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a chill {giveaway}…(now closed)

PackIt Insulated Lunch Bag

PackIt Insulated Lunch Bag

PackIt Insulated Lunch Bag

Whether you're packing your own lunch for work or for your kids to take to camp or school, being able to keep your food chilled and fresh is always a priority. These super cute PackIt bags have insulation built into the bags on all sides. You simply freeze the bag overnight and pack your treats in the morning, and the bags stay cold for up to 10 hours They are a new favorite in our house for school, work, and even a weekend picnic. And I love how there are different styles that fit different needs…and in fun patterns, too!

Today, we've partnered with PackIt to give away $100 towards any insulated bags on their site PLUS $100 gift card from Target to fill your bags with tasty treats to TWO lucky readers ($200 total retail value to each winner). To enter, simply visit PackIt's website and leave a comment below on this post telling me your favorite bag and pattern and how you'd use it! Entries must be posted by this Friday, August 7th, at 8 a.m. PST, and two winners will be chosen at random*. Good luck!

P.S. For Oh Joy readers, PackIt is offering 15% off any purchase with the code OHJOY15 through August 11, 2015 at 11:59pm PST.

*This giveaway is open to those in the US only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $200 USD total value per winner. Winners will be contacted via email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.


  1. I love the picnic bag in zingy, if I had to pick one(!). But, really, so many of them look great…

  2. I like the original PackIt lunch bag in the rainbow chevron pattern. I would use it to send my daughter to school with a sandwich and snacks.

  3. I would probably pick the blue monster lunch bag for my son who’s starting kindergarten in a few short weeks. Thank you for the chance to win!

  4. I’ve had my PackIt lunchbag for the last three years and it still keeps my yogurt cold for hours. Definitely wouldn’t mind upgrading to the delux bag though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As a teacher is get plenty of use out of the gingham print picnic bag! Perfect for lunching al desko and weekend adventures al fresco!

  6. I have an insulated lunch bag I use now that looks like a purse. I have used it so much the silver lining is wearing down and have decided its time to get a new one. I love the deluxe lunch bag because it is similar size to my “purse” bag and a perfect size for holding lots of containers.

  7. I have been wanting to but the freezable lunch bag in the ziggy pattern for so long now! I always try to bring my lunch to work so I don’t eat poorly and so I can save money. Having an adorable lunch bad will give me more motivation to make sure I pack my lunch the night ahead!

  8. The patterns are fun, but the salad bag in black looks like something I would use every single day to bring my lunch to work.

  9. my favorite bag is the “freezable lunch bag” style in the stripes and mini hearts pattern! i’d commute to work with my healthy lunch creations inside of it.

  10. Love the Microdots! This would be perfect for long drives with our toddler who needs food to keep her distracted.

  11. loving the gingham! although i know my husband would want the camo hahaha. would be perfect for my toddlers school lunches or picnics at the park!

  12. I would love to get the ziggy freezable grocery bag for my daughters in DC who walk their groceries back to their apartment

  13. I like the picnic bags in gingham pattern. And the lunch bags would be nice for my toddler especially since they’re “freezable” ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. i LOVE LOVE the “make waves, surf style” and I would pack that bag for my long work trips (i’m driving 8 hours today) AND I’d use it at camp!

  15. I like the colorful freezable picnic bag! I am in love with going on picnics, so this would be the perfect way to venture out on a warm and sunny day!

  16. Ahh I love the mini lunch bag in the pink girly print!
    My daughter is 8 mo and eating solids like a champ. She will be starting daycare soon so this will be a perfect bag to put in her milk and foods for the day!

  17. Carryall Bag, Ziggy bag is my favorite. I’d use it to take my lunch to work and also for my son’s daycare. Its super colorful and fun.

  18. That lunch bag in surf stripe is amazing – definitely would add some much needed color to my office space!

  19. This is timely since I’m in the market for a cooler bag for an upcoming road trip to Nebraska! Love the Surf Stripe and Zig Zag patterns.

  20. These bags are seriously the best! I used them to transport my breastmilk when I had a business trip last month and it kept everything frozen for 6 hours! I would love a second one for my older son to use as his lunchbox. So I would use the carryall in either the surf stripe or camo color.

  21. I love the picnic bag in black gingham – I would use it on picnics, and on Mondays when I bring most of my lunch for the week to work!

  22. All the bags are great. I would use them for transporting groceries or goodies to BBQ’s, picnics,potlucks,snacks for road trips……love them!

  23. love the lunch bag with the monsters on it! perfect to carry my lunch or baby bottles :o)

  24. I’d love to have the freezable grocery bag in the pretty chevron design. Something like this would be so handy to have when buying items that need to stay cold on warmer days or allow me to do other errands after going to the supermarket instead of rushing home.

  25. As much as I love all the patterns I’d probably just go with boring black in the carry all or the deluxe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. I’m a grad student and the Gingham picnic bag would be perfect to pack my lunch and snacks for a day of studying. These are great.

  27. I’d go for the delux lunch bag in that cute heart pattern! I’d use it for my lunch during the work week!

  28. I would choose the grocery bag in the ziggy pattern. I bring lots of fresh food to work with me and this would be the perfect bag to do it in. I currently use a lululemon bag and it just hasn’t been cutting it. Thank you for such a great giveaway!

  29. The Baby Bottle bag would have been a lifesaver when I was nursing at work. Definitely a great baby shower gift.

  30. I love the gingham picnic tote. We are travelling to Japan soon and this would be perfect for packing our snacks and lunches for the train or a day exploring.

  31. I like the black and white, i will take my lunch to the office, thanks for the awesome giveaway

  32. I pack lunch for work every day in a literal brown bag. I would love something more exciting! The gingham carryall bag is great

  33. I love the grocery bag in the vine pattern. Since I live so far from the grocery store maybe this would prevent my ice cream from melting before I get home!

  34. Lunch Bag, Gingham is my absolute favourite!! These cold bags are amazing.

  35. I’d go with the plain black one to keep things simple, and so that my husband and I could share it. He’s starting a new job later this month, and this would be perfect to send him off with food and snacks each workday.

  36. I love the picnic bag for the park and the beach! I have 3 toddlers so this would hold all their snacks for the day.

  37. loving the mini lunch bag in camo– it would be perfect for my toddler’s daycare lunch!

  38. The deluxe lunch bag in ziggy! I’m a teacher, so it’s perfect for a big lunch and the beach during the summer! So cute!

  39. Definitely the carry all in Navy dots! Perfect for packing my lunch for work and using for kids’ snacks and drinks when we’re on the go.

  40. My favorite bag would be the grocery bag in the geometric pattern. It’s great to put perishable items in there while shopping or even packing picnic items in the bag. The bigger the better. Such a great concept!

  41. Oh Joy! You read my mind. I need something like this. My three little ones are all in nursery school and I can’t imagine how warm and yucky their lunches must be by the time lunch rolls around. I would let the kids pick which is their favorite, but if I had to guess, my guys would go with the Robot bag, the Flower bag, and the fun Scandinavian bag (my fave!).

  42. I love the Picnic Tote Bag in Ziggy! It would be perfect to take along to the beach so I could pack sandwiches and not have to worry about them getting soggy which usually is a possibility thanks to putting ice in a normal cooler! Also the Carryall Lunch Bag in Micro Dots would be so cute to take to work!

  43. The grocery and baby bottle bag would be super helpful for running errands and keeping baby happy while doing so. I love the ziggy pattern!

  44. These are so cool (oh a pun ๐Ÿ™‚ )!
    favorite bag: Picnic tote bag
    pattern: the ziggy pattern is my fav for this one!
    how you’d use it: This bag is just begging to go with me to the beach! How cute and practical is this?

  45. My LO would like the color chevron lunch bag. Perfect for keeping her lunch and juices cool.

  46. My maternity leave ends Friday. Boo! But inevitable. The gingham carryall would be perfect for my lunch or baby Simon’s bottles! These are great. I love how you share fun products that I may have never come across. Thanks!

  47. I love the lunch bag in bloom! Our fridge at work is full of lunches- I could keep my food cool and safe and not have to spend 10 minutes rearranging like puzzle pieces to fit in the fridge.

  48. I love the micro dot carryall lunch bag. I’ll proudly bring it to work and show it off in the lunch room!

  49. I love the purple flowers of the bloom pattern, especially in the uptown lunch bag!!!

  50. I would like the carry-all lunch bag in gingham. It would be so perfect to take my lunches to work everyday!

  51. I LOVE the blue micro dot carryall lunch bag! Our family is constantly on the go whether its to the beach, on a road trip or even a nice evening outdoors, we always pack snacks! It would be so convenient to pop this in the freezer before leaving and keep our fresh veggies and fruits cold while we enjoy some family time together.

  52. Love the Surf Stripe Lunch Bag. I bring my lunch to work every single day to save money, and this would be a big improvement over my dingy fabric lunch box from my school days!

  53. I would get the gingham carryall for my own lunch and definitely snag a black wine bag for parties!

  54. I’d go with the Ziggy bottle bag for my little one on the way – or maybe the freezable wine bag for my husband (to deal with it all)!

  55. I love all the patterns… i can’t pick one. I sure would love to have any of those! Perfect for my daughter to bring her snacks and drinks.

  56. Definitely the SURF STRIPE lunch bag! I love the retro stripe and the lunch bag could come in handy for drinks and snacks by the pool!

  57. Loving the ziggy pattern picnic bag and the pink mini for my daughter. No need for ice packs will take off a load of weight!

  58. Now that my daughter is growing out of the bottles phase (or supposed to be, rather)…the 2x freezable wine bags look awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. I love the Lunch Bag called “Be Mine” with navy stripes and tiny pink hearts!

  60. I like the Carryall Bag in Ziggy print! I’d use it to pack my toddler’s milk & meals, and a little something for me too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. How cool! I love the grocery bag in chevron. Inevitably, every time I finish grocery shop I remember another errand I needed to run. Then I have to go home and unload everything and then go back out, wasting time and wasting gas. This would be perfect!

  62. i love the Ziggy and Micro Dots. it’s perfect for trips with my godkids and for my fridge-less workplace!

  63. Love the carryall lunch bag in the multi-colored arrow pattern. Would be great to carry my daughter’s lunch/snacks to daycare!

  64. LOVE the ziggy baby bottle bag – this would be perfect to take to work while I’m pumping!

  65. I would love the carry all tote in the blue polka dots! Good for stay at home mom adventures.

  66. The Ziggy Freezable Picnic Bag to take down to the free park concerts on Thursdays! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Pack-it’s are the only thing we use to pack lunches in, they are the BEST! They stay cold all day long, and there is no hassle of putting in extra ice packs. I love the surf wave print, but they’re all great patterns?

  68. Love the Be Mine pattern.
    Currently job hunting so I know when I get a job, I’ll be packing my lunches to save as much money as possible. Plus unemployment has been really unkind to my waistline, my thighs, my upper arms… crap, the only thing it hasn’t been unkind to has been my boobs. I’ve been waiting over 30 years for those to come in.

  69. Such a great idea. The carryall bag in gingham would be perfect for a picnic lunch with kids!

  70. Oh my, I love the Uptown Bag in Bloom! Would be so lovely for keeping lunch cool during a morning at work or at the park!

  71. The freezable lunch bag in ‘be mine’ would be perfect for storing my breast milk since I pump for my baby girl at work ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. I would love to use the baby bottle bag to tote around bottles for my 3 month old ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I need 3 of the lunch bags for my kids and one grocery bag to stash in my car for those hot CA days!

  74. Hi, i really like the gingam one you have , but not sure which one it is from the packit order page. If you could let me know that would be great. I hoping to order it for new school year. Thans so much.

  75. I love the Office PackIt Lunch Bag in the Be Mine print! I try to take my lunch to work as much as possible to be health conscious and safe money. This would be such a great addition to my work lunch fridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Baby Bottle Bag in Black!! My 5 month old will start solids soon and this will be essential + it would be PERFECT for storing breastmilk!

  77. The Original PackIt lunch bag in Surf Stripe would be the perfect way to avoid sad desk lunch at my office job. Thank you!

  78. I like the lunch bag in Bloom print. It would be perfect to hold my lunch while working. Thanks for sharing about this company.

  79. Salad bag with the chevron print! To hold bento boxes for my daughter’s school lunches ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. I love the Freezable Carryall Lunchbag in black looks perfect for everyday living like bring a billion snacks to the office to tame my constant need for snacks.

  81. I’m a sucker for anything polka dot! I would use these on out weekend beach trips to hold all of our munchies!

  82. polka dot carryall lunch bag, or chevron grocery bag for trips to the park with little ones!

  83. The Ziggy Freezable Grocery Bag is perfect for the many days I’m running from market to market to get different ingredients. The farmer’s market to the health store to my local Korean grocers–this bag would be perfect for storing items that might rot or wilt!

  84. I really like the ziggy pattern! I could use the picnic bag for our trips to the beach, and the bottle bags for daycare/shorter trips. Wish I found them before I bought my boring black ones that are falling apart!

  85. Loving the Carryall bag in the bloom pattern!!! This lunch bag is perfect for going out to amusement parks, especially on a hot day when the kids are looking for a cold snack. And who wants to buy the overpriced food, when you can save a little more money by having your own snacks.

  86. Love the chevron carryall bag! Would use it for picnics and going to the beach. So pretty!

  87. Gingham picnic bag looks great for keeping food fresh on hot summer days! Perfect to head out to Washington Square Park on a lazy afternoon!

  88. I love the freezable baby bottle bag in the chevron print! With a little one on the way this would be the perfect bag to bring bottles with us when we’re on the go!!

  89. We would pick a nice neutral stripe lunch pack bag or two. I’ve been trying to get my husband to pack his lunch for a while now and he would LOVE a manly-bag.

  90. WOW! If these really work like they say they do, I would use the freezable picnic bag in gingham all summer long for trips to the beach!

  91. The Freezable Lunch Bag comes in so many great patterns! I love the blue strips with the tiny hearts – Sometimes I want to bring lunch leftovers home after work but want to stop and run errands. I get worried about the food sitting in the car in the Arizona heat – this would be perfect to help me get dinner home!

  92. I would choose the carryall in Surf Stripe! I’m starting a new job as a librarian in a few weeks, and this would be perfect to bring to work.

  93. I love this. My little boy has diabetes, so it nice to see options for keeping his needed supplies cool. I feel like it will be a little easier for him to carry his snack and supplies if it looks more fun (he is only 22months). The Saturday mini lunch bag is really cute.

  94. I’d like the Picnic bag in Gingham to give to my friend who loves ice cream. She just got an ice cream maker this weekend and would like to try new flavors. She would use it to pack her homemade flavors, bring to gathering, and maybe start a ice cream business with it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway, what a great product!

  95. I would get the freezable carryall lunch bag to use when I’m out with my 15 month old son so we can eat at the park!

  96. I love the black and white gingham picnic bag! My daughter and I love to go on picnic’s so that is how I would be using it!

  97. I would pick the gingham print! I have a kid so it would come in handy to store some of his snacks and drinks that need to be kept cold. I could also use it to keep store bought items if not returning home ASAP. This Texas heat is BRUTAL!

  98. My current lunch bag is falling apart & certainly does not keep my food cold throughout the day, so the freezable lunch bag in surf stripe would be absolutely wonderful!

  99. I love the Mini Lunch Bag in the Monster print. It would be a perfect lunch bag for my baby!

  100. Love the Deluxe Lunch PackIT in the cute camo! I have toddler and another on the way so having food along on a day out in the big apple is always a must, it would be great if it stayed cold.

  101. Ziggy mini lunch bag for my daughter. We’d love to veer away from Peanut Butter & Jelly sometimes, and this bag sounds ideal!

  102. I like the carryall bag in gingham! I would use it to transport my baby’s purees and my toddler’s milk.

  103. Freezable lunch bag in polka dot would be perfect for days where I am traveling between sites for work and don’t have access to a fridge!

  104. I would get the freezable grocery bag in the ziggy pattern! We live on an island and getting around can take some time–freezer bags are a life saver!

  105. I have the deluxe lunch bag in ziggy and I love it! I would love to get a new one in Camo and a picnic bag!

  106. I’m loving the multi-colored chevron pattern. It looks like it can have every single food group based off of the colors used! Makin lunch look pretty and nutritious ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. I love them all! I take my lunch every day to work and have a couple boring lunch bags, in which neither have the chilling going on. The prints are wonderful and also loving the grocery bag. I live rural and keeping my cold items cold and fresh until home is always a challenge. Thanks for sharing this great site with us and bonus of maybe having one!

  108. i like the ziggy pattern and the carry-all style. I have a grey insulated lunch pack-it and love it!!! keeps my daughter’s snacks cool all day!

  109. the carryall lunch bag in micro dots would be great for toting around snacks for me and my babe!

  110. The carry all in Ziggy is amazing. I would love to pack a fun picnic for all the beach days left in California!

  111. I love the picnic bags. It would be so fun to take to the park on a family outing.

  112. love the be mine and camo styles. for our often long trips to the park in the evenings after work and long afternoons at the pool.

  113. My daughter loves the hot pink lunch bag with all the colorful symbols. We would use this for back to school!

  114. Love the zingy carry all! Me and my son would use these all the time for a picnic outside.

  115. I Like the freezable carryall lunch bag in gingham.
    I would use it for lunch that I’ll take to work or to my college classes, when school starts back up in a couple weeks.

  116. I love the surf strip lunch bag bc it’s unisex so both my husband and I could use it!

  117. Love this idea. I would get the monster and ziggy mini lunch bags for the kids. Love it!

  118. I love the ziggy pattern carryall. With two school aged kids and all their snacks, our tiny preschool lunch box isn’t cutting it anymore. We would love to be able to bring this out to the park, the beach and playdates!

  119. I love the Ziggy Carryall and I would bring my lunch to school (I’m a teacher) everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  120. I love the wine bag in Ziggy (single or double) – but also want a carryall lunch bag for transporting pumped milk on long work days.

  121. I’d love to use the mini lunch bag in monster print for my 3-year-old’s preschool lunch!

  122. I’m a sucker for polka dots! These bags are perfect for my kiddos lunches ๐Ÿ™‚

  123. I would pick the freezable carryall lunch bag in gingham. It might be just the thing to make me the cool kid heading back to school as a thirty something ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. I like the Lunch Bag Saturday print for lunches on the playground with my baby girl!

  125. I love the picnic bag in the Gingham print- I would love to use it to bring lunch to the park or beach for a fun afternoon outside (with cool drinks!).

  126. I love the lunchbox in the gray stripe. It would be perfect for the lunch I pack everyday for my husband!

  127. I love the Surf Stripe Freezable Lunch Bag! I would be able to use this for work each and every day ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d also fill up my bag with Kind bars and other healthy snacks from Target!

  128. The deluxe lunch bag in chevron looks like it would be perfect for hiding pumped milk and pump parts in the work fridge!

  129. I love the bright colors of the ziggy print, and the carryall lunch bag looks like it could hold a lot which would be good for me since I’m often at work for two meals a day, and it’s easier to make healthy food choices when I can pack them ahead of time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  130. I love the Navy Carry All Lunch Bag. The description sums it up perfectly “With the good looks of a shoulder bag and the cooling power of a PackIt, this fashionable cooler bag lets you chill a big salad or hearty meal on the go and look super-stylish doing it.” This would be a life saver for lunches in the office.

  131. I love the carry-all bag in gingham! I would take it on all my picnics with my kids (most of the time, that’s how they eat best…picnic-style!).

  132. I really like the freezable lunch bag in the chevron print and I would use it to take with me in the car when I go out with my girls. I always like to bring snacks with me when running errands.

  133. I love the ziggy print sandwhich bag and think it would be great for my two year olds fingers foods that require refrigeration like cheese and fruit!!

  134. I love the carryall bag in micro dots!! With no fridge in my classroom, this would keep things cool for me without having to walk over to the lounge fridge ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. What a neat product, and so cute! I really like the picnic bag in gingham. I could totally see myself using that and would love to try it out!

  136. I love the chevron patterned grocery bag!!! We live within walking distance of the grocery store and this would be perfect for keeping the cold items cold during the walk back!! Plus it would perfect for beach outings!!

  137. I use the baby bottle bag now & its been really great to transport my breastmilk from work to home
    Id love a lunch bag one for work & the ziggy pattern is so fun!

  138. I’m a flight attendant – it’s so hard to stay healthy on the road! I pack home made meals to avoid greasy airport foods this bag would be perfect for work! I like the uptown bag in black.

  139. I love the Carryall in the Navy and Polka Dots! I would use to to replace the plastic grocery bag that I usually bring my lunch to work in, so that I no longer have to worry about it ripping open in the parking lot as I walk in! ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. I love the Gingham lunch bag. Would be perfect for my daughter’s lunch – trying to get her to eat healthier. A cute bag will def help entice her to open and see what’s inside!

  141. I would love the colorful chevron freezable salad bag for my lunches at work! It would be so cute!

  142. I would totally use the lunch bag in the “Be Mine” pattern to bring my lunch to work every day!

  143. My favorite is the shoulder bag with the chevron colorful pattern. I would use it to take it to work to replace the grocery bags that I use to carry my lunch in!

  144. Salad bag in the rainbow chevron print! I’d love to use it to take to the beach with a light lunch.

  145. I love the surf stripe and I think the sandwich bag is such a great idea! I often pack a sandwich for my kids lunch, but I don’t need the entire contents of their lunch to be cold.

  146. Love the “Be Mine” lunchbox! Can’t wait to use it for my daughter when she starts daycare ๐Ÿ™‚

  147. I love the Ziggy and Summer prints of the Carryall bag! I would use it to pack lunches and snacks for my toddler, myself and my baby that’s arriving in December!

  148. It s hard to pick! I like the multi colored stripes, the blue & white stripes w hearts and the pink one! These packit’s are a brilliant idea!

  149. I love the Ziggy lunch bag! I’m about to start my senior teaching internship. I would love to be able to use this bag to bring my lunch.

  150. Actually, my fave is the same one on this blog as on theirs freezable carry all lunch bag. I love the multi color chevron pattern because I’m a home colour stylist and how appropriate if I have take my lunch to an in-site location. I’d be the talk of the project, and in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚

  151. Why, I love them all but my son loves it in solid red. It holds his snacks, lunch & diabetes medicines as the days are so hot. This is the only bag I trust to keep them the perfect temperature. Myself I love all the prints! Thanks Pack It! You Rock.

  152. I love the camo print and the saturday print! So cute and great for my little girl going into kinder this fall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. The deluxe lunch bag in the ziggy pattern! I am in my car all day so this would be a life saver for lunches on the go! Thanks for the chance to win!

  154. Innovation at it’s best! Our favorite bag and pattern would be the bloom lunchbag. With my daughter starting preschool in a few weeks, this would be the perfect lunchbag!

  155. Love the freezable carryall lunch bag in surf stripe. I am always looking for something stylish yet practical to bring to the pool. This fits both needs.

  156. How crazy is it that I was just searching for a lunch bag for my husband?! I think he’d love the deluxe lunch bag in black (the more food you can fit, the better!)

  157. Love the picnic bag in ziggy pattern. Can’t get enough of caprese salads in the summertime, so that’s what I’d take on my picnic!

  158. Oh these are so cute! I would go with the carryall bag in the gingham. I love that they keep cool for so long! I would take it to work with me and it would be absolutely perfect because I substitute teach and never know where the refrigerators are!

  159. I absolutely love the colorful chevron print and microdot pattern. I would use these for the weekdays for my husband and my lunch. I would also use these for fun weekend trips and picnics! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. I commute across our city everyday, and sometimes eat lunch in the car!! This would be so awesome to put under my desk until lunchtime!
    I love the microdots pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. Love the carry all in gingham print! I’d use it to store breast milk for my infant & lunch/snacks for my 2 toddlers when they spend the day with their grandpa while I’m at work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. I’d get the freezable picnic bag in Gingham!! I’d definitely use it to go on a date with my boyfriend before our baby gets here!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. This new mama is going back to work at the end of the month! Back to school-3rd grade teacher. Would love to sport the Surf Stripe lunch box to store pumped breast milk and my lunch (no time to go out to eat!).

  164. I love all the striped carry all bags. Too hard to pick just one! I would use this bag to carry my lunch daily and out on picnics.

  165. What an awesome idea! The lunch bag is so practical, and the wine bag would be a fun novelty to keep around for picnics. Love the navy polka dot and gingham prints!

  166. I’ve been on the look out for a fun and practical lunch bag for almost a year! You’ve answered my prayers with this PackIt lunch box in Ziggy pattern! Working in downtown Chicago, lunch gets expensive, bringing my own meals saves money and helps me make smarter choices. I can feel excited about packing a lunch with a cute bag like this one!

  167. I love the Uptown in black! We travel for work in the summers, usually for around 7 weeks or so. During that time we are often living on the go and something like this would be incredibly helpful for our lifestyle, especially with little ones!

  168. We just had a baby girl so I would love the baby bottle bag in Ziggy! ???โค๏ธ

  169. Carryall bag in the pink fun print! Love the size to pack everything I need as a mom of 2 under 2!

  170. they are all so cute! i think i love the freezable picnic bag in camo. so cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  171. The carryall in microdot- I like the bigger bottom and side storage for water bottles.
    I work in a hospital, and it’s hard to store my lunch/dinner because of refrigeration issues which leads me to buy cafeteria food. I’ve been looking for a cooler bag that provides good long term temperature control. Thanks for the recommendation oh joy! Hopefully it’ll encourage some healthier eating options.

  172. The Carryall Bag in Saturday is my favorite. I take the El to my 6 a.m. workout class and don’t make it to a refrigerator until 8 a.m. I’d love to take this bag to keep all my goodies safe until I make it to work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. I love the Carryall Freezeable Lunch Bag in the Ziggy Pattern! It would be perfect for my Friday After Work Picnics at my favorite Park in Doylestown (Peace Valley)!

  174. My family would LOVE the awesome gingham picnic tote bag for our Zoo trips/just good ole picnic in the back yard this summer! Thank SO much all!

  175. I love the black and white checker and rainbow chevron. I’d use it as my lunch bag and definitely in the summer at the pool. This would really streamline the process of not having easy access to a refrigerator.

  176. My favorite pattern is the ziggy! I love these bags, such a helpful concept!! I’d definitely use it to take my lunch to work!

  177. I love the Lunch Box PackIt in classic black. It’s perfect for keeping my Frenchie’s raw meals cold when we travel to see family. Plus, we can pick up frozen treats for the family along the way =)

  178. love the freezable grocery bag in black! living in arizona it would be so nice to keep tjings cold while running places because when I run arrends i usually go to the grocery store and a few other stops before home with the baby!

  179. I would love the “Be mine” freezable lunch bag to use for lunch at work and/or to store nursing bottles since I will have to pump as I transition back to work soon. ๐Ÿ™

  180. Definitely the gingham Picnic Bag! (For picnics, obviously, but it also would have come in handy two days ago, when our fridge went down and we were scrambling for coolers!)

  181. LOVE the freezable carryall lunch bag in in Ziggy! Perfect for the girl on the go!

  182. I’d get the baby bottle bad in Ziggy to use for transporting baby bottles of course!

  183. I love the carryall in gingham and I’d use it to take my 3 kiddos for picnics at farmer’s market. Thanks!

  184. Thank you for sharing these amazing bags! I just had to order the Ziggy Lunch Bag! I am also obsessed with French Bulldogs, so this lunch bag is a match made in heaven!

  185. Aw! Love them all! The picnic carryall in ziggy is my fav! And my little dude said he loved the camo lunch bag! These are awesome(:

  186. I want the freezable mini lunch bag, I seriously want one for my little man(in the blue monster) and another for my little girl(in the pink animal print), and will definitely need one for me(in the chevron) and my hubs will want a wine bag too! We just moved to Colorado and have been going hiking and exploring but have no lunch bags yet so this would be perfect!

  187. OHMYYY WHERE has this been?!! Amazing. So much more spacious with out the icepack.
    Ziggy Baby bottle bag for baby #2 on the way!
    And then a Ziggy Salad bag for my hungry toddler!

  188. I would love the carryall lunch bag! With a toddler who needs snacks and an 8 month old who I have to pump and do bottles for, this would be perfect!!!!

  189. I would use the rainbow chevron for my lunch break as a high school choir teacher. I love colorful accessories to accentuate my vibrant life!

  190. I absolutely adore and would love the freezable carryall lunch bag in those cute chevron stripes!! I would use it to store my lunch & healthy snacks for work every day and for picnics and barbecues on the weekends and look oh so stylish at the same time!!! Thank you for sharing this fabulous invention and having this contest!

  191. Two babies (@ separate day care) plus mommy & daddy’s work lunches I will be getting one for each of us. I’d likely pick the caryall lunch bag in black for myself. Yay! Fingers crossed.

  192. I love the ziggy mini freezeable lunch bag. It’s a cute pattern, but not so young that I feel like a little kid at school. I work full time and I’m a full time student, and I always pack my lunch (buying lunch everyday is so expensive!) so I’d use this bag every day!

  193. I’d choose the black carryall lunch bag–taking breakfast & lunch to work as a nanny!

  194. I like the Vine Uptown Lunch Bag – I would use it as a lunch bag, obviously :), but also to transport bottles, milk, and pumping supplies.

  195. I love the plain black picnic bag to match the PackIt lunch bag I bought. It would be motivation to get out and picnic around LA on the weekends.

  196. I love the surf stripe lunch bag — it’s perfect for carrying snacks on a long road trip!

  197. I especially love the freezeable mini lunch bag in black! the type for material is really convenience for bringing lunch to work and less hassle to bring perishable food.

  198. The lunch bag in surf stripes! Perfect for transporting breastmilk for my little buddy!

  199. I just read about PackIt yesterday on Yahoo! The carry all lunch bag (polka dot) would be amazing to have for all ages! I’m a teacher so I always pack my lunch, just like the kiddos!

  200. The Ziggy lunch bag would be perfect for me to take to work. I’m a social worker, so I am constantly in and out of the office doing home visits. It would be so nice to not have to worry about how I’m going to keep my lunch cold. My son would love the monster lunch bag!

  201. So hard to choose! I can imagine so many uses for them. Needing to choose, with my daughter starting kindergarten, she loves the lunch bag in the chevron pattern.

  202. Oh Joy indeed. Gingham is super classic, but would choose black for my son to carry to school. I’d monogram it of course.

  203. I am eyeing the navy blue polka dot cooler bag! I would pack my lunch everyday and use it for road trip snacks!

  204. I love the lunch bag in gingham! I’d use it to pack baby food for my little one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. the gingham picnic tote is my jam! my friends and i go to a lot of outdoor movies in the summer and we always pack up an awesome picnic dinner – i’d be the belle of the ball with that bag!

  206. How Fun!
    I like the Pink Carryall Lunch bag with all the cool art on it.
    I’d use it on a picnic with my buddies. ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. I would pack my husband’s daily lunches in the black, freezable Carryall Lunch Bag.

  208. Love the navy carry all in micro dots! I’m a teacher and would love to use this as my lunch bag.

  209. Love the baby bottle bag in the Ziggy pattern. My 1 year old and 4 year old are exploring all of nyc this summer, and are thirsty camels! So we would bring it along to museums and park playdates and ice cream shops ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. I would love the lunch bag in the surf stripe pattern! Perfect for storing expressed milk at work for my baby.

  211. The mini lunch bag in Ziggy. It’s just what my daughter needs for her school lunch!

  212. The deluxe lunch bag in cammo!! I try to bring my lunch to work everyday so I can save money (maybe to buy a Pair of OJ/FP moccs! Lol). Xo

  213. Ooh, carryall in gingham is so cute! I never have enough room for my lunch, but this would do the trick.

  214. So many great choices! I’d choose the lunch bag in be mine and use it for my daughter’s and my trips to the zoo! Picnic lunches would be complete with this awesome lunch bag!

  215. I had bought the lunch bag for my teacher friend, and she raves about it so much that now I want one for myself! Hahaha…
    I really like the zigzag pattern or purple +floral pattern. ?

  216. Ooh, the freezer bag in the multicolored chevron print is perfect for a river float! I’d use it to hold a few ice cold apricot ales, some hummus and pretzels, and fruit for the perfect breezy float with friends!

  217. I bought the lunch bag in the chevron print for carry my kids’ milk in, and we love how it keeps the milk cool while we are out. I would love the deluxe lunch bag in the chevron print to carry my lunch when I start my job soon! It’s such a pretty print compared to regular lunch bags.

  218. This would be the perfect bag to pack my lunch for work in, so I’m not tempted to eat something unhealthy for lunch! I love the ziggy print-yay for cute insulated bags and saving $$$ by packing a lunch!

  219. Love the baby bottle bag in the zigzag pattern! Perfect to use while traveling with my new little one.

  220. Love these! I’m so glad you posted about them. My favorite is definitely the gingham and I’d use this for all of my bike day trips! My fella lives 1K miles away, so when we’re together we like to bike to new places. We’d love to have a little picnic bag ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. The chevron carryall lunch bag! It would be the perfect bag to bring my food in at work!

  222. love the carryall in basic black (if my husband carries it too, ha) or the polka dots! we could use it for our upcoming trip since it would be handy for the airport/flights.

  223. The gingham is so chic! I would take it to work- this would make lunch break so much ‘cooler’!;)

  224. The freezable picnic bag in black. Our family would use it for picnics in the park or on a hike or while camping!

  225. I like the black freezable salad bag. I’d use it for my son’s bento box lunches, perfect fit!

  226. Love the lunch bag in the Be Mine print. I love going to outdoor plays and shows and would use it to pack some snacks.

  227. I would get the freezeable lunch bag with the monsters on it! It would be perfect for when I take my seven month old son on a walk and feed him in the park!

  228. Mini lunchbox in Ziggy for my daughter who is so excited to be starting school this year!

  229. The Uptown Lunch Bag in Vine. Perfect bag to keeps snacks and drinks cool on our days to the park, the zoo and our family fave: Disneyland!!

  230. The picnic bag in chevron would be perfect to store food for my family while we are out on trips!

  231. Love packit and would love to get a few more! The retro or the chevron would be my pick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. Love the lunch bag in microdot to keep my toddler’s and pregnant self’s must have snacks of cheese, yogurt, fruits, and drink especially when it’s so hot out.

  233. This is genius! The mini lunch bag in chevron is for sure my choice. Perfect for my daughter to take her healthy homemade lunches to her first year of school!

  234. As a soon-to-be newlywed living in Los Angeles, these bags would be so perfect for my fiance and I! We love picnics at the Griffith Observatory, and are pinching pennies by bringing our lunches to work everyday! The carryall style is adorable and the Saturday and Navy Micro Dot patterns are just to die for!

  235. I love the delux lunch bag in multi chevron! I would carry cucumbers and peaches for my first time solid food eater. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  236. My son starts preschool next week and I’d love to get him the regar lunch bag in the blue alien pattern!

  237. My favorite bag is the freezable carryall lunch cooler, in the ziggy pattern. I would use it for daily healthy meal prep, and especially for travel.

  238. I am glad my indecision has lead to finding this great offer! I love so many of them! I love the stripes and hearts, the small flower pattern and the gingham.

  239. The one that is flowery and gingham is super chic and cute! As an office worker, I like to have everything in one bag because it wiuld be super handy and I would not overpack. These Pack It bags are perfect for any occasion, whether bring a hot dish to work or bringing a chilled salad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  240. My husband works 12 hour shifts-this would make him so happy! My two little camp goers would get some use out of these, too. This is genius!

  241. I love the carryall in gingham to pack my lunch and snacks! I would get the salad bag in chevron for my daughter’s lunches!!!!

  242. It sounds boring, but I’d get a basic black sandwich bag for my husband to use. We like to Go Green and he would be totally into this to avoid washing about five sandwich containers a week. Its even more green than what we’re already doing and would keep his lunch colder at the same time!

  243. I really like the Grocery Bag in the Ziggy print. It would be great for trips to the grocery store on these hot summer days.

  244. I love the Gingham and I’d use it for all our picnics – either in the park or at a Zoo Concert!

  245. The carryall lunch bag would be awesome for the office and car trips! Love it in navy polka dots.

  246. Carry all lunch bag in gingham, please!! Playdates with the kids @ the park! ๐Ÿ™‚

  247. I love the lunch bags in Saturday and Monster. They would be perfect for my kid’s lunch bags for school this year. Finding quality lunch bags that actually keep your food cold can be a challenge. Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  248. Would love to get the black freezable grocery bag for my daughter who is going off to college. Thanks.

  249. The crazier the color, the better! Perfect on many levels on beach days; keeping cool while looking cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

  250. I love the Be Mine Lunch Bag. I definitely need one of these for my little 1st grader who commutes to a school many miles away from home. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  251. How clever! I would get the mini freezable lunch bag in camouflage for my son. Adorable!

  252. Such a cool idea! My favorite bag is the freezable picnic bag in black and white checkered pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. I like the be mine and ziggy patterns in the standard lunch box! I would have my daughters take them to school!

  254. Loving the picnic bag in ziggy and I’d use it for a weekend picnic with my two girlies and the hubs of course!

  255. I love, love, love the ziggy carryall. I have three girls that take their lunch everyday and this would be perfect today we were talking about never being able to find a good lunchbox and tonight I opened Pinterest and there it was!

  256. So hard to pick just one!! My daughter would love the lunch bag in bloom? So pretty!!

  257. I love the lunch bags — great for long days teaching — but I could really use a new grocery bag, too. As for color, who can pick? They’re all great.

  258. It’s hard to choose a favorite! I love the grocery bag with the green and blue squares it just seems so convenient to be able to take into the store but I also love the mini lunch bag not too big not too small

  259. I would get the lunch bags for my kids- bloom for my daughter and the robot one for my son. Great concept!

  260. love the floral uptown lunch bag! Big enough for lunch + snacks for work – or a roadtrip with my 3 year old.

  261. The picnic gag in the ziggy pattern is my favorite. We often struggle finding an effective cooler to take fresh fruit and snacks to the beach or park. Also, i love the baby bottle coolers in ziggy pattern. I am a mother of two, a baby and a toddler and this would be a life saver.

  262. Woah! Both my mother and I have been shopping around for new lunch bags for this school year, so this was great to see!
    My favorite for me was the regular lunch bag in either gingham or surf stripe, but my mom would probably pick out the picnic bag in vine!

  263. I love the carryall bag in microdots! I would use it daily for my one year old son’s daycare bag! Thanks for the chance to win!

  264. That navy blue carryall would be perfect to carry my vegan lunch feast to work at the cat hospital! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  265. Love the Carryall in navy with polka dots! With my son having severe food allergies we always travel with meals so this would be perfect!

  266. The chevron sandwich bag for me, the black one for my husband for our sandwiches, obvi ? and the wine bag, and the salad bag. Love it all!

  267. Fun! I like the black and white checkered picnic bag. It seems a nice size for lunch for two on the go. I’m also pregnant with my first– so the bottle bag will be coming in handy really soon!

  268. Cute designs/patterns and the freezable uptown lunch bag and baby bottle bag are a must!

  269. School is starting soon so I would go for a couple of the lunch bags, and for sure two of those super cool sandwich bags!

  270. I have a toddler going into transitional pre-K in the fall and the mini lunch bag would be a great way to keep her food chilled for her long day. Love all patterns, especially the multi color chevron pattern. Would love to see a children’s graphic in a gender neutral palette some day as well! Great looking product at a good price!

  271. I love the lunch bag in black and white gingham! That would be perfect for me to take lunch to work teaching art camps. I also think the wine cooler bags are great when bringing pre-chilled white wine to a dinner party!

  272. Love the zigzag pattern! Would make a fabulous lunchbox for my little girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. The Saturday & Bloom prints are my fave. This is a great product for lunches & breast milk. Going to get a few for sure.

  274. I โค๏ธ The geometric lunch bag!! Super cute pattern, eco friendly, & big enough to fit my lunch for school or work!

  275. I love the Uptown Lunch bag in black – – would be perfect for my lunch everyday! And it would handle my long and packed train commute quite well!

  276. Hard to say! I like the freezable grocery bag bc it’s big enough to carry ice cream home, but the carry all lunch bag looks pretty nice too for something smaller in which I can bring my multi-course meal to work! I love the pink ziggy pattern ๐Ÿ˜€

  277. I’d get the carryall in the zingy pattern. It’s the perfect size for my salads I take to work!

  278. The solar system for my son and the pink hearts for mama! We use it to take our snacks to the park!

  279. The navy micro dot freezable lunch bag, which will be used for baby’s bottles and food/snacks.

  280. I love the carryall bag in Ziggy. Since the bag could keep my lunch cool for 10 hours there is no need to find room in the lunch room fridge at work!

  281. Picnic bag in ziggy…we have a 6 months old. It would be perfect for our outtings!!! So excited for this product!

  282. freezable grocery bag in zig zag pattern. super useful – it means going to the supermarket and then being able to do other errands or picking up kids without worrying about things spoiling in the car.

  283. I love all of the fun patterns, but as a flight attendant we can only have black. This would be great timing because my old cooler is starting to tear at the handle.

  284. We are on the search for the perfect lunch bag. Would love to try this one; my eldest chose Ziggy!

  285. I love the Freezable Lunch Bag, Micro Dot! I would use it to carry my breakfast (yogurt), lunch (sandwich or salads), and snacks to work so that I can continue to stay healthy and put some of my money towards saving!

  286. I’m all about the deluxe lunch bag in chevron! will “totes” keep my lunch cool at work.

  287. I love the picnic bag in gingham- perfect for a picnic out on the lawn at Tanglewood!

  288. I love the gingham pattern in the carryall and picnic bag. These would be perfect for the beach and park, even soccer practice. I love that they told up when empty.

  289. Single wine bag in Ziggy!! Would take this on my afternoons with my girlfriends …much needed ‘mommy time’ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  290. I take my lunch to work almost every day, so I would definitely use this a lot!

  291. The picnic or grocery bag in the rainbow chevron- for picnics but also for when I go strawberry picking but then want to have a long lunch, meander around, and leave my poor berries cooking in the car. No more warm, mushy berries.

  292. Love the ziggy deluxe lunch bag!! ? I have yet to find a lunch bag that has a long strap & will hold multiple containers without it looking & feeling like a big ole cooler. This teacher could pack her lunches with a smile each night! ?

  293. I would love the Gingham carryall! I just moved to California and since the weather is so perfect, I would love to spend more time outside with my rescue dog! I would not only carry snacks for me, but snacks for my pup! She has a lot of allergies and requires refrigerated foods, so this would be perfect for us! Also, it would be amazing for the beach, a picnic or a hike!

  294. Ziggy or Monsters! My baby monster, Vivian Marinne, starts preschool on October 1st. She will need to bring lunch and snacks with her daily. Due to medical complications she is on a special diet and cannot eat most of the foods her classmates will be eating. I want her to feel excited about her meals – a fun and colorful lunch box would be just great!

  295. I love the fold, freeze, pack & go bag! We use it for long road trips and day trips to keep all of our drinks and good eats chilled all day long. The bag is great for my family since we prefer bringing our own healthy snacks and beverages.

  296. I love the carryall lunch bag in polka dots! As a high school teacher, who can barely make it to and from the staff lounge where the fridge is, I can’t even imagine how great it would be to have a bag that keeps my lunch cold for 10 hours (or how easy it would be to use the accompanying Target gift card). ๐Ÿ˜€ All so cute, though!

  297. I love the baby bottle bag in ziggy pattern. My baby is 7 weeks old and I breastfeed
    her. When I go back to work, I will be pumping at work and this will be perfect to store
    my breastmilk. I love the lunch bag to for my 2 1/2 year old baby boy for all his food and
    snacks when he starts pre-school this month.

  298. The freezable grocery bag in the colorful pattern would be so useful on picnics and trips to the store.

  299. I absolutely love the Uptown Lunch Cooler in the cute multicolored floral. Although I love it, I’d probably give it to my mom since she’s always out and about during lunch.

  300. I think I’d go classic with the regular lunch bag with multi colored stripes. I’d take it anywhere I could! Saw these at the store the other day and was intrigued. I’d love to get my own. ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. My favorite is the lunch bag in the Geometric pattern! Using this bag I won’t have to put up with a soggy sack from an ice pack in order to keep my lunch cold at work, plus the stylish bag will be the envy of all my co workers!

  302. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธI’d sport the gingham picnic bag! Love that one!

  303. I have been looking at the zig zag bag at a couple of stores. I love the idea of being able to freeze the bag and not have to worry about my lunch and snacks being safe to eat. Lots of fun patterns. Heather

  304. I love the uptown lunch bag, I’d use it for my snacks/lunches for my new job I start in a couple weeks.

  305. Oh I love them all, it’s between the carry all and the lunch bag and I’ll take it in spiffy surfer stripes! I’d take it to work and on summer picnics with the fambam, it’s been so hot and humid, we need coolers!

  306. I love the Carryall lunch bag in the navy micro dot print! Yet another teacher who would use it for my lunches at school.

  307. The freezable lunch bag in the blue strips and mini hearts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would use it for lunch, snacks, and anything else that fits inside.

  308. I am loving the carry all in the Ziggy print for me and my girls, and the deluxe lunch bag in black for when I have to send lunch with my hubby when he works nights.

  309. I really like the carryall bag in microdots. My fiancรฉ is in sales, so he’s always out in the field. This bag would be great for him to keep his lunch cool all day.

  310. The chevron print lunch bag is the perfect way to keep my daughter’s lunch at a perfect temp, while being stylish.

  311. My favorite is the Lunch bag in the Monster print:) I’m expecting my first Grandbaby in the New Year, I’d love to carry the necessities in this cool bag!!!

  312. The sandwich bag looks genius! Same
    To the big carryall in gingham for farmers market shopping without having to worry about getting home quickly in the la sun

  313. I love the carry all in the ziggy pattern! I would use this for my school lunches as well as pick up one for my son’s lunch.

  314. Love the Gingham Carryall and Ziggy sandwich bag. I would take them everywhere with me!

  315. Love the carryall bag in gingham! As a wedding planner, this would be perfect for wedding days!

  316. The picnic bag would be perfect for a beach day, but I’m torn between chevrons or camouflage. Both?

  317. Oh my goodness! I just adore the ziggy print. Sometimes I have INCREDIBLY long days and have to leave at 5:30:and don’t get home until after 6! This would be PERFECT! And I wouldn’t have wasted space from the cooler ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. Zig zag lunch bag. So my I can spot my lunch in the office fridge. Plus I’d get the matching baby bottle holder for my breast milk.

  319. We just bought a boat so I would love the gingham picnic tote to keep some snacks cold and maybe the wine cooler for the adults. ๐Ÿ™‚

  320. Love the surf stripes. How would I use it? To carry my oh so healthy lunch to school
    each and every day. The Kindergarteners’ in my class would think I had the coolest
    lunch box around!

  321. The freezable picnic bag in gingham is soooo cute! An perfect for a picnic by the lake!

  322. I love the chevron deluxe lunch bag! This would be perfect for me since I pack my lunch for work every day! Thanks for the giveaway!

  323. the black and white printed grocery bag for when I go to the grocery store in the spring and summer!

  324. I love the baby bottle bag! All the patterns are adorable but the Ziggy is my favorite!!!!

  325. I’ve never heard of this brand. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be getting the hubs the lunch deluxe in camo and the grocery bag in ziggy.

  326. Living in Florida with two pre-schoolers that like to be on the go, the carryall lunch bag would be the best! We could use it for trips to the playground, Busch Gardens, the zoo, the beach. Keeping our food/drinks cold is essential in the Florida heat so I’d love to test this product out and see how it holds up!

  327. I’d get the mini lunch bag in animal print for school lunches. I’d also get the grocery bag in chevron so I can run other errands without having to unload groceries first.

  328. My favorite is the Freezable Picnic Bag in gingham. We work with a lot of festivals and other outdoor events where keeping food fresh is near impossible. We currently lug around heavy coolers, but I would much rather give PackIt a try! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  329. I love the carryall lunch bag in ziggy. I would use it for my daughter’s baby food!

  330. love the chevron lunch bag for my toddlers lunch, and the uptown bag in pink floral!

  331. Lunchbag in Ziggy, or Be Mine… or maybe Saturday. I can’t decide which one to get for my daughter to take to school!

  332. I love the gingham carryall! I’d use it daily to pack my lunch for work and then to take my pumped milk home at the end of the day.

  333. Looove all the bags in the chevron print! I think the freezable grocery bag is AWESOME. ๐Ÿ™‚

  334. love the freezable grocery bag in geometric and I would use it for farmers market visits!

  335. Carryall Ziggy! Perfect for zoo snacks and you can be hands free with 3 kids! Love it!

  336. I love the Freezable Carryall Lunch Bag in chevron
    and I would use it for my lunch on work days!!

  337. The carryall bag in Navy polka dots would be so perfect for the MANY road trips we take with our 11 month old.

  338. I would love to get the Carryall bag in Ziggy to use for work. I travel between schools as a physical therapist so I always have to keep my snacks, lunch, and drinks with me in the car so this bag would definitely keep everything cold and ready for when I am ready to eat!

  339. I’d go with the insulated shoulder bag in the black gingham, since most lunchboxes are not big enough for my lunch of choice (mason jar salads in pint-and-half jars.) Fingers crossed!

  340. Picnic bag in gingham! Right size to use for lunches (I eat a lot) and also for dairy items when grocery shopping. Thanks for introducing these had never heard of them before!

  341. I am 39 weeks along so I’d make good use of the freezeble baby bottle bag in Ziggy stripe. Plenty of room for snacks for baby & mom.

  342. Carryall chevron. I would use it for my lunch and taking my daughters meals to daycare every morning

  343. i love the freezable lunch bag and i would use it when we go on long road trips

  344. I love the Deluxe Lunch Bag in the Chevron(Ziggy) design. PackIt bags are awesome!

  345. I would love to have the ziggy baby bottle bag for our first trip with our baby boy in a few weeks!

  346. I would get the double wine bag in the wine print… With 4 girls, I foresee ALOT of glasses of wine in my shirt term and long term future.

  347. Freezable Picnic bag in Vine. It would be so nice to have a picnic or take to the beach without the bulk, heaviness, and hardness of a cooler.

  348. I LOVE the Deluxe Lunch Bag in Ziggy and my husband likes the Lunch bag in CAMO ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. I’d choose the freezable grocery bag in the geometric pattern. So cute, and since I LOVE to grocery shop, it would be a perfect way to tote around my purchase!

  350. the strap on the deluxe lunch bag would be great for my son because he’s small that he has a hard time carrying his regular sized packit lunch box. the camo is so cute. but really i could find many options that i would be delighted with.

  351. Chevron print is my fave! With two kids, there’s always so much to carry around, especially when they drink different kinds of milk. I’m always looking for the best bag to keep milk cool and these bags look awesome!

  352. Definitely the Gingham Picnic Bag for outings to Hollywood Bowl or picnics on the lawn at the Getty Center with my 3 year old. So fun!

  353. I love the blue polka dot Carryall. I’d pack my bag everyday and stash my breast milk since I’m going to be a new mom in 2 months.

  354. Ilove all the patterns and.I will use the lunch bag to take my lunch each day. It looks so roomy so I can pack my lunch and snacks for the day.

  355. There are so many good options! But, since I’m pregnant I’d choose the baby bottle lunch bag to keep breast milk cool and ready for baby and the grocery bag to help keep the groceries cool on my travel home in case we take a little longer because the little one needed to eat.

  356. I love the baby bottle bag! this would be perfect since we’re expecting our first at the end of this month! YAY!

  357. Carryall in black checked pattern. I’m a teacher and I go through a Packit each year. My busy schedule means sometimes I’m bringing breakfast, lunch, and supper with me. I can pack a yogurt in a Packit that stays good all day long!

  358. Lunch bag, microdot. Too cute. Would use to pack for lunch at work. Orrrrr the camp would be cute to pack my 8 mo old off to daycare!

  359. What a great idea. I would go for the carryall lunch bag for snacks and lunch for my sons. I love the micro dots pattern.

  360. I actually have the Chevron picnic bag and LOVE it! I use it to store my breast milk back and forth to work. It works great and I don’t have to worry about my milk being out of the fridge for too long. I would really love to pick up a few more!

  361. I absolutely love the Freezable Picnic Bag in Gingham! It would be perfect for road trips, the beach, sports days and camping ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love the lunch bags. They would be perfect for my daughters at school. So hard to pick just one ๐Ÿ™‚

  362. I like the surf stripes lunch bag, and would definitely give it to my daughter for her to bring lunch to school without the extra weight of the ice packs.

  363. I like the fun pink carryall bag with all the different designs and where it says “cool” – fun for my little one!

  364. Hmm – I’d have to choose between the navy dots and the pretty chevron zig zags – tough choice – maybe I’d get both!

  365. Hard choice! I’d say either the carry-all or mini lunch bag, though the grocery bag is smart too! I think I’d need like 3 of the grocery bag! I like the ziggy pattern but for a lunch bag I think I’d go with the subtler micro dots.

  366. I have been using pack it lunches for my three boys for 4 years now. I was tired of losing ice packs, and wanted a way to send healthy food. I fell in love with these lunch boxes! We finally retired our red robot pack it and a couple camo ones. We are getting all new ones for the start of school! So far, love the monster, celestial, and treasure map patterns.

  367. I love the uptown lunch bag. All three patterns are great, but I would probably go with the black and white one. So fun.

  368. Love the lunch bag in gingham. It would be such a time saver to have my food in my classroom so I don’t have to dash to teacher’s lounge and fridge, shovel in food, and then head back to set up for the afternoon lessons.

  369. Love the carry all ziggy. The colors and patters are so playful. I read the incredible story of how Pack It got started and I admire the strength women have. Women are so strong both mental and physical. Love this product.

  370. I’d really like to get the Freezable Picnic Bag with the black and white checkered pattern!

  371. Love the Carryall in Micro Dots. I am a teacher, and it would be so handy to lug around my lunch and snacks for the day!

  372. Love the Ziggy pattern and would live the Carryall to go with my lunch bag!!!

  373. I like the plain black one. It’s minimalistic, just how I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be perfect for weekend camping trips!

  374. I like the Carryall Bag, Micro Dots. I would use it for to take my lunch to work!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  375. Lunch bag in Camo and/or Carryall in Micro Dots for travels and road trips with my son!

  376. I would love the Uptown lunch bag for me in vine and the Lunch bag for my daughter in vine!!

  377. I love the Uptown Bag in Bloom! I’d carry my allergy-friendly lunch to my nanny job!

  378. My boys have distroyed at least 3 lunch boxes each year! I have read so many great reviews about the PackIt, I can’t wait to try it out. My boys all LOVE the Camo lunch bag, not just the pattern but the idea of eating fruit that is delish at lunch, I end up todsing so much food at the end of the be day because the say its nasty by lunch time.

  379. I just learned about these. They sound great ! I adore the French Bulldog zigzag design. I definitely think they’d work for every member of my family.

  380. I love the Freezable carryall lunch bag in chevron! I love the straps! Would make it easier to just toss it on me and walk to work.

  381. My happiness is… the ziggy pattern Insulated lunch bag. My little nugget loves it as well, so she would be the one to use it for the new 2015 school year going into second grade. Thank you!?

  382. the navy blue striped freezable lunch bag is adorable! I was just thinking I needed a new lunch bag to take to work!

  383. Caryall in Saturday — for my hungry toddler’s snacks and my water since I’m BFing an infant, too!

  384. I would love the messenger one color in pink. Bc am just girlie like that. And I know that I can use it every day from AM to end of my shift a work.. Yummy

  385. The uptown bag (in vine) would be the perfect size for my lunch and the fit in the fridge at work!

  386. Lunch bag, micro dots!!! I pack my lunch everyday and this would be an amazing bag to stick my lunch in.

  387. I like the black floral one or the camo one. I would use this daily with trips on the go for snacks with my kids approval. They are very picky eaters and always wanting snacks while we are driving. Because of this they waste food and money when they don’t eat all the food or it’s out to long and goes bad. My kids would be so much happier which would make us adults happier with my less stress and fighting. Please save this mom of three her everyday struggles. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  388. I like the lunch bag in Geometric. It would be perfect for my daughter to take to school

  389. The picnic bag in camo is adorable. I would love this bag to pack up a fresh dinner and have a lakeside picnic with my husband!!

  390. Oh my gosh this is the COOLest (no pun intended!) (okay maybe a little pun intended). I have entered a lot of your giveaways but I maybe would love to win this one the most. I like all of the bag designs but the picnic bag in Ziggy pattern would be the best! Or the Carryall bag in pattern “Micro Dots.” I would use either of these to bring picnics to the park with my baby daughter.

  391. I love the carryall lunch bag in gingham or the blue dots! I pack my lunch for work every day and it would be great to have a cute lunch bag that kept my lunch cold during my morning commute. Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  392. I would love to bring the gingham to school in my new third grade classroom! Teaching seventeen years in middle school, I’m trying to start fresh!

  393. Although I’d like to need the wine bag I think the bottle bag is a bit more realistic. I like the tiny flower pattern.

  394. I have the original Lunchbox in black for a couple years now. But I would LOVE another in the surf stripe! !

  395. I like the freezable carryall bag in gingham! It would be perfect to use for my work lunches during the week and for the tons of snacks I have to pack on weekend adventures for my toddler!

  396. I would love the Bloom lunch bag and I would use it for my daughters school lunches!! She would love it even more!!

  397. I really like the freezable grocery bag! Hard decision on color…the bright zig zag pattern would be fun! This bag would be great for grocery shopping, picnics, and car trips! Seems super handy!

  398. I’d love the mini monster lunch bag to carry my snacks with me. It will be great for packing healthier things like fruit and yogurt to east since I’m in the field a lot of work.

  399. I love the picnic bag in the chevron print. Definitely a fun one to take to all our park playdates with my girls!

  400. The freezable salad bags look perfect for my bento box lunches! The multicolored, chevron pattern is my favorite. I hope I win!!!

  401. The grocery bag in every color ๐Ÿ™‚ I get stuck in traffic whenever I go grocery shopping and these bags would be the perfect solution!

  402. i dig the cute chevron ziggy carryall. make my coworkers envious of my delicious lunch.

  403. Loving the freezable lunch bag. My current lunch bag is quite literally a bag (designed to carry wet clothes). No handle and no insulation.

  404. I love the deluxe lunch bag in ziggy. I always carry my lunch and snacks to work, so I would use it constantly. Love that you freeze the whole bag rather than having to carry ice packs that just take up room in the bag!

  405. I love the Carryall bag in Mircodots. It’s perfect for an on-the-go mom for keeping healthy snacks!

  406. I love the carryall in Saturday. I’ve succumbed to all things pink since having twins! We’d bring it EVERYWHERE…park, beach, long day shopping…

  407. Freezable Lunch bag with the robots, I would give to my nephew to take to school!

  408. I like the Carryall Bag in Gingham and I would use it for work.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  409. I would pack the deluxe lunch bag (in Ziggy) full of snacks and waters, for a day at the zoo with my three little girls!

  410. Love pack it! My adhd babe has a hard time keeping up with anything extra, so no ice pack is a no brainer! No ice pack to keep up with or play with at the table – no distraction!

  411. The picnic bag would be perfect for carrying chilled wine and snacks to outdoor movies this summer!

  412. Love the baby bottle bag in zingy–perfect for transporting my pumped breast milk home from work to my baby boy.

  413. I love the Uptown Bag in vine! What a fun color and such a cute style. I pack a lunch every day and try to example to my Kindergarten students how good healthy foods are. Thanks for the giveaway.

  414. Love the Be Mine pattern for the freezable lunch bag. I’d totally use it to take baby on her first picnic in the park!

  415. The freezable sandwich bag in the Ziggy pattern would be perfect to be able to tote along a few snacks that need to keep cool, like apple slices and some sharp cheddar cheese.
    Thanks for the chance!

  416. I like the original lunch bag in the navy stripes with pink hearts. I’d use it for my daily lunch at the office as well as a weekend picnic!

  417. I’ve been looking for the perfect lunchbox for forever, and the deluxe lunch bag in ziggy looks like it fits the bill. Good for camping too!

  418. I love the Uptown Lunchbag in black! It would be perfect to take to the office =)

  419. My favorite bag is the Picnic Bag in the black and white floral looking pattern. We would use it on family picnics.

  420. I would get the mini lunch bag in monster to take my two kiddos’ lunches to the playground!

  421. I love the Be Mine lunch bag! It would be great for my little one going to school for the first time!

  422. Lunch bag in chevron print is my favorite! I would use it to being lunch to work ๐Ÿ™‚

  423. I like the picnic bag in gingham. I’d use it for cold drinks at the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

  424. I would choose the deluxe lunch bag in floral, as it would look v chic on my shoulder during my morning commute

  425. Love the freezable lunch bag in the nice dark stripes for my partner so that he can take a good lunch to work every day. And I would love a picnic one! @statzink

  426. The Picnic Bag in Vine is soo cute!! and this would be perfect for our summer beach outings to keep our lunch cool (esp now that you showed us how to make the cutest dollar beach kit for my baby girl, we gotta go to the beach!)

  427. Love all the designs especially the brights! I would definitely use for travel or to take my lunch since I am embarking on a new career it would help me get healthier as well! I love that they’re BPA free and no need for ice packs. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  428. I would pick the bloom lunch bags to pack healthy lunches for work! Love the idea of built in ice packs โค๏ธ

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