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kids’ style: 3 ways to wear 3 key pieces…

Oh Joy / Kids' Style

Oh Joy / Kids' Style

Oh Joy / Kids' Style

As we reach the last month of summer (Ah, how is it August already?!?), it's a time of year where I'm always looking for ways to make the most use out of a summer wardrobe and how the same pieces can be worn into fall.

With the little ones in mind, here's a new video we made to show how to wear a dress, a denim vest, and a button-up tee three different ways from the summer through the fall. Check out the video below to see. And, make sure you watch till the end because it's VERY cute… 😉

Click below the drop to see all sources for the outfits…

// Dress //
White and neon yellow sun dress : sold in Target Stores
Light Pink Fur vest from Target
Zuzii Shoes
Coral and Cloud Necklace
Polka Dot Denim Button Up: Sold in Target Stores
Light Grey Moto Jacket from Target

// Button Up Shirt //
Striped Blue Button Up from Target
Striped Blue Shorts from Target
Oh Joy for Freshly Picked Moccasins
Light Blue denim Jeans from Target
Green Tee Shirt: Sold in Target Stores
Blue Cargo Pants from Target
Grey Hooded Sweatshirt from Target

// Denim Vest //
White Denim Vest from Target
Polkadot Jean Shorts from Target
Chevron Tank Top from Target
Silver Heart Cutout Sneakers from Target
Coral and Cloud Necklace
Banana Romper from Target
Heather Grey Sweater Leggings from Target
Floral Blue Skirt from Target
White and Orange Floral Tank from Target

// Credits //
Brought to you by: Oh Joy + Target
Creative Direction: Joy Cho
Video: Jenner Brown
Production and Styling: Julia Wester
Production Assistant: Casey Brodley
Graphics/Illustrations: Angie Stalker
Music: "Life is Beautiful" by Generdyn


  1. Ruby and friend are such dolls; love seeing her, and these ensembles are too cute! I’m all over that light pink fur vest– need one badly for fall. Enjoy your blog Joy and thanks for your weekly inspiration and many great tips along the way. Suzette

  2. Oh that was just delightful! Ruby and friend such a great little pair and both dressed so adorable. Thanks for sharing…..

  3. I’m glad you don’t just do fashion because I would be completely broke joy. You have such an eye for style and colors and patterns… and I love your fashion sense. It’s so so good. I’m completely addicted. ???

  4. This video is incredibly well-done! I’ve totally tried to do stop motion stuff at work before and needless to say…it did not look as adorable as this. Well done, Oh Joy! team!


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