courier bag!

  38. I like the standard tee in charcoal grey and the wool camp hat. Great giveaway, thanks!

  39. I would get my husband some officer shoes. He has to dress up for work (much to his dismay) so nice dress shoes are a must.

  40. I really love the Nylon Stripe Swim Trunks and if only it was still Mother’s Day, I’d be asking for the Merci Beau Coup market bag for myself!

  41. Hi
    What gift for the father day ?
    I believe that one more time we choose a collar, like this ‘’, a beautiful blue and a pocket, and long arm..perfect ^^
    Thank you and beautiful brand

  42. I’d love to get my husband the Indigo and Natural/Navy Linen Pocket Squares and Heritage Leather Courier Bag!

  43. I really love their Apolis + Clare V. Market Bag for our super Dad/ Husband. It would be perfect for the farmer’s market and clam digging excursions. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Joy!

  44. I would buy the Waxed French Work Jacket for the hubby this Father’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. The luggage and bags are pretty awesome! Love any of the market and courier bags. Travel in style!

  46. My dad has recently expressed interest in updating his wardrobe, so this would be so perfect for him! I think he’d love the Indigo Cotton Pullover, a few V-neck shirts in various colors, and a few button downs (I personally love the Japanese Paper button down in Olive!)

  47. So much to choose from, but if have to say the Wool Bomber Jacket would look awesome on my dad!

  48. I would purchase the Washed Oxford Button-down in Light Blue and the Indigo Wool Tie in Raw Indigo for my husband. He wears a great deal of blue, and these items would be a perfect compliment to his wardrobe.

  49. Oh man…so hard to choose! That new linen stripe short sleeve shirt is so great though, and it screams “Daniel” to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Everything is gorgeous but definitively the Linen Civilian Suit Bundle in Olive would look amazing on my hubby.

  51. My husband needs so many of these pieces.. Officer shoe, the chinos, etc. I really like this style!

  52. This came just in time and by sheer luck I actually had the time to check my email today and see your post. I have been struggling with the best gift for Mark. The first father’s day has to be special and it’s SO hard for me to get out of the house to get him something great. I think he’d love a bunch of things from this company. The cotton tees are great; especially with summer right around the corner. With that kind of gift certificate he could buy a couple of things now and then more once fall comes… it’s the perfect gift for my fashionable mate xo

  53. I think my dad would definitely wear the linen stripe short sleeve button down. I love the concept of Apolis, cute clothing, nice design & doing good for the community/world!

  54. Yep. Definitely one of the heritage leather + Apolis Mason courier bags. Straightforward and timeless.

  55. My hubby is a big fan of well made comfy clothing with a nice cut and fine supple leather. I’d definitely spend the gift certificate on getting him a few pairs of the utility chino and roll belt combo. A man can never have too many solid pairs of pants and well worn belts.

  56. Everything on the website is impossibly cool and my husband would probably love everything. But I think he would flip for the USMC jacket! Great giveaway! It’s my husbands first Father’s Day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. great giveaway!! i would gift my hubby with some of the hand loomed beach towels and treat him and our boys to a beach picnic for fathers day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. I really like the Japanese chambray ties and that silver skinny tie clip. We’re excited to celebrate my husbands first Father’s Day and this company has some great options!

  59. I would definitely pick the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Navy for my poppa. It’ll give my mom more space in her suitcase whenever they travel. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. “Dad” obviously needs a great tie & pocket square Apolis. Though “dad” should not try to match these perfectly! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Wow, hard to choose! The chambray shorts + leather luggage tags spell summertime vacation loud and clear. Love them!

  62. transit keychain, wool bomber jacket, and courier bag! he’s a recruiter for the marines so I know all of those would be very beneficial for him!

  63. I would gift the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in black, Earth, or army.
    That bag would match his personality more than the Nike duffle he has right now.

  64. Because the hubby loves his uniform, I would get the Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt Bundle.

  65. What a great brand! My husband and the world’s best father would love the Transit Issue Fisher Space Pen! Also, he would love the market bag for his weekly trips to Trader Joe’s! Thank you!

  66. My Dad is a huge fan of pens, so definitely those original space pens, and a Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag

  67. I just love the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag (Army) as a classy gift for a well-traveled dad.

  68. Its my hubbys 1st fathers day I should get him something special ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love the linen blazer & hoofpick belt! What a bunch of awesome products!!!!!

  69. If it were me, I’d want one of the totes! But for the hubs — definitely the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag.

  70. Beautifully designed products! I would get my dad the wool chore jacket (he’s a carpenter and my mom always complains about him wearing his nice shirts and sweaters outside doing a “quick job” that never fails to be something involving sawdust) or the Mason Courier bag.

  71. I would pick the oxford & denim pant bundle along with a few of the organic tees. Great classic stuff!

  72. Can’t decide between a blanket and bag for picnicking or some warm weather clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. The mason courier bag and the waxed french work jacket are so classic and wonderful!

  74. The Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag would be pretty awesome.

  75. Wow, the t shirts are great, the shoes are great, the blazers and jackets are great. I think I’d get a jacket for my husband for Father’s Day.

  76. Beautiful stuff here! My husband is the best dad to our little daughter. He deserves some of those cool clothes (like comfy lokking tee shirts) and a weekender bag!

  77. I’d buy the Charcoal Market Bag for my dad and fill it with all sorts of snacks and goodies for him to enjoy!

  78. I would go for the standard v neck tees! My dad has a very simple style and would love those shirts!

  79. i would give him the Twill Stripe Button Down! he’s a dapper guy this would be perfect.

  80. My dad would definitely be a fan of the space pen and the Apolis shirt jacket!

  81. I would love to get my husband a new pair of boots, that would make him feel good! He’s such a hard laborer, I’m really going to enjoy giving him a great second Father’s Day!

  82. I know my husband would love one of the pullovers or jackets! The tough choice would be which one?!

  83. I would either pick the Apolis + SIGG Travel Water Bottle or Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag. Great gifts for men on the go.

  84. This would be so perfect. We are moving across the country, arriving in our new city the day before Father’s Day, and then my husband starts his new job the day after. Father’s Day this year is going to be quite overshadowed, and this would sure make up for it!! I think he would buy some oxford shirts and a Courier Bag!

  85. The beach towel is gorgeous and sure to be something my ocean loving Dad would love and need. The washed linen indigo tie!!! Just beautiful. Of course, a great pair of leather shoes is something every guy needs. What a treat it would be splurge on my Dad!!!

  86. i really love the beach towels! they would be a perfect present to give to my dad for our annual family vacation to destin in july!

  87. I would give my dad any of the persimmon colored line tie or handkerchief. That’s his favorite color!

  88. My husband really needs some new work pants, so I would probably go with the wool trousers. I also really like the twill stripe button down.

  89. He would love the fatigue boot in black and the Los Angeles Market bag it’s his 1st Father’s Day very exciting !!

  90. My husband would love the Market Bag in black for our trips to the Farmer’s Market.

  91. Very beautiful things! no doubt!
    I love Indigo Stripe Chore Jacket.
    I hope to win so I’ll buy it
    thanks a lot for the chance.

  92. Heritage Mason Courier Bag for sure so we can go away for the weekend in style!

  93. All of it is right up my husband’s alley! He would look so dashing in the Waxed French Work Jacket. The beach towels also look so lovely.

  94. The Waxed French Work jacket! My husband is so deserving of a special gift and this is something he could wear to work daily!

  95. Would pick so many of the accessories! Especially the utility apron and the hand-loomed beach towels.

  96. I love the wool bomber jacket and so would my husband! He’s soon to be the father of three and I’d love to win this for him!

  97. Hello,
    For Father’s day, I would offer my husband and dad a travel water bottle and a Global citizen tee shirt. Great design, I really love it all!
    Happy Father’s day!

  98. What an amazing giveaway! I would
    LOVE to be able to give my dad something to show him just how Much he means to me and thank him for giving everything to his three kids over the years. I know the Henly shirt in olive would look amazing on him and then the courier bag in army as well!

  99. The Alpaca travel kit is super cute. It would be great since he travels for work and it is compact,practical and chic ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. My dad has an upcoming cross country trip planned so I think the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Army would be the perfect gift for him! Along with the Waxed French Work Jacket in black because I think it would look great on him!
    Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!!

  101. Definitely the market bag – my dad loves to cook and is at the market often so this would definitely help him out!

  102. Father days gifts here are rather small. I’d go for the SIGG bottle, but I know how to spend the voucher! Thank you for this chance!

  103. The Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag is gorgeous! My husband deserves this. He’s amazing and a great dad.

  104. My husband needs some utility chinos and a new leather belt for his new job! The perfect gift for an awesome dad!

  105. Standard gray v neck for my handsome hubby because he would never buy himself a nice “plain” tee.

  106. I’d get the Raw Indigo Wool Chore Coat because it is truly is a work of art and functional piece. A great addition to a fathers wardrobe.

  107. Wow! I love this shop. My husband would love everything. But I think I would get him the sterling silver skinny tie clip (he’s been wanting one) or any of the standard issue vnecks. Soo soft looking. Thanks for this opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. I would get the heritage leather and apolis mason courier bag! So awesome and I know DH has been wanting a nice bag for overnight stays out of town!

  109. My husband would love the washed tie in olive! He looks so good when he dresses up.

  110. My husband would die for the fatigue boots for Father’s Day. They are perfect for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. I think my dad would especially love the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag

  112. I would love to give my honey the Alpaca travel kit or the Mason Courier Bag as a surprise for our trip to celebrate his birthday in a few months! He wears a sleeping mask to bed every night or he can’t get any shut eye! Poor thing.
    Oh Joy x Apolis — awesome contest. (:

  113. Sterling silver skinny tie clip! My husband has been asking for a tie clip…

  114. LOVE Apolis! I’d buy my husband the linen stripe short sleeve button-down or the chambray shorts.

  115. Glad to see they have tees & jeans! That’s what my man would love, an upscale version of his “uniform”!

  116. Love the heritage courier bag in navy, it would be great bag for my husband to take on our trip to portugal in a few weeks.

  117. The courier bag in black would be amazing for my husband, as he is still lugging things around in an old beat up bag from when we first met. Thank you, everything looks tempting!

  118. Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in black has my daddy’s name written all over it! Perfect travel bag.

  119. Everything is wonderful!!
    I would go for the Officer Shoes in Cognac and the navy Japanese Paper Button Down. I know my hubby will totally rock these!!
    Hope I get lucky. ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. This year is my husband first Father Day, My hushand would like all of it. He will be super happy to get it. Thank you

  121. I love the beach towels! My husband takes our daughter to the beach every weekend, rain or shine, so he’d love a few.

  122. My husband loves Apolis! We used to live near the Arts District and go there all the time. Would love to get him a blazer there for Father’s Day since he’s an incredible dad to our two littles.

  123. My husband is in desperate need of new work shoes so I would love to snag him a pair of the brown officer shoes!!

  124. Hello! I would pick out several items for both my father and my brother (he’s father too!). I would probably get the Mason Courier Bags for each of them (army and navy colors), the Transit Issue Luggage tag in light brown (they both enjoy traveling and the color looks like cognac and my father has a cat named cognac). I love the market bags too – either Charcoal or the one with Merci Beau Coup.

  125. I would get the Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag and the Wine Tote for my hubby! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  126. My dad travels A LOT, so i’d probably get him the Apolis + SIGG Aluminum Travel Water Bottle, the Alpaca Travel Kit, and a Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag!

  127. My dad would be the hippest carrying the Heritage Leather + Courier Bag! Thanks for having such a fun site – I found this through your Instagram and I’m always inspired by your projects and love how cute your girls are!

  128. Such a good giveaway! Max has always loved the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in White ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. I would get my dad the mason courier bag and the civilian blazer s that he can travel in style to come visit me!

  130. My husband has been looking for a bag so he can put stuff in it for our first baby that we are expecting at the end of this year! So I would definitely pick the messenger bag. It’s perfect and he would love it.

  131. I’m definitely getting my shirts he’s losing a lot of weight so he needs to starry building a new wardrobe.

  132. Washed cotton crew pullover in olive. Cause that would be a staple top for my husband.

  133. Either the Washed Linen Civilian Blazer in Olive or the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Navy. They are both BEAUTIFUL!!

  134. I would love to get him a scarf. He’s always complaining about how I have so many nice scarves and he has none!

  135. I’d pick the Linen Civilian suit bundle in olive for myself. I am coming to the end of a long journey as I enter my final year of residency, and I am sending my CV off to potential employers. I need a new suit for interviewers, and in that suit I’d make my dad proud and land a job with which I can provide for my wife and two kids.

  136. I would love to give him the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag! He’s such a great dad to our daughter!

  137. What a fun giveaway!!! I’d pick out all the fun “extra accessories” that would pull outfits together (the cute ties, belts and especially the scarves – it’s so hard to find cool men’s scarves like that)!!!

  138. I would choose the beautiful yet practical Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier bag in Earth! Thank you for introducing us to this lovely brand.

  139. My father is 72 years old, spry, funny and full of stories about growing up as a migrant farm worker and his tour of duty in Vietnam. He is working on writing his memoirs at his desk at our humble family ranchito in Arizona. I would gift him the Transit Issue Original Space Pen from Apolis, so he can smoothly ink out his memories and leave us all behind a bit of his wisdom and stories.

  140. I would get my husband a couple of crew neck tees and maybe a pair of chinos and then get myself a sandalwood candle and a few market bags….great stuff!

  141. I would get my husband (and daddy to our son) the washed linen blazer in navy.

  142. I love the Standard Issue Organic Pocket T-Shirt. Some great Father’s Day ideas!

  143. I would love to gift the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag for Father’s Day!

  144. Oh how fun! I would love to get my husband the garden bag and the waxed French work jacket!

  145. Oh, I think my husband would be all over the Archive Jacket in Olive. I wouldn’t mind the Apolis + Clare V. Market Bag for myself! Lol. Merci Beaucoup!

  146. I can’t decide on a single one, so I would have to buy one of each of the totes, market bags and courier bags!

  147. Dang those Courier bags and leather luggage tags are gorgeous! Would love to gift my hardworking husband either of those.

  148. Waxed French Work Jacket… lovely intro to a lovely company. I will pass it on to my brothers immediately. Cheers!

  149. Officer shoe cognac for my stay at home dafd and full time student super husband ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. I would give my husband the Heritage Leather Mason Courier Bag in Earth. So beautiful!

  151. Such handsome stuff! My husband would love those charcoal Chambray shorts. I’d get him the transit key chain to replace his carabiner and that waterproof journal for when he’s jotting down notes in the kitchen. Love it!

  152. I can’t just choose one thing, I like the ties, boots, jackets..the chinos..I guess my list is still growing!

  153. Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag, In brown leather and navy. My boyfriend has been on the search for a new bag, so this would be perfect!

  154. Just too much to choose from but my husband can always need a good oxford shirt or pair of loafers

  155. I love the courier bag in navy especially with my hubby traveling a lot for work now.

  156. I could see my husband wearing the wool chore jacket in charcoal- totally his style!

  157. I went to their site and I would love to get the washed linen tie in olive.

  158. I would get the Oxford Button Down in white for it’s timeless look. Paired with the indigo wool tie; I can only imagine the double takes.

  159. Since this year is Jay’s first Father’s Day, and he works so hard so Sofia and I have the things we need, I would buy him things that make working more fun and comfortable.
    A standard tote bag, a pair of Chinos and some comfy boots would be much loved by my husboo, and also let him know how loved he is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Wow, so many awesome choices! That’s tough but my husband has been looking for a blazer for a long time and the indigo wool blazer looks perfect!

  161. I like the waxed French work jacket for him and the co-op wool and silk scarf in stripe for me!

  162. The wool chore coat or a couple of the button down shirts would make a fine gift for any father. So impressed by Apolis’ quality!

  163. The indigo flannel button down shirt seems to be the right gift to my dad. paired with the standart issue utility chino, in hunter khaki, my father would be the coolest dad in the block.

  164. I’d get my father a 3 pack of grey tshirts and a swim trunks for the SoCal summer!

  165. Really cool stuff! I think my husband would love the leather courier bag or the boots!

  166. For this Father’s Day I would definitely get the Indigo Wool Chore Jacket, Raw Indigo!!

  167. I would let my favorite man pick a jacket (leaning towards the Archive in charcoal)… and see if he would let me share the white Heritage Leather courier bag!

  168. Love all of the clothes but my husband would particularly like the linen ties and blazers!

  169. chambray shorts in every color! but the kahaki is my fave. happy father’s day global citizens.

  170. I would pick the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in white. A perfectly sized, stylish and well made weekend bag can make anyone’s trip that much more enjoyable. I think it would make the perfect gift.

  171. my husband needs a good bag for work and conferences, always borrowing one of mine, hahaha. i would get the mason courier bag. beautiful products!

  172. I’d love to see my husband in the Archive jacket (Charcoal) but he’d probably want the Officer Shoe (black) so let’s go with the shoe as a Father’s Day gift for the father of my firstborn this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. The Co-op Wool and Silk scarf and Transit Issue Maglite would make awesome Father’s Day gifts!

  174. Woow, I love this brand! The courier bag would be perfect! And I love that international readers get a chance too this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Transit Issue Fisher Space Pen–totally geeky, cool, and useful for dads. Also, the Transit Issue Bomber Jacket (so stylish!) would be great for my husband esp since he likes reading William Gibson. Thanks for the contest and introducing us to this beautiful store!

  176. Beautiful items. I think our guy would love the bag for short trips. It’s gorgeous.

  177. MY dad would love the organic tshirts bundle and the candles…and a pair of pants as well!

  178. Such cool stuff! I’d love to get something for my husband – who is the one who always changes the poopy diaper, who makes sure she’s scrubbed up real clean each night, who has more fatherly patience than I have motherly composure. I think he’d look so great the Washed Oxford Button Down in light blue, with a pair of the Officer Shoes (I love both colors!).

  179. My husband is always looking for the perfect unstructured blazer and the civilian blazer looks great!

  180. the Hand Loomed Beach Towel, hands down, and then go for a picnic at the beach and put it to use straight away!

  181. I would love to get the courier bag for my husband and the luggage tag for my father. My hubby has been looking for an appropriate looking man bag and my dad will be travelling soon so it would be perfect!

  182. My dad would love the Japanese chambray button downs! Thanks for the opportunity!

  183. I would let my husband pick! I think he’d like their button down shirts though. The alpaca travel set looks really nice and so do their beach towels!

  184. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in July, so this is my husband’s first semi-Father’s Day. I love the washed linen blazers!

  185. First time on APOLIS website & I have to say I am completely in LOVE with all. The Fatigue boots are so perfect in detail def. would be a great gift for my husband. Not to mention I have a thing for shoes :-).

  186. Such nice stuff! I’d happily choose a set of the striped towels, not too matchy matchy…

  187. My dad would look so handsome and sophisticated in the Waxed French Jacket and the classic organic tees. Thanks for the opportunity Joy!

  188. I would love to get the Wool Chore Jacket in Charcoal for my Husband for Father’s Day! It would look so nice when worn with his suits, instead of a plain ole’ jacket! Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. What a super awesome give away. I really like the key chain in brown and the USMC charcoal jacket.

  190. I’d love to get my husband a few pocket squares and new summer shorts! What a beautiful collection of men’s items.

  191. A cypress + fig candle and striped silk + wool scarf! What a lovely brand. Thanks for sharing.

  192. My sweet husband is in desperate need of new swim trunks. The olive and black ones would be the perfect gift for his FIRST father’s day!

  193. Wow! I’m really excited to learn about this brand. I might start with the courier bag. Perfect for him and me! Thanks!

  194. My hubby is in sore need of a few new shirts and chinos, and Apolis’ Standard issues are the best!

  195. My husband would love everything here! I’d get him the courier bag, some swim trunks and a shirt… and maybe a beach towel for myself!

  196. For my husband for Father’s Day, I would pick a Black Roll Belt, a Light Blue Japanese Chambray Tie, Black Officer Shoes, and a Washed Oxford Button Down. For my father in law, I’d get him a Roll Belt in Tobacco For my dad, I would probably get the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag, since he’s a doctor and is always lugging around a bunch of papers and equipment. And I bet he would also love to get the mini flashlight or space pen-he is such a gadgets guy. For me, I love the Navy Hand Loomed Beach Towel.

  197. For my father, I would select the Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket because he’s rugged but it ages finely – like my father before me.

  198. Hubs would love and be absolutely gorgeous in the Standard Issue Selvedge Denim Pant, Washed Oxford Button Down, Indigo Wool Blazer and Officer Shoe in Cognac.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this fabulous giveaway!!

  199. Apolis + Kinfolk Garden Bag
    We are pregnant with our first child and I think he already deserves a thank you + father’s day gift because my husband has been so sensitive and caring. We are very big on picnics, parties and crafting so this bag would be great for my husband to carry around especially after the baby arrives ๐Ÿ™‚

  200. It’s a small thing but I would get my dad a keychain and belt. It’s little things like that he always needs and never buys for himself

  201. My father is a carpenter, I would get him the Roll belt in Brown to hold his tool pouch while he is working.

  202. Thanks for partnering with this ethically sound business. I’ve had my eye on the Global Citizen T-Shirt in Charcoal and the Transition Scout Short in Navy.

  203. I’d love to get my dad a Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag for when he travels to Asia every year.

  204. The swim trunks you shared in an earlier post would definitely be on the list – my man’s trunks are OLD!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. this is a great company to know about! i love their stuff. for my well-deserving daddy, i’d love to gift him the toofpick belt. such a great, unique look!

  206. The Transit Issue Travel Candle, Sandalwood Clove.
    I (ahem, I mean my dad!) would seriously want to have a whiff of this! Lol.

  207. I would have to go with the short sleeve button down for my dad. He LOVES short sleeve button downs and from what I can tell he is one of the only people who truly appreciates them. The local clothing shop my mom frequents for him stopped carrying them because they said my dad was only person who ever bought any! Would love to win and give him a whole new supply. Thanks!

  208. This will be my husband’s first Father’s Day so getting him something he’ll use forever is a must. I’d love to get him a Wool Chore Jacket or a Courier Bag, both are great classic items!

  209. My husband is really tall, so I’d probably get him a bunch of accessories and the chambray shorts.

  210. I would pick the rad HERITAGE LEATHER + APOLIS MASON COURIER BAG or the cool chambray shorts yo. My hubster would love that!

  211. What a great giveaway! Thank you. There are so many things I could give to my hubby for Father’s Day but if I was our boys, they’d say dad needs a new belt like the Double Ring Belt where as I’d choose him a new jacket like the Archive Jacket. Great options.

  212. I adore the heritage leather courier bag! I think my dad would walk to work with his head held a little higher with a bag that gorgeous.

  213. I would love to get my dad the Co-op Wool and Silk Scarf. He is a very dapper gentleman and lives in a relatively cool climate. This would be great for him.

  214. I would get one of each color of the Standard Issue Organic Crew Neck T-Shirt, because my hubby is always on the hunt for a new great basic tee.

  215. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to get him the Global Citizen t-shirt in Heather.

  216. I’d get the Roll Belt in ‘Tobacco’. He’s got plenty of clothes, but somehow is always losing belts. Who loses belts?

  217. The Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag is the perfect thing for a quick weekend getaway, with maybe a Hand Loomed Beach Towel tucked inside, for a spur of the moment trek off the beaten path! Thanks OhJoy and Apolis!

  218. I would love to get my husband a nice leather courier bag! He still uses his old sports bag from college.. it’s time to go. ?

  219. In the wake of my fathers visit, I am reminded of his gentle yet rugged nature. I think the Apolis Wool Indigo Chore Jacket accents his personality as he continues to age like fine wine. It would make a perfect Father’s Day gift to a visiting father.

  220. My father would appreciate a pair of cognac fatigue boots, he’d wear it down till there was character in every sole.

  221. i know my hubby would love the civilian linen blazer in navy and matching ties. thank you for posting this!

  222. Thanks for introducing us to this site, Joy! My husband would really dig their selection of jackets!

  223. The waxed French work jacket would look great on my husband on his first Father’s Day!!

  224. Love the site! I would definitely buy the navy travel bag for my travelin’ man.

  225. Oh my gosh, my dad would LOVE the Wool CPO Jacket! (In a perfect world, I’d be able to get him the Courier Bag too!)

  226. I’d get a copy of Uncharitable, by Dan Pallotta and one of the Black Market totes.

  227. I would love to secretly splurge on my dad and husband this year. I love button down grey chambray shirt. Just perfect.

  228. My dad would love a few of those Japanese paper button down shirts! Fingers crossed!

  229. I think the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Black would be a fantastic Father’s day gift! Thank you so much for the chance!

  230. I like the Indigo Camo Button Down shirt. I think it would look great on dad.

  231. Oh I think my DH would love the Chambray short in khaki and the Japanese Striped Broadcloth Button Down

  232. The leather on the Roll Belt looks divine! My husband would love a handsome classic belt.

  233. The courier bag would be perfect to pack for a night away, would love to pair it with a surprise weekend trip!

  234. I would choose the olive and white Hand Loomed Beach Towel. Just moved to FL and it would be perfect for the beach.

  235. My dad would love the roll belt! Beautiful color that I’m sure will get better with age.

  236. I love the heritage leather bag in blue. Also, the linen stripe shirt is lovely. What lovely products!

  237. Fun!
    I think I’d go with the Roll Belt – my husband wears through belts like they’re made of shoestrings! He could use a nice one. Also love some of the shorts – we’re always on the lookout for NON cargo shorts… bleh.

  238. There are a lot of good products! I think my father would like the transit issue shirt jacket. But I might let him help me pick stuff out!

  239. I’ll go with something basic, like the Indigo Cotton Pullover and will add something more unexpected like the Market Bag (charcoal)! ๐Ÿ™‚

  240. My husband could really use a new bag for his short business trips. Love the courier bag. The archive jacket would also look great on him.

  241. My husband needs a wardrobe update. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the Japanese Paper Button Down shirt and the other striped oxford ones will be a great addition to his current staples.

  242. Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag and the Officer Shoes, I am dressing more leisure and traveling more with the wife. Great look, great site.

  243. The organic cotton crew t-shirts and some pocket squares would be perfect for my husband. Plus a great bag, always useful.

  244. I would pick something for my boys to give their daddy. He needs new shoes for work – so the office shoes would surely wow him! I think he’d love all the jackets too.

  245. I got the grey chore jacket for my father for Christmas last year. I hope for Father’s Day I can get the wool bomber jacket.

  246. Such a RAD giveaway (thanks for hosting!) I would buy my man a few things and myself the Beach Tote in white stripe!

  247. I would get my husband the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag since he travels so much. Thank you!

  248. I’d love to get more of the Washed Linen ties for my boo. We got these for our wedding for all of the dudes and it’s still our fave!

  249. My dad definitely could use a new pair of nice shoes. He has bought me so many shoes over the years when I was a teenager so it’d be nice to finally buy a nice pair for him. I’m eyeing the Officer Shoe from Apolis!

  250. Definitely the ‘Officer Shoe’ in black! Hand made in Portugal? I’ll take it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. I’d give my husband the Alpaca Travel Kit! He’d feel so pampered ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. That Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag in Black…oh yes! Thanks so much for opportunity.

  253. Oooh…. The linen stripe short sleeve button down and the Transit Issue key chain in tan/black!!

  254. my dad would love to get the courier bag from anyone of us kids. He has an obsession with bags and cases that make his travel more functional. The bundle of tees wouldn’t be bad either because he is a pretty simple guy that likes to remain humble despite his success in life. Plus who doesn’t love an excess of tees ?!

  255. I would get the Indigo Wool Tie, Washed Linen Olive Tie, and the Sterling Silver Skinny Tie Clip. Then I would take him out to dinner so he could wear it!

  256. I would probably get him the Heritage Leather + Apolis Mason Courier Bag and Officer Shoe ๐Ÿ™‚

  257. My dad is pretty old school but I think that the usmc jacket will look pretty awesome on my old man. Thanks for doing this great giveaway Joy!

  258. My hubby always can’t decide what to wear, I think the Oxford & Denim Pant Bundle is just right for him, paired up with the Fatigue Boots, in Cognac! Spiffy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  259. Thank You for the giveawayโ€ฆ I would give the Transit Issue Fisher Space Pen for Apolis as a Father’s Day Gift.

  260. I would get my husband the fatigue boots in black.He is such a great father to our 4 kids and deserves something nice.

  261. If I had to choose, I would have to pick the Officer Shoes (cognac)! He could really use a nice new pair of shoes…been some time since he has updated his!

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