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oh joy answers / on finding success…

Oh Joy Answers

Oh Joy Answers

Hey guys, here's my newest video in the Oh Joy answers series. Today I'm talking about the one thing that I think has helped me to find success in my career. It might seem like common sense, but it's something I've been doing since I started my career 14 years ago…

What do you think? What has helped YOU find success in your career?

And, I promise I'll be wearing a different shirt in the next Answers video (We filmed the last 5 videos on the same day ;).


  1. Your answer is perfect. Luck on the surface is almost always backed up with crazy hard work and years of preparation. And I love that shirt!

  2. You are SO inspiring. And I love those little videos. Always a boost of motivation to get where I want to go 馃檪 Thanks for sharing !

  3. Business question: I have an idea to start a business but I only have one product in mind. My strength is in marketing and business development but not in sourcing suppliers or designers. How or where can I start?

  4. I love this series! It’s so motivational and inspirational and just like the WTF Marc Maron podcast, I feel like you say everything that I know subconsciously but in a more eloquent way.
    My business question: being a creative, I watch a lot of seminars where mentors tell us how to be entrepreneurs, how being an entrepreneur is such an impressive thing (albeit a very difficult thing). However, it’s hard for me to imagine every single person wanting to be an entrepreneur–we would have no businesses if everyone wanted to have her own company. I guess my question is, have you ever met people that were perfectly content being a “cog in the machine” and how do you deal with employees who-no matter how much they love their job-you know in the back of their mind, they wouldn’t be working for other people if they had their own successful business/as soon as they have their own successful business…does that make sense?

  5. thank you for this video!Just a follow up question.Joy where did you learn the system of charging clients for a creative service? I’m an aspiring stylist but I don’t know where to start learning the art of giving a billing statement to clients…

  6. Maker’s Row might be a great place to start if you’re looking for a manufacturer, or perhaps finding a creative partner via Etsy [indie maker] or Dribbble [freelance designer]. Starting with one product definitely has its advantages, especially if your product is solving a problem and/or enriched by the story of its conception. Good luck!


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